Hold on Donald, Jim Gilmore’s in the race!

17 ? Ooooo… Jim Gilmore. I just hope we can unclear the logjam at the top, Pataki, Graham, Christie, Gilmore… goodnight. What are these people thinking? They’re retired, they’re bored, they want something to do, and President is what pops into their head? WTF? Try golf. They bring nothing. You got some leadership skills? Some organizational talent? Then sign onto one of the campaigns with juice, help out someone who has a chance in hell. You don’t!

Then you have the group that shows how deep the bench is on the Republican side. The people Hillary isn’t fit to loose the sandal strap of. Rubio, Jindal, Huckabee, Fiorina, Santorum, good grief what a lineup. Brilliant, principled, decent people. I just heard Huckabee on the radio today saying something brilliant. He was talking about airport security. He points out TSA screens stuff. El Al screens people. We don’t have anyone in the Federal behemoth that can process that concept. Which is one reason we will continue to have problems. Luggage isn’t the enemy. We’ll continue to fight inanimate objects, and import the real enemy into our midst.

Then, as if the Republicans didn’t have enough talent, you have the group I’d actually pull the lever for, Paul or Carson. Then you got the one I hope wins, Trump. What do the Democrats got? One. Sanders. The Republicans got so many choices its ridiculous. Lets hope steel sharpens steel. The rest of those clowns? They’re selling books and applying for cabinet positions.

Jim Roach

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I assume he’s talking about crop subsidies and bank bailouts

“Can the real Constitution be restored? Probably not. Too many Americans depend on government money under programs the Constitution doesn’t authorize, and money talks with an eloquence Shakespeare could only envy.
Ignorant people don’t understand The Federalist Papers, but they understand government checks with their names on them.”

— Joseph Sobran
(1946-2010) Columnist

[Joseph Sobran is like a lot of modern day Republicans. They spot welfare a mile away if it is going to poor people. Corporate welfare? Oh hell no! They don’t see it then! A local guy exemplifies this myopia. Jan Mickelson on WHO radio is all worried about Bernie Sanders and creeping socialism. Bernie feels that if you work for a living, you should be able to put a roof over your head and food in your belly. $15 bucks an hour. Old Jan, he’s been through that Constitution a dozen times and can’t find authorization for a government mandated minimum wage. Fair enough. But what jackasses like Mickelson always fail to do is look for the authorization in the Constitution for crop subsidies. Bank bailouts. Subsidies to big oil. Big tobacco. The Export Import Banks billion dollar subsidies to Boeing. Funny thing then, Mickelson and the Republicans don’t see any problem with that. They don’t see any problem when the taxpayer money is going to people with nice suits and good haircuts. They don’t go digging through the Constitution then. Nope. It is only when poor people get that there Socialism. Then they have a problem. Frankly, I think they lose their moral authority then. If it ain’t allowed for poor people, it sure as hell isn’t allowed for rich people. If you want to see their head explode, mention free school lunches for poor kids! Oh they hate those! The only free lunch they want to see are for millionaire farmers!]

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You can’t prove it! (Nah, nah, nah nah nah!)

Hillary’s campaign slogan should be: You can’t prove it!” I’m listening to the Sunday morning shows, reading the Sunday paper, and it’s all about how the evidence chain isn’t there in the email scandal to bring charges against Hillary Clinton. Isn’t that a ringing endorsement for a presidential candidate? “You can’t prove it!” Wow.

I think if I were a Democrat, I’d be embarrassed. Maybe they should all  wear paper bags over their heads. Goodnight. The Democrat’s big gun isn’t arrested because the case against her can’t be proved. What a winner. Maybe even funnier, is victory for the Republicans isn’t a guarantee against such a loser.

This isn’t even bringing into play the influence foreign governments bought with our government by paying the Clinton’s millions of dollars for “speeches”. Who believes that crap? It’s called influence peddling. Goodnight. Once again, she only stays out of jail because there isn’t video evidence.

Polls show Americans don’t trust her. Don’t like her. And recognize that Hillary’s #1 priority in life, is Hillary Clinton. She’s saying about her and Bill, “You can’t catch us! You can’t catch us! Nah, nah, nah nah nah!” I raise my glass to you Democrats, what a candidate you have there! The Clinton’s get away with it once again. What a proud day for Democrats.

Jim Roach


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Cruz calls out McConnell

Hearing that clip today from the senate floor where Ted Cruz calls out that lying fraud Mitch McConnell was one for the ages. I’ve known McConnell was a worthless RINO, Cruz just put an exclamation point on it.

As Cruz put it, McConnell’s term as majority leader is different from Harry Reid’s in what respect? None.

Cruz nailed it, crony capitalism. Corporate welfare. All three central Iowa radio talk shows played the clip, Mickelson, Rush and Hannity. Hannity thought Cruz going nuclear signaled the end of the establishment Republican. The end of business as usual.

Hardly. The people of this country are too stupid to support Cruz and those like him. We’ll be back real soon to corruption as usual in Washington. 3 or 4 good senators don’t stand a snowballs chance in hell of changing things. But it was fun to hear him call out the guy who quashed the vote on defunding Planned Parenthood. It was good to hear Cruz expose the corruption in Washington .

Jim Roach

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“John McCain does his share of name calling”

“When Senator John McCain called supporters of Donald Trump “crazies”, the press was silent.

When McCain called Senator Ted Cruz a “Wacko Bird”, the press was silent.

When McCain called Tea Party members “hobbits”, the press was silent.

When McCain called Evangelical Christians “agents of intolerance”, the press was silent.

It seems time for McCain to apologize to the American people.”

