“Branstad coasts in re-election bid”

The Tuesday Register had an interesting couple of articles. One was on the front page by Jason Noble titled, Branstad coasts in re-election bid. Little more than a month out they have him up 48 % to 34 % over Hatch. Democrats can’t beat him, and no Republican can either. He is like some kind of Republican superman. No one knows what his kryptonite is. Vander Plaats and all other comers bounce off him like mosquitoes hitting a Knight in armor.

What struck me as odd awhile back, was how the mighty Iowa GOP never developed a bench. In the seventy five years since Branstad first took office (actually 1983), they couldn’t develop a “next generation”? Star Trek did, they looked to the future. Evidently the country club’s cupboard was bare in the tall corn State. That says three things. A.)  Iowa voters are really stupid (plenty of evidence to support that). B.) Potential Iowa Republican candidates between 35 – 55 ain’t much. C.) Iowa Democrats between 35 – 55 are even less. Isn’t that pathetic? Steel isn’t exactly sharpening steel in this state.

The other article was on the opinion page by Kathie Obradovich titled, King threatens to end debate. King thinks the Mowrer campaign is saying false things about him (that’s never happened in a political campaign) and is threatening not to debate him Oct. 23 as a result. King never has been a debater. He’d rather hide from his constituents and keep them in the dark, rather than risk not getting reelected. I believe he feels the world would cease it’s rotation if he wasn’t returned to Washington.

The one time I ran into him was at the Straw Poll in Ames a couple of years ago. I figured a politician at the Straw Poll has got to figure people are going to want to meet them, so I walked up to him to shake his hand and say thanks. He awkwardly averted his eyes and turned within a few feet of me and walked away rather than shake my hand! He struck me as a squirrely son of a bitch. That and in past elections he has simply refused to hold a public debate with his opponent strikes me as not only odd, but a disservice to his District. He definitely has “politicians” disease, when they think it is “all about them”, when it should be “all about the people”. Things are such a mess in this country, I can’t see what harm would happen if all 535 were replaced by the first 535 out of the phonebook.

Jim Roach

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Affirmative action vs Racial preferences

“If you have always believed that everyone should play by the same rules and be judged by the same standards, that would have gotten you labeled a radical 50 years ago, a liberal 25 years ago, and a racist today.”
– Thomas Sowell
(1930- ) Writer and economist
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Fall fun

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Religion of Peace beheads women and children in Afghanistan

“Taliban behead 12 civilians in Afghanistan province” [USA Today 9/27] “The violence comes amid the annual Taliban offensive, which this year will be an important gauge of how well Afghan government forces are able to face insurgent attacks ahead of the withdrawal of foreign combat troops at the end of the year. Afghan officials said women and children were believed to be among the casualties.”

CNN was reporting Wednesday that Saudi Arabia, another of our great allies from the Religion of Peace, has beheaded 59 people this year. Sometimes the offenses included drug possession and adultery. Maybe its just me, but I’m not convinced the US is capable of solving the problems those people have. Sure hope we invite a couple million more of them into this country.

Jim Roach

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Religion of Peace beheads French tourist

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It’s hard to keep up with the beheadings from The Religion of Peace. It seems I’ve missed David Haines encounter with Islam. The latest, pictured above is Frenchman Herve Gourdel. I sure hope we import a few million more nutcases with our self-destructive immigration program.

In defense of the West I was going to say we pick our fight with combatants. But that is not true. The numbers on the noncombatants we have killed in the wars with Afghanistan and Iraq, seems to be around 150,000. Indirect deaths caused by our war seem to be at the low-end 600,000, to over 1 million civilians killed.

The cause for all this was 911 when approximately 3,000 Americans were killed by the Religion of Peace. We had the moral authority from that to go to Afghanistan and kill 6,000 government and military there (combatants). We have exceeded that number somewhat. Moral authority is no longer ours.  We are responsible for a minimum of half a million innocents.

It is amazing that no one in government or media sees this.

Then to have that idiot Obama say yesterday that, “The only language understood by killers like this is the language of force.” Um, genius, how can you take the moral high ground when we have killed 500,000 innocents? On the premise of 3,000? The math doesn’t work for me. But on his side are 535 idiots in Congress backing him up. So we “nation build” by killing innocents. Might make a few enemies along the way.

Jim Roach


“A politician is a fellow who will lay down your life for his country.”

– Texas Guinan
[Mary Louise Cecilia "Texas" Guinan] (1884-1933) American saloon keeper, actress, entrepreneur


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Rush has a good point about the NFL …

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Rush had a good point about the NFL’s plummeting popularity. Aside from their public relations fiasco with Ray Rice, he pointed out that while the NFL itself is tax-exempt, they extort new stadiums from the taxpayers. And, as he notes, you have a bunch of working class people footing the bill, while the profits of the NFL go to the super rich. I’ve read study after study that says having a professional sports team in your city is a wash. It’s not really an economic boost after all the costs they extort from the host city. It’s rare Rush sees the working class side of anything. As long as Congress gets it’s cut from the football lobbyists, nothing will change.

Jim Roach


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“Man shot by police dies”

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[Non-lethal 12 gauge beanbag 'knock down' round]

Brian Lee Beeler died early Sunday morning after being gunned down by Des Moines police on Wednesday. The obviously mentally ill man refused police orders to drop the knife he had. And what has amazed this blogger for sometime, is that while we were able to put a man on the moon, we aren’t able to non-lethally disarm a man with a knife? Having a knife makes you the most dangerous man on the planet?

The reason this seems important to me, is that a sane person does not advance on cops with guns, when he has only a knife. To have cops scream, “Put down the knife! Put down the knife!”, then both blast away with 13 round .40 S&W’s, just seems like overkill to me. Before this it was St. Louis, before that it was Albuquerque, before that is was hundreds of places.

