Liberal absurdity

Thursday’s Register was even more full than usual of liberal crap. Starting with Froma Harrop saying Can the hysteria: America’s food is safe too eat. Really genius? Have you not heard once what the animals full of growth hormones and antibiotics have done to the human body the past 70 years? Man you’re stupid…

Or Sandra Sanchez, A new roadblock in path of reforms on immigration. Goodnight woman, the entire contents of Mexico? It is up to America to take in every last Mexican? And give them welfare? What’s so special about Mexico? There are a lot of screwed up countries, why don’t we have to take in all their people? In fact, considering what Mexicans have done for Mexico, do we really want to make America, ‘Mexico north’?

Kathie Obradovich to cover CPAC, hoo doggy. Bet we get some real insight there. It reminds me of Politics Wednesday on the local NPR station. As expert commentators they are convinced they have both sides on because they have liberal and really liberal guests.

Gas tax to jump 10 cents in Iowa starting Sunday. Its not often you get to see a corporation having an orgasm but we did there. The Register never met a tax it didn’t like.

Should (police body cameras) cameras be  mandatory? That’s the last thing cops want. They’re going to have a lot harder time shooting unarmed civilians if that happens. Not that it will stop, but it will be a lot harder.

Then you have one of the leading idiots in Des Moines with Ronald N. Langston and his article, Immigration reform affects Iowa businesses. Indeed it does. Corporate ag in this state is one of the greatest advocates of a slave labor class. Big surprise there, he also wants to empty the contents of Mexico into the U.S.

And finally, a letter to the editor, Congress needs more like Senator Joni Ernst. My God liberals get fixated on personalities. They can’t argue issues so they have to attack the individual (not that this letter was doing that). The Register just likes to keep her name in the news because it gets the liberal’s juices flowing like Sarah Palin does. Actually, I’ve heard that if you say the name ‘Joni Ernst, Joni Ernst, Joni Ernst’, three times real fast to a liberal, their head will explode. I’ll have to try that. While wearing an apron. And goggles.

Jim Roach

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El Kabong ! (Not to be confused with al-Shabaab)


Or Shish Kabob. Neither El Kabong or Shish Kabob are an Islamic terror group. That would be al-Shabaab. They are the ones who have called for terrorists in America to shoot up shopping malls. Mall of America, or maybe the West Edmonton Mall in Canada. The Secretary of Homeland Security called for people “to be vigilant”. Vigilant against what Jeh Johnson? Against who? Who should we be on the lookout for? The entire article didn’t specify. Who could it be…. what might those terrorists look like?

There is absolutely no need for Americans to be vigilant. None at all! There is nothing that could happen. Al-Shabaab called on his fellow Muslims to take up arms and shoot up the malls. That is ridiculous! How could that happen?? Islam is the Religion of Peace! We are perfectly safe. As America fills up with more and more Muslims, that’s just like being filled up with more and more Peace! We might as well abolish the Department of Homeland Security, we got so much Peace breaking out.

Jim Roach

[It’s also easy to confuse Procol Harum and Boko Haram. The first is a British rock group, the latter is an Islamic terrorist group. All these Islamic terrorist groups are giving the Religion of Peace a bad name. I’m glad they’re a bunch of peaceniks, I’d hate to see them if they were a violent death cult.]

Shish Kabob

“Whenever people talk glibly of a need to achieve educational “excellence,” I think of what an improvement it would be if our public schools could just achieve mediocrity.”

– Thomas Sowell
(1930- ) Writer and economist (Liberty Quotes – Canada)

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Lonely days

The lineup (2)                                                                                                                                                                  photo by DME

Like Winter as a Face
We stern and former knew
Repaired of all but Loneliness
By Nature’s Alibi -

-Emily Dickinson



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The quest for perfection

“Give up the quest for perfection and shoot for five good minutes in a row.”
—Cathy Guisewite, American cartoonist
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Religion of Peace goes on killing spree in Denmark


Gunman Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein was just a “normal” criminally violent Muslim gang member when he was sent to prison for stabbing a person in 2013. There he became an obedient Muslim and started on his path to murder. He killed 2 and wounded 5 in Copenhagen.

