“Is lasting peace attainable?”

It’s not like the Register to deal in common sense, so naturally it was a guest opinion under the above title in Saturday’s paper. Sheldon Rabinowitz was given 36 column inches to give us his look into the future likelihood of the Israeli state coexisting with Palestinians. One paragraph was all he needed.

“No ceding of all or part of the West Bank would end the conflict. Islamic fundamentalists will never allow an infidel state to exist on what they consider Muslim land, and fundamentalists in that part of the world don’t settle issues by debate or arbitration.”

Huh. Who would have guessed? It’s rare you hear it put so plainly. In his last sentence he puts it this way, “There is no possibility of an acceptable or lasting peace agreement.” It seemed to me it would be like being forced to live with a pack of rabid wolverines in your house, and then being told you couldn’t separate yourself from them or protect yourself.

It’s not that tough. Their book says “kill the infidel”, and you are the “infidel”. Why do westerners always seem surprised by the results? Do we think they are liars? Hardly, they have been very consistent. I have never known of an instance where they do not try to kill the infidel. They have a  perfect record.

They have been very consistent for 1,400 years, they only got one playbook.

Who profits from continuing to promote this fantasy that the Israelis and Palestinians could possibly coexist? I have no idea. But I’m sure someone does. Until that is figured out, money and lives will continue to be wasted on this false premise. Follow the money.

But then, I can’t figure out why we are inviting those wolverines to come live in our house?

Jim Roach

Cheeseburger! (2)

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“2 officers injured, 3 men jailed in fight”

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I had to stifle a laugh when I read that two cops got beat up Saturday night by three drunk illegals. If area law enforcement did their job, and shipped out illegals, their cops wouldn’t have been beaten up. I was laughing at the irony, not the injuries.

Both the Polk County Sherriff Bill McCarthy and Des Moines Police Chief Judy Bradshaw have turned Des Moines into a sanctuary city for illegals. They are aided and abetted in this by the Des Moines Register, who has been pushing this agenda for decades. It just seems ironic that the two biggest figures in Polk County law enforcement, advocate lawlessness. Actually, they are supposed to enforce the law.

The Des Moines Register with all their classifying of illegals as “undocumented” immigrants, and the notion that criminals are only here to pick our lettuce and clean our houses is bullshit. Over 30 % of the prison population is illegals. 13 people a day in the U.S. die at the hands of illegals.

I personally know a coworker whose car was totaled by an illegal with no insurance, big surprise. There is a woman in Marshalltown who had most of her family wiped out by a drunk illegal in an SUV. There are hundreds more stories in Iowa I don’t even know about, but the people do.

The woman from Marshalltown has been on the radio a number of times to tell her story. The car her family was in got hit by a big SUV driven by a drunk illegal. She was trapped inside her car surrounded by her dead family members, and the man and wife who hit her couldn’t be bothered to offer assistance. When the uninsured illegal got back to work at the packing plant in Marshalltown, he bragged about how he had fooled the cops by having his wife slide over into the driver’s seat. It was his third offense and he might have actually had some punishment thrown at him this time. Now that he had killed instead of just maimed. Yeah, the great Iowa cops had just let him go, he never did have to have insurance. What a country huh? Yeah, you can drive around without insurance, killing and maiming, and the damned Iowa cop won’t do nothing to you! As long as you’re an illegal. Try doing that if you’re a native.

Or that Iowa Air Guard Sargent who got wiped out on his motorcycle by two illegals in a car. They’re still in the country! Ain’t that great? Shoot, we just gave them more welfare and invited their kin to come! Yep, and the Register just keeps telling us we have to keep inviting more poverty and problems into this country, like we don’t have enough of our own.

Yeah, the Register for decades has rolled out the welcome mat for illegals, y’all come! Sex traffickers, gun runners, gang members, murders, rapists, thieves, more the better! Middle eastern terrorists, whoever. The Register wants them all. They don’t have to pay a price, just you. Union busting with cheap labor? Bring ‘em in the Register says! Can’t send them home, you’d be xenophobic! Nope, the Register says we got to give them food stamps and a house, free medical care, education for their kids, whatever they want, and the Register doesn’t want to hear you whining about it neither! It’s your duty to pay! I don’t know why, it just is. The Register buys their ink by the barrel, so what they say goes.

I have also stated on this blog over and over and over that a minimum of 80 % of the narcotics in this country come from Mexico. And they ain’t brought in by angels. It just struck me as incredibly ironic that two street cops got beaten up because their boss wants to be politically correct. They might as well beat those two cops up themselves. Along with the Register, Charles Grassley and Tom Harkin, because all those people have brought us to this point.

And another bit of irony, they are talking about how to send 60,000 innocent kids back, when at the same time they let all these illegal immigrants who beat up cops and kill people, and we let them stay. 12 million or so.

