18 days in November

USA Today last Thursday had an interesting article, ‘A Terrorist Timeline’, by Oren Dorell. They looked at the terrorist acts committed by The Religion of Peace in the first 18 days of November. Who are these terrorists? What do they want?

Nov. 1: Mogadishu, Somalia, 12 dead

Nov. 4: Al Arish, Egypt, 3 dead

Nov. 4 and 13: West Bank and Israel, 3 dead

Nov. 5: Arsal, Lebanon, 6 dead

Nov. 7: Baghdad, 12 dead

Nov. 9: Ngouboua, Chad, 3 dead

Nov. 9: Fotokol, Cameroon, 4 dead

Nov. 12: Beirut, 43 dead

Nov. 13: Baghdad, 26 dead

Nov. 13: Paris, 129 dead

Nov. 17: Yola, Nigeria, 34 dead

Nov. 18: Kano, Nigeria, 15 dead

That’s the thing about these jihadis, they don’t wage war on the battlefield against soldiers, they wage war against civilians. Women and children. Yeah. But the question remains, what do they want? If we were at a negotiating table, what is it we can give them so that they begin acting like rational, civilized, compassionate human beings? Instead of vicious animals. And on our side, how many more Muslim’s do we need to kill to declare victory? What is it we need to do to win? Why aren’t we doing it? We are forever in a state of war? Who does that benefit? I’m fairly confident bombs won’t win this war. God will. In His way, in His time. This is a spiritual war. We aren’t waging the right war.

Jim Roach

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Libertarians have a blind spot

Having been in libertarian circles for 20 years, I’ve noticed they like to jump to the endgame before laying the proper groundwork. Alex Nowrasteh of the CATO Institute makes a tweet last night that sets my blood to boiling. He said that bringing Syrian refugees to the U.S. posed no threat. Really? How nice of you to make a life and death decision for others. As Ann Coulter pointed out, while not all Muslims are terrorists, all terrorists are Muslims. Before you arbitrarily bring a death cult with a pathological hatred for Christians and Jews to the United States, you might want to ponder that a bit.

To look at what has come into Europe with the “refugees”, and the death and mayhem it brought, and to then turn around and say there would be no threat to America is ludicrous. The examples below are from libertarian proposals that would work, if the preparatory work had been done. Legalizing drugs. A worthy goal, but not yet. The welfare state still exists where nonproductive people (i.e. drug addicts) can bill others for their decisions. The same thing exists with gambling. People now can still file bankruptcy and bill others for their addiction.

The pet project with libertarians, open borders, is currently completely unworkable. Right now Mexicans coming illegally from Mexico walk into hospital emergency rooms and bill the community for their healthcare. Ditto for their child’s education. As illegals often work off the books and aren’t paying taxes into the school system. Most of the land of the western United States is owned by the federal government’s bureau of land management. This makes the cost of property out of the reach of most people and distorts many aspects of society (entrepreneurship, housing, intergenerational wealth building…). And you simply end up with too many people for too little land because so much of the land is off the market.

Last, but certainly not least, the ability for American citizens to bear arms is much too spotty. If people could be secure in their person 100 % of the time, you might have an argument. As it is, the idea of open borders is completely unrealistic, and incredibly dangerous quite frankly. Natural Law only works if property rights and the right to self defense are as pure as possible. When the government owns half the land, and taxes the land they don’t own, and determines when and when you can’t defend yourself, then our country is definitely not ready for open borders. Until real property rights and universal self defense exists in America, open borders are destructive to this country.

That part of the libertarian psyche has always driven me crazy. Here in Iowa in the rural areas they have a thing for ATV’s. Each year a 4 or 5 year old kills themselves on an ATV. THAT is jumping the gun. A 4 year old should master the tricycle. Then a bicycle. then maybe a minibike. Then maybe at 15 with adult supervision and evaluation, then maybe he is ready to be turned loose on an ATV. But you got to that point by mastering steps along the way. You don’t turn a 4 year old loose with 200 hp. Adults have to say no. Adults have to have wisdom. You need to eat your broccoli before you get dessert!

Jim Roach

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“Mr. Carson, there’s a sense of urgency right now about ISIS!”

Without intending to, Bill O’Reilly reminded me of the scam our government is running;  once again! It was just a run-of-the-mill interview with presidential candidate Ben Carson over how he would handle ISIS. What O’Reilly was conveying was the very real sense of urgency over the situation, as once again our government is operating from a crisis position. How is that?