I was watching the previews before Robot and Frank last night when an interesting one came on about what would have happened if Hitler had gotten this “super weapon” completed in WWII and what might have happened to change the outcome (Company of Heroes). The people who run Hollywood love a Hitler movie and this is part of where the phrase “never forget” comes from, lest a holocaust is repeated.

This is particularly apropos at this time as Jews flee Europe for Israel to escape targeted street violence  and murder from Muslims who have invaded Europe. No one sees the irony as Muslims flood into Europe, that Jews are fleeing out. Do you suppose Europe’s future looks bright because of this? Probably not…

The desert nomads invading Scandinavia seem to be bringing rape, murder and mayhem, and not necessarily cultural improvement. It just doesn’t seem like a good fit. But back to the point, the world never saw the original holocaust coming even though Hitler told the world what he wanted to do in a book in 1924. One man took an entire country into the depths of depravity.

Enter today’s holocaust. No one seems to see it coming. Even though their book, the Koran, tells us exactly what they plan to do. Political correctness has put blinders on the world. It’s not one man doing it this time, it is one religion. Hitler’s hatred was bipartisan (5.3 million “other”) and so is Islam’s. While Jews can flee to Israel rather than face the threat, the rest of Europe and America can’t.

We seem to have “forgot”. Fleeing to a safe haven and not having the will to identify a Religion of Hate does not seem to be a profitable long-term strategy. When that religion’s mission statement is to kill everyone who is an unbeliever, you’d be advised to face it head-on. We seem to have failed to learn from history.

Jim Roach

[“Bomb squad to examine letter sent to cartoonist.” Sweden. You don’t want to be a cartoonist in Europe. I’d hate to see their life insurance rates.]


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Religion of Peace holds mass beheading of Christians

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“A message signed with blood to the nation of the Cross.” I don’t want to be around if the Religion of Peace ever turns violent. I’m sure the mainstream media will keep me informed. No doubt the Register is working up an editorial right now. They really should show this on TV and in print, nonstop for about a week. All the beheadings, immolations, mass shootings and all the associated barbarism coming from ISIS. I think it important the American people see what their government has been inviting into their country. Plus, uninvited across the wide-open unsecure southern border. Thank you Grassley and Harkin, stalwarts of our representation in Washington for nearly half a century. And to the idiot citizens who kept voting them in for nearly 50 years. It has been a mutually symbiotic / moronic, parasite / host relationship.

Jim Roach

[Oh, and on the next page of the USA Today from the above story was: 2 dead in gunman’s Copenhagen rampage. The Religion of Peace going nuts in Denmark.]

(Oh, and how do you have a “war on terrorism” with a wide-open unsecure southern border? How many people do you know go to sleep at night with their doors to their house wide-open? Don’t most people shut and lock their doors at night?)

{Oh, and are the orange jumpsuits causing this violence? Every time I see this violence orange jumpsuits are involved. Or is it the black pajamas with masks? Is that what’s causing this violence? Hmm… the guns! The guns must be causing this violence! That’s it! The guns are causing this violence! Wet streets cause rain!}

aaa b Just vote! (2)





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We need more cowbell!


Hmm… well, uh, if you think it’s best. Sarah Palin took part in SNL’s 40th Anniversary hoopla. Rev Al Sharpton had his picture taken on the red carpet with her. (I’m her Facebook Friend, we are really tight.) Personally, SNL makes me wretch. I think they need her more than she needs them. You go into the lion’s den of the people who have targeted you for personal destruction for the past seven years? Got more guts than I do.

Jim Roach

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It’s called the vision of the anointed

“Contemporary liberals increasingly think and talk like a class of self-satisfied commissars enforcing a comprehensive, uniformly secular vision of the human good. The idea that someone, somewhere might devote her life to an alternative vision of the good — one that clashes in some respects with liberalism’s moral creed — is increasingly intolerable. That is a betrayal of what’s best in the liberal tradition.”