Jim Roach

aaa bb c c d Mocha! (2)

[Oh sure, ya little whiner, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking,  "Hell I only make a little more than $7.25 an hour, why do I have to pay for them?" They ship all the manufacturing jobs down to Mexico and elsewhere, and they still come here. Mexicans sure as hell didn't benefit from all the jobs going down there. WE didn't benefit. Who the hell did benefit? Its almost like the deck is stacked against you by the establishment. Oh I know, why don't you check with the Democrat Party. You know, the party of the working man. How's that working out for you? Sure we take in more legal immigrants than the rest of the world combined, but for some reason it's our responsibility to take in millions of illegal immigrants each year also. It must be because of all those jobs out there. You know, all those high paying jobs out there. You see them don't you?]



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I blame the DEE Moyne Register

“We need compassion as U.S. tries to stem immigrant tide”. There are so many things wrong with that declaration. Compassion? If the Register gets it’s way and the government forces the taxpayers to pay for this fiasco, at that point it is compulsion. Does the Register really not know that? Are they really that dumb? You can’t be compassionate with someone else’s money, only a thief.

Number two, what do they mean “immigrant”? I never have understood the liberal calling an illegal alien an immigrant. What do you call the actual immigrant then? You know, the guy who did things the right way, waited his turn, wasn’t a burden to the system, was an asset to the community. It is an insult to the immigrant to use that term for an illegal. You see, when you commit a crime to come here, you’re starting off on the wrong foot.

Number three, “stem” what tide? Who’s trying to stem any tides? Our government is giving them lawyers, and welfare, and hearing dates 2 or 3 years down the road. At which time it would be “draconian to send them back now!” No, I don’t see any ‘stemming’ going on.

In the same paper with the editorial by the Register advocating lawlessness, that jackass Dana Milbank from the Washington Post keeps spreading the same lie. He uses a 2008 law signed by George Bush that had to do with protecting minors involved in sex trafficking, and tries to use it as justification for the lawless Obama administration. Their isn’t some “loophole” the invaders are exploiting that forces Obama to accept them. It is for a completely different crime!

In the USA Today section of the paper it reports that McCain and Boehner don’t support Palin’s call for impeachment. I would seriously doubt if McCain and Boehner do support that idea. They should be impeached themselves. They have been totally derelict in their duties to be a check and balance on the Executive Branch. Their job is to see that the laws of the nation are enforced. They haven’t been enforcing our immigration laws for 30 years. Impeaching Obama would highlight their own guilt.

But the real point, and why I blame the Des Moines Register, is because government can’t get into this defunct position, unless the “watchdog” let them. Our founders called the press the ‘fourth estate’. They wanted the press to ride herd on the government. The press was to be the final check and balance should all the other safeguards collapse. So much for protecting us against foreign invasion.

Now, not only have the Legislative and Judicial branches completely forsaken their duties, the check of last resort, the press, has forsaken theirs. What we are left with is an out of control imperial presidency that actively fosters a foreign invasion. Our system has failed. And so have the citizen voters who were supposed to have thrown these bums out.

Jim Roach

Mocha Beau (2) jfjiu

[And perhaps most obscene of all is when you think of all the men over all the years who fought and died to preserve this country, and then to have it given away by craven politicians and a press with an agenda.]

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“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics…”

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”

– Plato
(429-347 BC)

a s b H4160435-Plato,_Ancient_Greek_philosopher-SPL


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We’ve done this before

This absurd situation at the southern border is not the first time the politicians and complicit media have done something stupid. Now we have blood thirsty MS-13 gang members, well versed in torture and murder, coming in amongst the needy. We are repeating the same deadly stupidity of 35 years ago.

Back in the late seventies we had a flood of Cuban refugees. Castro emptied out his prisons and sent them to Miami. The dumbasses in Washington and the press welcomed them with open arms. I doubt if the victims of the subsequent murder and mayhem were so enthusiastic.

The sad fact of the matter is, our “leaders” couldn’t get away with this crap if the people weren’t so mind numbingly stupid and asleep. This is not rocket science. 33 % of the prison population are illegal aliens who committed other crimes. Has been for thirty years. This isn’t people who were thrown in there for border crossing, these are murderers, rapists and thieves. Not everyone crossing is “just here to pick our lettuce and clean our homes”.

The DEA will admit that 90 % of the narcotics on the street in the US came across the southern border. All those ‘anti-drug’ campaigns and programs out of Washington and in  our schools has been a lie. A big fat boldfaced lie. How stupid are you not to have seen that? If anyone was serious about stopping illegal drug use, and 90 % of the drugs come across the Mexican border, you would have to shut that border down. But we haven’t. That border is wide open. So how can you POSSIBLY keep sending politicians like Grassley and Harkin back to Washington time and time again for over 40 years? Those two have been killing your kids. By knowingly letting in the scourge of drugs into this country by purposely keeping that border unsecured, every drug overdose and drug gang death in this country can be blamed on them.

