Are U.S. Hospitals ready for Ebola? Evidently not …

The Dallas hospital failed the patient, failed the nurses, then they failed the public by letting the two infected nurses travel all over creation. Not once have I heard the call for the resignation of Dr. Daniel Varga, the chief clinical officer for that hospital. Inadequate equipment, inadequate training, no blood testing of the care staff, no travel restrictions, I’m not sure how his failure could be any more complete.

USA Today points out there are only 4 hospitals equipped to treat Ebola patients. Between them, there are a sum total of 8 – 13 beds. Not per hospital, total. 13 beds in the United States of America, the world’s lone superpower, to treat Ebola.

Nurses training nationwide has been a complete failure. “Nurses have been given a CDC handout and directed to the website.” This outbreak has been going on for 5 months, and once again the Obama administration is playing catchup. An Ebola Czar isn’t appointed until Friday, and then it is a political hack. Joe Biden’s chief of staff? Are you kidding me? He doesn’t need to be a doctor, but he does need to be an expert in crisis management.

Someone like Utah millionaire Jeremy Johnson who showed the world what relief effort was all about after the Haiti earthquake. While the government was formulating “strategic assessment plans”, Johnson was flying food, doctors, generators and other equipment into the Dominican Republic and trucking them into Haiti. While the government was holding press conferences, Johnson was putting food in peoples belly’s. That is who Obama should have gone to for Ebola Czar, someone from the private sector who knows how to get it done. Not some schmo on Biden’s staff.

In the article by Graham Gillette, NBC News shows how not to atone for mistake, he talks about how during their quarantine because of an infected cameraman, the chief medical correspondent Nancy Snyderman goes to lunch at a New Jersey restaurant. He references Snyderman saying, “We remain healthy and our temperatures are normal.” Once again they are waiting for the disease to advance 3 weeks, rather than start daily blood tests that would show sickness in 3 days.

This outbreak in the U.S. has become so serious  that Obama even cancelled a campaign trip. OMG! Has it come to that? In the same article he mentions that he is not in favor of a travel ban from west Africa. Good God who is this man working for? You isolate an epidemic, you don’t spread it. Our open southern border is likely to cause many deaths also. Marine Corps General John Kelly last week pointed out that as people become more desperate in Africa, they will pay smugglers to bring them into Mexico and central America so that they can make their way into U.S hospitals to receive treatment. he called it an “existential threat” to U.S. security. The mainstream media completely ignored him.

The USA Today Thursday had an article titled, Hospitals’ infection controls questioned. They point out that there were “700,000 hospital -associated illnesses each year”. In 2011, 75,000 people died from those infections contracted at hospitals. More than twice the number killed in auto accidents. Most commonly from staff who did not wash their hands and equipment. How tough is that? Wash your damn hands. They spend millions upon millions on public health boards, and committees and centers, but they have 8 beds to treat patients? They can’t wash their hands? Priorities people.

Jim Roach

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["The 722,000 infections acquired in hospitals during 2011 represented a decline of 58 % from a decade earlier, when the annual number stood at 1.7 million. The number of deaths linked to those infections dropped nearly 25 % over the same period."]



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“Why no news coverage until Butzier’s death?”

Dennis Dowell of Fort Madison absolutely nailed it in a letter to the editor Thursday. The Libertarian Party’s senate candidate died in a small plane crash Monday night. Dowell points out that Mr. Butzier was one of six candidates on the ballot in Iowa for US Senate. The Register, like all media, has this absolutely pathological obsession with convincing us that the only 2 parties that exist are Democrat and Republican.

As has been pointed out brilliantly time and again on this blog, why would you return to office the people who caused the problems you are now trying to solve?

Before 1900 there were many political parties. Some minor, some major. You could assert that many ideologies were to blame for the failures of the 19th century, as many parties held office and influence. You had Whigs, Federalists, Toleration Party, Anti-Masonic Party, Free Soil Party, Greenback Party, Socialist Labor Party, Anti-Nebraska Party, American Party, Opposition Party, and many, many others. The issue of who was at fault was confused.  But! Since 1900, only 2 parties have been in control, Democrats and Republicans.  It is crystal clear who is to blame.