Is ISIS new? No. Is Muslims wanting to murder Christians and Jews somehow new? No. Is Islam blowing up airplanes, decapitating people, burning people alive, strapping them to antiquities and then blowing them up, slicing open the bellies of the wounded at the Bataclan concert hall, is any of these Islamic atrocities new? Hell no. But once again our government was surprised by it all.

To the unsophisticated, it seems natural for the government to be running around like a chicken with its head cut off (pun intended). But as Rahm Emmanuel said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Think about it people, is that the way the “world’s lone superpower” should be operating? Throwing itself from one side of the bridge to the other on the Enterprise like on a bad Star Trek episode? Always reacting. Never planning. Never anticipating. Never being prepared. Is that the way it is supposed to be?

Think about it people, think of that Alphabet Soup of agencies we pay for. CIA, FBI, NSA DIA, not to mention the State Department, think tanks, schools of government, and all the massive brainpower and intelligence agencies working for us. All the billions of dollars to pay for this incredible expenditure of manpower and resources. And they see nothing coming. They are surprised by everything!

Think about it people. I know this is tough, having to apply the grey matter. The controlled media will have you off on wild goose chases. The propaganda machine of the military/industrial complex will have you convinced its your duty, neigh privilege, to have your sons go off to die, and be bankrupted by these never ending wars. They will have you convinced that is the way things are supposed to be in an Empire. There is just one problem with that. Our Founding Fathers never intended us to be an empire.

They wanted this government to do just one thing, provide a safe and just environment for the citizens to reach their heights of self-actualization. Be all you can be. Exercise individual liberty to the max. Not for the government to “solve problems”. Not for the government to be “the worlds policeman”. Not for the citizens to be absorbed with the affairs of government on three 24 hour news channels. Nope. Our Founders simply wanted us to get on with life.

Not to bring all the dispossessed people of the world here. Not to go die in the sand for people who hate us. And definitely not bring those people here. Hello! Their book says we are the infidel. Their book says kill the infidel. Our Founders never thought their progeny would be so God blessedly stupid as to bring those people here. When they talked about “no religious test”, they were talking about discriminating between Lutherans, Baptists and Methodists. They never imagined for a moment we would bring a religion to these shores who harbored a pathological hatred for us.

They told us to bring people here who “have the habits of Liberty”. That is the last thing those people have. They have the “habits of headlopping”. Theirs is the greatest “enforced” religion the world has ever seen. Most estimates put their numbers at 20 % of the current size, IF, the mullahs weren’t able to enforce the harsh discipline and various Fatwahs of their death cult.

And why am I not using the politically correct term, “terrorists”? Because terrorism is a tool used to frighten a civilian population so as to affect a change in government policy. Terrorism is a symptom, not the disease. The disease has a headdress, wears a beard and carries a sword. Their tool is terrorism.

General Douglas MacArthur is the one I’m aware of that pointed out that when your government is always operating in a state of crisis, you are being played.

Jim Roach

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Interesting talk radio day …

Tom Brokaw’s ‘Liberal Minute’ on the radio this morning made me pause. He was using the example of a shooter at a concert, and saying how bad it would be if people fought for survival. For reasons beyond my comprehension, he felt it critical not to upset the terrorists plans, and that we should lie down obediently to die. I knew journalists were like God, but I had no idea they could revoke the survival instinct. But, I guess they can, he is on the radio. I’m no expert on this, but I thought we had the right to self defense?

In the next hour on WHO 1040, Mickelson took time out from talking critters long enough to interview Marco Rubio. My gosh Rubio impresses me. Whatever the topic, the guy is fast and fluent on his feet. And if he is a fraud, he’s got me fooled. He just strikes me as very good. The Republican field is very rich. The only gripe I have is the internecine war going on with several of them. Save it for Hillary you dopes! As far as Trump, Cruz, Rubio and maybe one or two others, I’d take any one of you! But that’s the thing, Huckabee, Paul, Kasich, it ain’t going to happen for you. If it was really about the country, and not about you, you would drop out, pick a guy, and work for him. Be the best advisor you can be!