– Damon Linker
American author, columnist
Source:   (Liberty Quotes – Canada)

[Thomas Sowell nailed this concept 20 years ago. The basic idea is that the liberal knows what is best for you. Freedom is missing in the liberal ‘life model’.]


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Jennifer Jacobs a partisan disguised as a reporter

[Jennifer Jacobs spends a lot of her time with the Register as a “political reporter” trying to cause dissension within the ranks of the Republicans. A past one-woman crusade was trying to get Republicans to drop the Ames Straw Poll. So far the Republican Party of Iowa hasn’t bit on that one. Jacobs tried to paint the picture with candidate Ben Carson that he couldn’t win, before she bothered to introduce him. Her latest (and continuing) crusade is to cause a riff between the country clubbers and the Tea Party types in Iowa by smearing Iowa political operative and Ames resident A.J. Spiker. In all 3 cases the Register has refused to print a letter to the editor from me criticizing Jacobs. Here is the latest.]

As regards Paul seeks to smooth over Iowa rumblings of trouble and Paul tailors speech to liberty movement, the only two things missing from this two day attempt at character assassination of A.J. Spiker were names and facts.

I believe journalistic protocol when holding a public lynching requires the names of the accusers to be printed. This cuts down tremendously on spurious and unfounded allegations.

Secondly, as to “building damage” and “computer files”, what was the damage to the building? He didn’t have the money to fix the roof? Or he purposely through a chair through a window? Omission or commission. What computer files were missing? Official Republican Party of Iowa files? Or Spiker’s personal files just because somebody was nosey?

When you’re a partisan disguised as a reporter, causing dissension in the ranks of the opposition is about all you got when the Democrats have no juice, and the only candidate is a nearly 70-year-old warhorse named Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Jim Roach




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Will there be anyone left to mock Christians and ridicule conservatives?

It was in the paper today that Jon Stewart of the Daily Show was retiring in a year. Gosh, will there be anyone left on the air to mock Christians and ridicule conservatives? Oh that’s right, we still have every other show on the air.

Oregon Governor quitting office. USA Today 1-B 2/14. The entire article about his resignation doesn’t mention his party. I would bet a $1,000 he is a Democrat. The mainstream liberal media doesn’t even see (or evidently care) how obvious they are.

Marco Rubio gets some one-on-one time in Iowa. DM Reg 2/14. The Republican was in Iowa to run for President? No! Sign books! Are you running for President or selling books? That made me remember Newt Gingrich, Romney and a host of others just happened to be making money on book sales while they “ran for President”. Its a little hard to take him seriously. (The rest of the headlines below were all taken from the 2/14 USA Today)

Obama donors slow to fund Clinton. Amazingly there doesn’t seem to be any ‘juice’ in the campaign of a nearly 70-year-old warhorse named Hillary Rodham Clinton. Go figure. Oh I know, just vote for one of the other Democrats running… Just 54 of 769 Obama donors are behind Clinton.

As usual, no consensus on ground troops. Oh good, America is getting ready to spend money it doesn’t have to send American boys off to die to make Arabs free. Makes sense to me…

Alabama officer charged in rough arrest of man. Man is now partially paralyzed from the waist down after being thrown face down to the pavement. “He could have had a gun. I feared for my safety”. Oh, well than, by all means, beat away…

Confidence in TV news already at historic low. No duh. Brian Williams having a fertile imagination has zero to do with my love of the mainstream liberal media. Good grief.

Cuban exports to U.S. eased, but no cigars. As was pointed out by an anonymous source in a Your 2 Cents Worth post, we’ve been in love with the Chinese communists for over 40 years. What makes them so virtuous and not the Cubans? No sh–.

Militants fail in suicide attack. The militants were killed when they detonated their vests? Think about that. Your side has explosives and the only way you can think of to deliver them is by blowing yourself up? And we can’t beat genius’ like that? Hmm…

Jim Roach

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