Who on God’s green earth would insist on only covering, promoting, giving legitimacy to, and voting for, the people who caused the problems??? Why would you vote for the people who drove us off the cliff? How the hell can a political system get stronger without competition? How stupid is the media? How stupid are the voters? How long does this country have?

Jim Roach

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American health care system no match for Ebola

Despite the head of the CDC assuring us that America is not Liberia, Ebola in America is winning. A second case turns up from a nurse at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. My God this is a pathetic response to deadly epidemic. That hospital sends the patient home. When he does come back he sat for hours with other patients. Then he dies for lack of effort. Two nurses have to wait for the disease to advance and fever shows, before they are diagnosed as sick. It was just reported on CNN that Ebola, like any virus, has an effect on the blood long before outward symptoms show.

A simple white blood cell count test will show in 3 days of exposure. There is absolutely no need to wait “3 weeks” for a fever to develop. 3 days is all that is necessary. 3 days. This is the first I’ve heard of it. Our “leaders” are so far behind the curve. The nurses union is now coming out with the dirt on Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. One example was when nurses complained about their exposed neck. They were told to “wrap their neck with medial tape”. What??? Are you kidding me?

Doctor Gupta on CNN was showing the procedure for doffing the protective gear after exposure. It was essentially identical to the procedure for taking off Chemical Warfare gear in the military. Having done that, you quickly realize you would be toast in a real world crisis. The military didn’t even have showers to do a first stage decontamination prior to proceeding. Part of the reason was that the suits were cloth! The contaminant would have soaked in! With water proof suits and showers, you would have at least stood a chance.

This hospital wasn’t even up to the task of effectively donning and doffing gear, let alone have the right gear. Their failure is complete. The CDC’s failure is complete. Bureaucrats are not leaders. Emergencies require leaders not bureaucrats. The bureaucratic system we have is not equipped for this. An example of this is the second case in Texas. The list of care givers to the original patient that have to be watched is now 70. Daily blood tests should have been going on for a week now on all 70. They won’t. They’ll wait weeks for fevers to show and the disease is advanced.

When the epidemic starts to spread in the US, they will say “hospital labs are over burdened”. Yeah? Then utilize veterinarian clinics and university science departments to also do the blood tests. White blood cell counts are child’s play. That is just criminal they would wait weeks, when 3 days would show with a blood test.

Jim Roach

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Liberals are full of it? Go figure…

“I am not a conservative but I have spoken out for years against the staggering amount of blind hatred directed at black conservatives by liberals. Liberals are shockingly quick to demean and dismiss brilliant black people like Rice, Carson, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), Professor Walter E. Williams and economist Thomas Sowell because they don’t fit into the role they have carved out for a black person in America. Black Americans must be obedient liberals on all things or risk being called a race traitor or an Uncle Tom.”

– Juan Williams
(1954-) Panamanian-born American journalist, political analyst, author
Source: Rutgers rage against Rice — why do liberals have so much hate for black conservatives?, March 6, 2014

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The Bell Curve

“The majority is never right. Never, I tell you! That’s one of these lies in society that no free and intelligent man can ever help rebelling against. Who are the people that make up the biggest proportion of the population — the intelligent ones or the fools? I think we can agree it’s the fools, no matter where you go in this world, it’s the fools that form the overwhelming majority.”

– Henrik Ibsen
(1828-1906) Norwegian playwright, theatre director, and poet

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Who is to blame?

Another really asinine article by a political science professor in Sunday’s Register got me to wondering, who might be responsible for the political mess in America? If you have abject failure in a particular field, in this case politics, could it be the people who are supposed to be educating the leaders? This latest article was by Drake’s Dennis Goldford. He was all shook up about the vacuous nature of the Braley / Ernst senate campaign. Goldford bemoaned the triviality of both campaigns, the focus on negative ads, and the empty platitudes of the positive ads.