Rush had an excellent point about Trump, as always. He said he called it on Monday. He said Trump’s numbers would spike as a result of the Paris terrorist strike. He was right. America wants a strong leader now. He said the media had it completely backwards that the voters would turn to an establishment type in a time of crisis. The establishment types put us in this hole. He also said that Trump’s base is blue collar types. Something we haven’t seen since Reagan. And lastly, he pointed out the media is no longer reporting the size of Trump’s audiences. Which are HUGE! He said if Trump picked up the terrorism banner and ran with it like he did immigration, he would be unstoppable.

Jim Roach

Down in the 'hood

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The government as moral arbiter

“Let us revise our views and work from the premise that all laws should be for the welfare of society as a whole and not directed at the punishment of sins.”

— John Biggs, Jr.
(1895-1979) former Chief Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit (1945-65)


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Just not a good fit


It just never seemed like a good fit to put sand people in the Swiss Alps. Scandinavian sorts tend to be industrious, hardworking, and perhaps more importantly, not prone to homicidal rampages. Culturally, linguistically, religiously. It’s the whole, Go and make disciples of all nations, versus:  Kill the infidel! There’s a difference there, I just can’t put my finger on it. Ying vs yang, the whole, “you’ll get to heaven by accepting Jesus”, vs “you will get to heaven by killing all the Christians and Jews.” There just seems like a difference in the great commission of the two.

One wants to make the rivers flow red with the blood of infidels, the other has the Red Cross that helps people of all nations. One side wants to remove the woman’s clitoris and keep her a second class citizen and have regular beatings, the other came up with women’s lib and equal pay statutes. One side moves into an area and it becomes a hotbed of war-torn strife. The other moves into an area and is responsible for every advancement in culture, medicine and science known to man.

In the Sunday USA Today, there was a poignant story from a Kurdish soldier after they had dug up a mass grave ISIS had filled:

What silenced Kurdish soldier Qasam Ismael was a dusty purple blouse worn by a girl perhaps no older than 2 that was clinging to the rocks of a memorial erected inside the grave. “Some of these people are from my village”, Ismael said through an interpreter. “They lined them up on the edge of this wall and  beheaded them. Then put them in the grave all together. When I arrived their flesh was all gone. There was a little girl that I recognized by her hair, it  was blond.”

In all the print coverage common to central Iowa, the Des Moines Register and the USA Today section within it, you will not see the words Islam or Muslim or jihad. All you will read are the unspecified terms “terror” and “terrorist”. That’s odd, is it just random groups of people that hate us and want to kill us? No! It’s Muslims! How do you suppose we will ever solve a problem if we can’t identify it? If we won’t use honest terminology?

I can full well understand why they hate us, we’ve been propping up dictators they hate and killing their women and children for 40 years. We birthed one of the modern terrorist nations of Iran, by propping up the Shah forever. We gave rise to the Ayatollah Khomeini because of it. Likewise with Saddam  Hussein. Likewise with the way the west divided up the region after WWI. Then in just the last 15 years the conservative estimate for the number of noncombatants of theirs that we have killed is half  a million. I imagine they are a tad upset.

500,000 of women and children and old people of theirs we have killed. 911 pales in comparison. It is truly obscene what we have done. For some reason their lives just don’t matter to us. Assuming we can’t kill them all, we need to quit killing them at all. We need to find out what it is they want. Paris seems to have caught people’s attention. All the previous headlopping and murders couldn’t do it, maybe this will. If it is possible to live in peace, we need to find out how.

Jim Roach

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“A radical is one who speaks the truth.”

— Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr.
(1859-1924) Congressman (R-MN), father of famous aviator

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Hey France, how are those new “migrants” working out?

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So France welcomes these headloppers into their country, takes them out of the hell holes they’re from, gives them welfare, and their kindness is repaid by having them kill you? Makes sense to me. Remind you of any other idiot government?

Jim Roach

[And in typical cop fashion, the cops hold a garden party outside the concert hall as victims are being shot one by one, as they plead with authorities to come rescue them. Cops do best when they strut around outside in all their gear, avoiding the actual terrorists. Like at Columbine.]

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Beyond modern comprehension…

“The merit of our Constitution was, not that it promotes democracy, but checks it.”