I don’t like it. Cops are taking the easy way out. All too often nowadays cops simply say, “I feared for my safety”, or, “He went for my gun”, and it becomes a no fault excuse for murder. This is with suspects who didn’t even have a weapon. Like Michael Brown.

In the above case in Des Moines, officers Peter Wilson and Cody Willis tried zero non-lethal techniques before the execution of Beeler. Pictured at the top of this post is a 12 gauge 40 gram ‘beanbag’ round. This shotgun round will put a man down or at least stun him without killing him. Option number 2, Taser. 2 officers responded, 1 could have tried the non-lethal options, the second officer could have been at 45 degrees or so to the suspect, ready to gun him down should the need arise.

Or, a 12 gauge pump holds 7 to 8 rounds, the first two could be non-lethal rounds, the next 6 buckshot rounds. Plenty of overkill for officer safety, yet still giving some chance to keep the mental patient alive.

Instead, it is kill, kill, kill. Like Ferguson. With all the vests and helmets and shin guards and body armor the cops have, they could also don the gear and disarm him physically. They don’t know how to wield a nightstick? These 4 tactical options are from someone completely ignorant in law enforcement, couldn’t the ‘experts’ have come up with these ideas and more?

Or, let’s try tactical option number five. Okay so maybe it would be tough to hit an advancing subject in the legs with a pistol shot (though wouldn’t it be worth a double-tap to try?), couldn’t the first officer deploy the shotgun, wouldn’t that be relatively easy to shoot the legs out from under a suspect? With the spread pattern of a shotgun? The second officer would be standing by for the torso shot with the pistol.

Or, let’s try tactical option number 6. The old ‘second officer approaches the suspect from behind and whacks him over the head’ technique. Why not?

Back in the sixties, when today’s liberal was actually suspicious of government, some cities had citizen review boards that evaluated police brutality. Today for some reason it is this blind acceptance of police killing civilians. A cop in Ames last year murdered an unarmed 19-year-old in a stopped pickup. The Story County Attorney sanctioned it.

The Register in the past 2 months has at least woke up to the militarization of local police. This blog has been reporting on it for at least 2 years. As a Congressman stated the other day, “With all the military gear the police have, how is this different from a ‘standing army’?” Good point sir.

Jim Roach

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[Non-lethal Taser gun]

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“54 % of schools miss standards”

The Wednesday article by one MacKenzie Elmer of the Register resonates on so many levels. One, the head of the Iowa Department of Education won’t be fired. The majority of schools can’t effectively teach reading, and the people in charge will continue to draw a paycheck. That’s a bad thing. Literacy rates were better a hundred years ago. Before computers! Huh.

Two, no one ever bothers to ask the question, where does the $20,000 per pupil spending go? Are we getting much of a return on investment? We don’t demand the results we paid for, and we don’t fire them when they don’t produce. Why wouldn’t things improve?

And, once again, private enterprise in the form of Christian, Catholic and homeschools, turn out twice the product at a fourth the cost!

Jim Roach

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Beans are magic

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Iowa GOP should drop Straw Poll?

A week ago the Register had a really asinine guest piece from an ISU political science professor suggesting the Iowa GOP should drop straw Poll. I wonder if the authors of these pieces realize how stupid they sound? Whether it is James Strohman, Rekha Basu or Froma Harrop, these unsolicited advice columns to conservatives on how to “save” their party, are in essence telling Iowans they voted wrong for 30 years.

Really? Who in the hell is this state employee to tell anyone they voted wrong? There aren’t too many things we hold more dear in this country then our right to vote, and this clown is going to tell you that you voted wrong? Let alone at a party fundraiser. Because Iowans have not always chosen the moderates he prefers, the Iowa GOP should drop a meaningless fundraiser? The logic escapes me.

The nutty professor seems ignorant in his own field, the people of Iowa aren’t voting for the position of Federal Administrator, they are voting for President. A leader. A commander in chief. Someone who makes life and death decisions. How can a political science professor not have a better grasp of the position of president? Lamar Alexander is not going to inspire anyone to charge up San Juan hill. (the scary part is ISU gave tenure to someone who doesn’t understand the position of president. It’s child’s play. Like in city government, you  have a mayor who is the political leader. The city manager is the policy wonk. Same city, two different people.)

PBS is unlikely to have a series called “Great Moderates In History”. Gerald Ford is unlikely to appear on any currency. Tim Pawlenty is unlikely to find his head carved in the side of a mountain. Maybe moderates appeal to desk jockey intellectuals, but they don’t lead nations. Where are the statues erected of great moderates?

The other issue I question is when these liberals always talk about the incredible “electability” of these moderate Republicans. If they are so electable, why doesn’t anyone vote for them? Why aren’t they elected? Hard as it may seem, the liberal logic doesn’t seem to make it full circle. You’d think “electability” would translate to votes.

And in 40 years of reading newspapers, I don’t believe I have ever seen a conservative write a piece to Liberals explaining how they have been voting wrong low these many years. Think about that for a moment. Just the amount of gall and arrogance it would take to tell someone they voted wrong. Strohman’s office must be huge to fit both him and his ego in it.

The whole concept of why the Iowa GOP should drop their straw poll is incredible. The straw poll is a fund raiser, it has no binding electoral result. Any importance it has is given it solely by the media and academia. The Iowa GOP doesn’t claim anything, they’re just selling tickets. So after decades of the media being out of control like a crack whore who can’t control herself, they cry stop! Huh? The media can’t control itself so the Iowa GOP has to change? How the hell does that make sense? If you the media don’t want it to be so important, quit making it so! That nutty professor lacks in the logic department.

It’s scary someone so ignorant in their field has contact with students. Whatever he is paid it is too much.

Jim Roach

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