Goldford called it an “abysmal failure” of the senate campaign, how Iowans were being poorly served. The picture he paints was one of “which one do you vote for, both candidates are so dysfunctional???” Well guess what genius, don’t vote for either one. There is no law that says you have to vote for just Democrats and Republicans. If both those parties are as dysfunctional as you portray, vote for someone else! Duh! How tough is that?

My God, there are 6 candidates on the senate ballot in Iowa. Vote for one of the other 4. If you reward bad behavior, vacuous and vicious campaigns, they’ll keep doing them. Slap them down, put a third party in office, the two major parties will change quicker than you can say “competition”. They insist on voting for the same people who cause the problems, then wonder why things don’t get better! Are you kidding me?

Another idiot political science professor was in the Register 3 weeks ago. His brilliant assertion was that if you don’t vote for a milk toast moderate on the Republican side, you are voting wrong. What??? This genius was from ISU, James Strohman. He demanded that Iowa Republicans only vote for Tim Pawlenty, Chris Cristie, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, or some other pointless moderate. Sorry chump, we’ll vote for who we damn well please.

And forget that other idiot political science professor from ISU, Steffen Schmidt, he’s pathetic. He’s the one who in 2010 was calling Iowans who wanted smaller government and less taxes, “tea baggers”. What??? You’re a state employee and you get away with insulting the people who pay your wages? That’s incredible.

The point is, if your country’s political system is like a jet in a screaming nosedive about to slam into the ground at 700 mph, maybe we should look at the educators. If we were turning out generation after generation of bad doctors, we’d look at the medical schools. Well, we are turning out generation after generation of bad political experts, maybe we should look at the schools of political science. Makes sense to me.

We have a country that is bankrupt. It is involved in continuing war practically since Vietnam. It can’t control it’s own border, we are flooded with non-citizens. We ship our jobs overseas. Healthcare was so overpriced they nationalized it. No one can pay for secondary education anymore. Social Security and Medicare have spiraled out of control. Militarized police shoot citizens with impunity. And those who brought us this disaster, Congress, spend unending decades in office! Never threatened with expulsion.

So into this political abyss, the only advice given from the political science experts, is keep voting the same people in. Vote for the people who don’t stand for anything and will keep the status quo. And we will insult the citizens that we are supposed to be educating. And as the decades roll by and things get worse, I think we need to take a hard look at the “experts”.

Jim Roach

aa d b professions-professor-05

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Booker T. Washington

“There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs. There is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well.”

– Booker T. Washington
(1856-1915) African American political leader, educator and author – 1911


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Why is air travel such a hassle?

If you look back at the old movies, people at airports might walk through a gate and then out onto the tarmac, show the stewardess their ticket, and get on the plane. You didn’t take off your shoes. You didn’t walk through a metal detector. You didn’t have to divest yourself of your pocket knife. You didn’t have to be careful not to say the word ‘bomb’ or ‘hijack’ around a TSA agent. Your family could see you off at the gate. You weren’t made to feel like you were being bad to fly on a plane. You didn’t feel like you could be shot at any moment by a government agent. What changed?

What happened to make this simple matter of going from point A to point B in the air such a hassle? What made our military get involved in war after war after war, spending us into oblivion and killing our youth? What nation would want to spend decade after decade after decade, fighting and killing and being killed? Is that any way for a country to spend it’s time? Spending it’s money, accumulating debt at a terrifying rate.

What made us fear anytime a large group of people got together? At a Boston Marathon? Or a football game? Or a subway? Or a skyscraper? When did we get to the point where we feared an unattended backpack? Airports and stadiums back then didn’t have concrete barricades, they didn’t look like fortresses, they didn’t have multitudes of guards bristling with arms. What changed? What made our life hell?