There are consequences to not enforcing the law. Taking care of the basics, the fundamentals. Chickens do come home to rest, and we are seeing it now. The film clips on the news are there, minority women who are mothers in the towns where these illegals are being released are screaming, “Where’s the food for my kids? Where’s the medical care for my kids? Where’s the future for my kids? We have our own problems, why do we want to import more?”

No duh. This problem won’t be solved. “The world’s lone superpower” has no desire to enforce it’s own laws. Think about that, what kind of “superpower” can’t control who comes in? Hell, Mexico controls it’s border. Three months ago ONE US Marine took a wrong turn into Mexico, and has been sitting in their prison ever since. Where the hell is the justice in that? They send us millions upon millions of illegals, and they imprison the one we send them?

Congress has no spine to enforce it’s own laws. The President is a corrupt and lawless bastard. The voters are too stupid to throw the bums out. The only thing we can be thankful for is that Africa and Asia don’t have a land bridge to America.

As with every instance when the average American gets screwed by the establishment, all you have to do is follow the money. One side wants the votes from all  the new undocumented Democrats, and the other side wants cheap labor for it’s welfare farmers.

Jim Roach

Brick Beau (2)

[Anyone who has driven through small town Iowa has seen the signs on the outskirts of a town, 'This is a DARE community'. Or by the school, 'This is a Drug Free Zone'. Really? What kind of ignorant s.o.b. would believe that? If 90 % of the drugs come through Mexico, and your government purposely keeps that border unsecure, how can you possibly say your government doesn't want your kid to die from drugs? They're spending your money on these programs, but they let the flow of drugs remain unchecked. They must want people addicted to drugs. They must want people to die from drugs.]

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“Without borders, there is no nation”

aaa d c palin

That gal has a ton of horse sense. How simple is that statement? How true is that statement? You’d never hear that statement come out of Washington DC., the land of obfuscation and deception. But then, elimination of the nation state is the primary  goal of the NWO.

Mrs. Palin seems to be putting the blame solely on Obama, and there I will disagree with her. There are 535 coconspirators in Congress. The culture of corruption nurtured over the decades did not just emanate from the Executive Branch. From Iowa’s perspective, our two main culprits are Senator Charles Grassley and Senator Tom Harkin.

Both of those criminals had their own reasons for wanting an unsecure southern border. Harkin wanted all the undocumented Democrats coming across as new voters. Grassley wanted all the cheap labor for his welfare farmers, because for some reason in his mind, farmers shouldn’t have to pay a living wage. Neither one cared a damn about securing the border. All that talk about “national security” is hogwash with a wide open border.

Now, in 2014, we have this ridiculous situation where the world’s “lone superpower”, can’t/won’t secure its own border. What Mrs. Palin said was true, without borders, there is no nation. That is the most basic threshold of nationhood.

And of course, down the road two years or so when these little darlings do have their deportation hearings, the cry will be, “They’ve been here too long to send them back now. You can’t tear them away from their family! They’ve established a life here.”

All this is kind of ironic as we have a US Marine sitting in a Mexican prison because he took a wrong turn and crossed over into Mexico illegally. One man. We’ve got over 12 million of them.

Jim Roach

aaaa hhf Reading the paper (2)

[Harkin and Grassley took an oath to "protect and defend" the United States of America. To get to the point where we have in many different areas, and specifically border security in this case, I would submit that they have unequivocally failed in their duties. Knowingly and willingly. They should be brought up on charges.]

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Could this be true?

“Morality and the ideal of freedom which is the political expression of morality,
are not the property of a given party or group, but a value that is fundamentally and universally human… No people will be truly free till all are free.”

– Benedetto Croce
(1866-1952) Italian Minister of Education, Philosopher, Historian, Senator, and Author, Source: Freedom, 1940

AAAAA Benedetto-Croce2

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Grass fed beef


It’s pretty bad when you have to pay $10 for a pound of hamburger. The alternative is to pay $5 a pound for corn fed pink slime that Governor Branstad and the Iowa Cattleman’s Association wants to force on you.

You used to be able to be fairly confident what your hamburger was made of. It would either be the scraps of chuck roast or round roast ground up. Pretty simple, pretty healthy. They would take the chunks left over of meat, good wholesome meat, and grind it into hamburger.

Then they got greedy. The Iowa Cattleman’s Association figured  out how to screw the consumer and feed them the same beef meal they put in dog food. Because what they wanted was ‘filler’ that they would call “lean finely textured beef”. Euphemisms are good when your intent is to deceive.