— Horatio Seymour
(1810-1886) Governor of New York

NOT voted People Magazine’s Sexiest Man 1868

[The concept of a Republic, the rule of law; versus a Democracy, mob rule, is utterly beyond the grasp of modern man. – Jim Roach]

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“Bunch a gummers”

Rush had a great show Monday. He was talking about the Dem’s having no bench. All the “stars” in the Democrat Party are eligible for retirement. Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, Warren, Sanders, all over 65! Hell, you got to go to that fence post O’Malley to get down to a spry 52. Rush was right, he called it “Jurassic Park”. A bunch of gummers, a bunch of “Get off my lawn!” types. He had me rolling. No youth. No vitality. The good news is, once that generation is gone….

I thought maybe Monday it had been a slow news weekend. The local guy on WHO was talking critters all morning. It always kind of leaves me scratching my head how you use “the 50,000 watt flame throwing blow torch of the midwest!”, to talk about critters? Cars are going to hit deer, get over it. Rush made Monday fun. I guess that’s the difference between a legend and a local.

What a difference a network makes! FOX Business channel moderators are actually asking relevant questions! None of those bums wants to raise the minimum wage. Screw them. Cruz wants to raise SSA age, reduce benefits. They never talk about taking off the cap on earnings. Every dollar above $113,000 isn’t taxed on SSA. Why don’t you remove the cap? If raising the retirement age and reducing benefits is such a good idea, why isn’t removing the cap? Screw you Republicans… I’ll take Bernie.

The Republicans want to keep subsidizing millionaire farmers and billionaire oil companies and bailing out the banks on the backs of blue collar workers, but they don’t want to close the border or give them a decent wage. Then you will continue to reap the fruits of this idiocy. Welfare, crime, broken families and a disintegrating culture. I would say it is damn near impossible to be a decent human being on $7.25 an hour.

This debate beat the hell out of the previous three. It allowed us to see who Republicans really are. Instead of the, “He called you a poopy head, are you going to take it?”

Jim Roach




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SNL death knell

trump sghj

If you can make Donald Trump boring, you’re hopeless. I’m watching the clips of Trump’s turn at hosting Saturday Night Live and I’m trying to figure out why it’s so flat. I love Trump! In a heterosexual non-gay kind of way. So it’s not like I’m coming in with a bias to dislike him. It’s just rather obvious it was a flat performance. In a great live performance, the artist feeds off the audience, and the audience feeds off the artist.

The NYT review is saying it was “breezy” but not wow. The Washington Post review was really bad. But then, they hate Trump. They tried to pin it on him. That ain’t right. Hell, there’s electricity at a Trump press conference, let alone a Trump rally where things are really popping! It isn’t Trump, whatever else you think about his politics, he’s a charismatic and magnetic individual. He’s the focus in a room full of people.

Was it the SNL writers? That show will never be the dominant cultural force it was 40 years ago. “Killer Bee’s”, “Land Shark”, “Chevy Chase Weekend Update”, those will never be equaled. But even SNL writers of today can do better than last night. I don’t think it was that. It’s true, the modern day SNL crew is a bunch of no talent bums, but even they are better than that.

Humans have a rather spooky ability for non-verbal communication. We pick up on gestures, the arch of an eyebrow, how tense another persons body is, all kinds of body language. In a live performance you can tell a lot about the audiences reaction even though you can’t see them. The noise they make, the background level, even the reaction of the performer to the audience. You could tell the audience and cast were in a conundrum. It took me about 5 minutes of hard thinking to figure it out.

We know the script. SNL makes fun of politicians right? Everybody running for office gets skewered right? Nope. Every Republican politician gets skewered. Compare the treatment of Hillary Clinton to say Pat Buchanan on SNL. With Hillary they’ll make fun of her predilection for pantsuits. With Buchanan they make him out to be a racist right-wing xenophobe who wants to kick old people out to the street and take food out of the mouths of children and resembles Adolf Hitler. Not quite the same level of satire.  Not a whole lot of equivalency there. The whole pantsuit/Hitler thing, there’s a difference.

I think the reason for the flat performance was the internal conflict with the cast and audience. We’ve been told for the entire 40 year run with SNL that Republicans are the enemy. Yet they know they are supposed to have a warm fuzzy for the host. Yet Donald Trump is made fun of 24/7, they know they are supposed to boo and hiss on cue. Yet by hosting, he has the seal of approval. What to do? They can’t think for themselves!!

Nope, the title “death knell” isn’t true of course, SNL has the liberal seal of approval. Everyone knows in the end that SNL is there to advance the agenda of the Left. It was more of a trapeze act without a net, and this time they had butter on their hands. “Like buttah!”

Jim Roach


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