What could it be? Could it be one group of people? Could that one group of people have something in common that makes them “wild asses of men, with their hand always against their brother”? What if this group of people was the cause of these problems? What if your leaders wouldn’t admit it, wouldn’t acknowledge it, wouldn’t deal with it? Would your culture eventually commit cultural suicide rather than tell the truth? Truth is good, right? Rather than go into the ash heap of history by refusing to tell the truth, shouldn’t honesty win out?

What if that group that was making your life hell, had a religion that was founded by a murderous thug? (L. Ron Hubbard said, “If you want to get rich, write a book. If you want to get really rich, invent a religion.” And Scientology was born.) But our thug needed cover whenever his debased tendencies came out. A cover that would also provide divine inspiration. What might that be? Oh! Let’s see, what if Allah (God) were telling you to do these things? And you were the only one who ever heard them! Perfect! And if anyone doubted you, poof! Off with their head! Perfect, because you were taking your orders from God! You could make up anything!

And each time Allah told you something, it was from the archangel Gabriel. Perfect. And only you saw him. No evidence, no proof, just your word. But then, who was going to doubt you, they wanted to keep their head! Let’s see, you’re a bit of a pedophile and you got your eye on that nine-year-old girl, poof! Visit from Gabriel and you got Allah’s okay! Let’s see, you’d like to murder, rape and pillage every opposing culture you ran into, poof! Visit from Gabriel. Like to tax the ones you want to keep around? Visit from Gabriel!

You got the rubes believing it’s all about praying six times a day and working their way to heaven. Hey it works. Promise them 72 virgins! What if you like young boys also? Promise them an unlimited supply of boys. And along the way, all they have to do is help you murder, rape and pillage the infidel! Magic! Hmm… but what if even the most dense start to see through this crap? What if they start to talk bad about Allah? Off with their head! Talk bad about you? Off with their head! What if they want to leave Islam? Death sentence! What a religion! May not be voluntary, but it makes a great enforced religion! Whatever it takes to keep the numbers up, keep the revenue up.

So one of the other key planks of your cult is that anyone who is not one of you, is the enemy! Makes for a target rich environment, and it keeps your followers in unit cohesion. It allows you to always keep them looking outward, focused on what the “infidel” is doing. That way they never stop to see what you are doing. They never stop to see how you and your lieutenants are living high on the hog, while they are living in abject poverty.

Keep them riled with hate, like bullshit superstitions that say their enemy can transform themselves into dogs. Keep the women uneducated. Keep them submissive. Make beating them part of your religion. Keep them covered. Take off their clitoris so sexual pleasure is never theirs. Keep all of them so busy following these rules that only you ever heard, so they don’t have time to question anything. Keep them so busy they won’t question why you’re in a castle, and they are in a tent.

The bottom line is, our government has zero chance of defeating an enemy it can’t identify. Want safe air travel? Don’t let Muslims on planes. Want to end war? Get out of their land. They can’t drink the oil, they have to sell it to you. Want to feel safe again at the Boston Marathon? Don’t let them into your country. Don’t want them recruiting fighters from Minneapolis? Don’t let them into Minnesota.

Oh, what, are you afraid to make them mad? Are you afraid they might want to kill you? Too late! They already do! Might as well be honest. Might as well tell the truth. They sure as hell won’t. You see, if you got to walk on tippy toes around them, for fear of setting them off, maybe you shouldn’t be living around these ticking time bombs. Rational people don’t act that way.

Jim Roach

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Stupidity rules!

Oh my gosh, this country is toast. You expect the mind-numbing stupidity out of the liberal media, but for some reason we are still surprised every time it pops up on “conservative” talk radio. On Tuesday’s Jan Mickelson show the subject of the 3rd District’s Young – Appel debate came up. In a rare moment of honesty, Mickelson points out that while Republican David Young may be a decent human being, he is a cheeseball as a candidate. He doesn’t have the passion to power a nightlight. He’s the ‘anti-candidate’.