John Hitron
Carrabelle, Florida

[LTE Des Moines Register]

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“Trump peaks – or hits bottom”

Donald-Trump jsod

Analysts disagree on whether firestorm helps or hurts him [USA Today] Judging from the reaction on talk radio Monday, it would be premature to write the obit for The Donald quite yet. Not just ya, but hell ya! New ABC poll shows Trump up 11 points over his nearest rival (and 12 points over Bush).

But the question that came to me today was hearing the replay of the questioning at the Family Leader event on Saturday. What relevance was there for Frank Luntz to even bring up the point about John McCain being a war hero 50 years ago? Think about that, candidates are applying for the job of president for the year 2016, and Frank Luntz is bringing up the actions of a pilot in the military in 1967??

What the sam hell does that got to do with anything?? Trump is pointing out to Luntz (and hitting home) what a bad senator McCain has been, what a bad presidential candidate McCain was, and what bad things McCain had just called 10,000 Americans at a rally in Arizona, and Luntz interrupts to say McCain was a war hero in 1967? What does that have to do with today? Goodnight…

Hannity had a good point on his show, act presidential, apologize and move on. Show people you have more than just a fastball. Rush’s take was that the press had expected Trump to curl up and die. They aren’t used to someone fighting back. I like the idea of a clean, clear, simple apology. Then give them hell!

The press always thought McCain was this adorable ‘maverick’. They only thought that because he voted half the time like a Democrat. Nothing special about being a Rino. McCain should apologize to those 10,000 Americans for calling them a “bunch of crazies”.

Jim Roach

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“Many young adults too fat for military”

Needless to say I thought this article in Thursday’s Des Moines Register was too rich to pass up. “One in three young adults nationwide too fat to enlist”. There is some delicious irony here. The government, ever involved in unending and pointless war, would like to kill these young people on the battlefield, but they aren’t being given the chance, as the kids are killing themselves on the couch as potatoes.

Recently I saw the comparison of a fourth grade class picture from 1968 (my generation), compared to a fourth grade class picture from 2008. We were a lean, mean fighting machine compared to the chubby children of today. It makes sense, it was during the Kennedy administration that the Presidential Council on Physical Fitness was established, thus dooming future generations. As has been noted by others, whenever the government has a “war” on anything, be it poverty, drugs, terrorism, obesity or what have you, there is sure to be more of that issue, not less.

There is nothing the government can’t touch, that it can’t screw up.

Jim Roach

Carrot cake! (2) nj

Let’s just hope the government never puts itself in charge of carrot cake.

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How to commit political suicide (without really trying)

Donald-Trump jsod

Who loves ya baby? We’re finding out real quick who doesn’t. The only person who might be able to take out Trump, is Trump. Lots of irony here. He rose to the top of the polls fair and square. He might get knocked off all on his own accord. To try and denigrate McCain’s record as a vet is crazy. What McCain went through as a POW is something no human should ever have to experience. I can safely say I wouldn’t be able to do what he did. McCain as a vet is untouchable.

McCain as a senator is another story. I don’t think there is one thing Trump could say about McCain as a senator that I would disagree with. McCain has a globalist agenda that is a detriment to American sovereignty. McCain’s actions as a senator have sacrificed American lives, safety, security, jobs, prosperity and freedom. McCain’s votes in the senate have put this country on a perpetual war footing that as a result have killed a minimum of half a million noncombatants in the Middle East. A minimum of half a million people who should not be dead, but are, as a result of American actions that McCain voted for. McCain’s incredible behavior as a POW cannot erase these facts. McCain’s behavior as a member of the military cannot erase his behavior as a senator. As remarkable as his record is in the former, it is in stark contrast to the deadly and unconstitutional record he has as a senator.

This unsupported ‘warm fuzzy’ feeling most Americans have for McCain as a man, do not change the horrific record of McCain the senator. Trump’s utter contempt for McCain as a senator, was unfortunately communicated as contempt for the man. It is a shame this had to happen. Trump is exactly what America needed at this time. Politeness, manners and decorum have gotten this country into one hell of a mess. We needed a wrecking ball to come in and tear down a few walls. Regrettably, he may have tore down himself as well.

Jim Roach

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“Is rape the price to pay for migrant women chasing the American Dream?”

“Before they can reach the American Dream, many migrant women have to survive a Mexican nightmare. A staggering 80 percent of Central American girls and women crossing Mexico en route to the United States are raped along the way, according to directors of migrant shelters interviewed by Fusion…. Fusion.net

[This is the source Trump referenced that the media deemed as “anti-immigrant”. How exactly they came to that conclusion is beyond me.]

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Lemmus norvegicus - Naica animales salvajes - Lemming

Throughout my lifetime the American people have behaved like lemmings. Every four years the media and the political leaders take voters for a ride that is detrimental to their own best interests. In this cycle’s presidential race, the two leaders on the Democrat and Republican side that are setting the agenda are Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. They are saying what each side supposedly stands for. They are saying what the others have promised for 50 years and yet never manage to actually deliver. No one would accuse Sanders or Trump of lying. They tell it like it is.

No  one doubts that Sanders and Trump believe what they are saying. Yet the press doesn’t want either one. One particular refrain you will hear from the “conventional wisdom” crowd, is that neither Sanders or Trump are “electable”. Which brings up an interesting scenario. Say the lemmings in this country actually threw off the shackles of their masters and put those two up as the nominees of their respective parties. One of the two would have to get elected. In a race between two candidates deemed “unelectable”, one would have to win. What then?

Aye, would it not be a grand and glorious day? The establishment picks, Clinton and Bush, tossed out on their ass. “Conventional wisdom” thrown out the window. Corporate interests left at the curb. The insiders left sputtering? It won’t happen of course. Lemmings are lemmings after all.

Jim Roach


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