Meal can be made from any meat. It is when the bone is stripped clean. It isn’t healthy. It is bits of bone, gristle, tendon and cartilage. And a few minute bits of beef in this case, then it is treated with ammonia, to make it “safe”, then they stick it in your hamburger and don’t tell you. That’s what that dumbass Branstad is doing for you. Welcome to corporate ag.

Pet food makers have been doing it for years. They call it bone meal. Branstad wants to treat you like a dog. I sure am glad the idiots of Iowa put that man in office one more time.

What I bought was grass fed hamburger, what a cow was designed to eat, not corn. It wasn’t fed antibiotics, growth hormones and kept in a filthy feed lot. That cow was raised in a pasture. What that slime ball Branstad wants to do is insert pink slime into hamburger and not tell you. Nothing on the label to warn you. Let’s let the market decide if they want this crap in their food, put it on the label. If you are so proud of it, let’s put it side by side on the meat shelf and see which sells.

Jim Roach

From Wikipedia-
Food editor and cookbook author J.M. Hirsh described it as highly mealy with bits and studs of cartilage-like matter,[25] and a USDA microbiologist says the product does contain connective tissue “instead of muscle” and thus it is “not meat” and is “not nutritionally equivalent” to ground beef.[26]


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If you think Mickelson is bad, his subs are worse

Competition is a good thing. It makes any good or service better, stronger and faster. That is why local radio sucks. Clear Channel owns it all! The only “conservative” talk radio on in the morning is on WHO 1040. That’s what happens when you put the government in charge of radio with the FCC. The big players pay off the right people to make it impossible for new players to get in the game. You end up with a virtual monopoly by a couple of the big players and no competition.

My gosh only in Des Moines with no competition in the talk radio market could you have a host blather on for over an hour debating why in the movie Field of Dreams they used the phrase “have a catch” instead of “play catch” in reference to baseball.

The joker they have on today subbing for Mickelson is blathering on about whether of not Brad Zaun should run as an independent for the 3rd District House race. I can’t tell you the hosts name but I do know his M.O., he thinks “conservatism” is synonymous with Republican politics. Oh give me a break.

Then the regular hosts both local and national get the simplest issues wrong. I notice both Mickelson and Limbaugh have the same blind spot when it comes to “welfare reform”. When I hear them say that I think okay, they’re finally going to talk about the billions we could save if we took the giveaways away from farmers and oil companies. But no, they are always talking about single mom’s with more kids than they can afford. Pennies. Mickelson and Rush are all too ready to take away food stamps from poor people, but God forbid farmers and oil companies should stand on their own two feet.

Plus, this notion  that Republicans are conservative and are going to cure all our ills doesn’t match with the historical record. Since 1900 our government has either been controlled by Democrats or Republicans, lets take a look at what Republicans have either brought us, or been helpless to stop.

Here is what Republicans have brought us. In 1900 we didn’t even HAVE an individual income tax, we do now. AND, it only goes in one direction, up. In 1900 we didn’t have abortion on demand. We do now thanks to a Republican appointed court. In 1900 gun control laws weren’t too restrictive, we didn’t HAVE any gun control laws. They didn’t come along until 1933, thanks to Republicans. The size of government has increased. We have more cabinet positions now as one example. And, the Federal government is the largest employer in the country now. How is that even possible with the Republicans promising us every for years that they are going to “shrink” the size of government?

Republicans have been running on the same issues for my entire lifetime, when have they ever delivered? Never! For over a hundred years they have failed on each and every one of their promises. They are batting .1000. They have a perfect record. The only way they are able to get away with this fraud is with help from “conservative” talk radio. No competition.

Jim Roach



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“Stop arming the police like military”

Thomas Nolan, professor at the State University of New York and a retired Boston police lieutenant had a most interesting article in today’s Sunday Register. One of the things he pointed out was that the usage of SWAT Teams was being used a disturbing amount of time for nonviolent drug busts and routine police work.

He pointed out that the modern cop is all about the use of brute force that kills, instead of what he was taught, that it is all about community trust. Police are picking up all this “excess military equipment” to use locally. The modern citizen is too stupid to pick up on that. If it is excess “military” equipment, than by definition it is not police equipment. That’s the beauty of government education though, it keeps everybody stupid. That’s the goal isn’t it?

In the same Sunday Register there were three deaths reported, they were all death by cop. A cop shot and killed a woman who was suicidal (assisted suicide?). In the other case, an adrenaline junky cop responding to an accident at 90 mph rammed an older couple driving home and killed them both. Great accident response.

Legalize drugs, put up some more speed cameras, and you could fire all the cops and turn over what law enforcement remained to the county sheriffs. If those donut-eaters are trying to turn this country into a police state, get rid of them.

Jim Roach

Police State
Welcome to Iowa

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