Staci Appel of course is the Democrat moron whose campaign slogan is: “Have you hugged a terrorist today?” Staci hasn’t come to grips with the idea that some “Americans” should be in jail. In Staci’s World of circle singing Kumbaya, it doesn’t include the lyrics ‘traitors’ and ‘treason’. People want to kill us Staci, people gonna have to die.

So Mickelson and his equally obtuse callers debate the strategy of voting for Young (a breathing Republican is better than none), or vote for Appel and work to put in a real candidate in 2 years.

Third option ya morons! Vote for the Libertarian! You don’t have to put in the cheeseball or the fencepost. But they will. THEN! After November 4, they will have the gall to wonder why things are the same or worse then they were BEFORE the election! Well that’s because you put in a cheeseball (or fencepost)! Don’t vote for them. How tough is that?

Lost in the shuffle of all this, is who is responsible for the cheeseball on the ticket? It is the Governor Braindead lackeys who gave you the 5th place vote getter as candidate! It was your precious moderates who took over the party and threw out the constitutionalists that were there. They picked Young. They took fifth place and put him on the ballot. They did that at the district convention. Thank you Governor Braindead. But once again, it doesn’t excuse the stupidity of the voter. And there is plenty of that.

Jim Roach

“The majority is never right. Never, I tell you! That’s one of these lies in society that no free and intelligent man can ever help rebelling against. Who are the people that make up the biggest proportion of the population — the intelligent ones or the fools? I think we can agree it’s the fools, no matter where you go in this world, it’s the fools that form the overwhelming majority.”
– Henrik Ibsen
(1828-1906) Norwegian playwright, theatre director, and poet


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Religion of Peace lops off another head

Video shows possible 4th Islamic State beheading [USA Today 10/4]

Maybe its just me but if the Religion of Peace keeps lopping off heads, I’m going to start thinking they aren’t our friends at all. Right next to that article was another one from Israel, Construction protest in Gaza. Palestinians throwing rocks at an Israeli worker, if you can believe it. I’m not exactly sure how Israel is ever supposed to have peace while living with savages.

In the same paper under the Register’s ‘Midwest Report’, was the article: Minneapolis Somalis fight jihad recruiters. It turns out that Somalis living in the Minneapolis area have been going back home to get their jihad on and kill Americans since at least 2007. Not to worry, the FBI (7 years later) is getting ready to look into it. FBI spokesman Levin said they were going to determine whether “there is a ground game here and who is involved.” Oh, that makes me sleep better.

Treason been going on for 7 years now and they are just now going to look into it? Wouldn’t want them to rush in to anything. Good grief. The FBI infiltrates patriot and militia groups faster than you can say “wiretap”, there are more FBI in those groups than regular members. They got them bugged and wiretapped and surveilled and sewn up tight! But damned if they can get intel on Islamic recruiters in Minneapolis!

My God the FBI and CIA are about worthless. We have enemy combatants loose in the United States and damned if they know who they are. What’s the FBI been doing for 7 years? Oh that’s right, they been spying on Tea Party and patriot groups! My God. Plus, the enemy is making more combatants from teenagers and kids just growing up. Like we don’t have enough of them as enemies overseas. “Several teens or young adults approached by a reporter declined to speak about any experiences with recruiters.”

Those three articles in the same paper seem to present a common theme. It shows a tendency towards extreme violence against Christians and Jews. Despite that they tell us they are “peaceful”, I’m beginning to doubt that, and the wisdom of letting them into this country.

I realize Americans are a little stupid nowadays, so I’ll put it this way. When you’re in Minneapolis, you’re supposed to be able to recruit soldiers for our army, not the enemy’s. If you can recruit enemy soldiers in Minneapolis, you have a disease on your hands. Guess what that disease is called?

Jim Roach

IMG_2354 (2) ujfju

Alan Henning was a British humanitarian aid worker killed by these bastards. Someone who gave aid to their people. These Islamic bastards are not only cowards, they are stupid. But that is something I have noticed over the years with them, they are real brave when they have overwhelming numbers against an unarmed civilian. They tend to be pussies when met with force.

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