Sure glad this hasn’t happened …

“The American Republic will endure, until politicians realize they can bribe the people with their own money.”

– Alexis de Tocqueville
[Alexis Charles Henri Maurice Clerel, le Comte de Tocqueville] (1805-1859) French historian    (Liberty-Tree , Canada)


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Frederic Bastiat

“Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state lives at the expense of everyone.”

– Frederic Bastiat
(1801-1850) [Claude Frederic Bastiat] French economist, statesman, and author. He did most of his writing during the years just before — and immediately following — the French Revolution of February 1848
Source: “The Law” by Frederic Bastiat (1850) (Liberty-Tree, Canada)


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Democracy is mob rule

“Our founding fathers detested the idea of a democracy and labored long to prevent America becoming one.  Once again — the word ‘democracy’ does not appear in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, or the constitution of any of the fifty states.  Not once. Furthermore, take a look at State of the Union speeches.  You won’t find the ‘D’ word uttered once until the Wilson years.”

– Neal Boortz
(1945- ) Radio talk show host, columnist
Source: Nov. 7, 2002 [Liberty Quotes – Canada]

democracy2 jo

[How are such fundamental truths lost and forgotten? Such knowledge used to be common. It helps to have an educational system that dumbs people down. Another great truth that was lost was that funny money could create a sound economic system. Hence the Federal Reserve and those great swami’s “guiding” our dollar. The Federal government owning most of the land in the U.S. How did we get so stupid?  Demos – people, Kratia – power.]

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“Boone picked as new site for Iowa Straw Poll” [DM Reg 3/13]

As regards Boone picked as new site for Iowa Straw Poll, and the decision to keep alive the “controversial event despite heaps of criticism”, the only people that don’t like the event are liberal Democrats, RINO’s and Jennifer Jacobs. And I personally don’t know anyone who gives a rodents rear-end what they think.

Jim Roach


[“Rodents rear-end” is a euphemism for rat’s ass.]

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With media like this, put butter on us, we’re toast

Oh my gosh we are done for. Two reporter-ettes in today’s USA Today, Martha T. Moore and Catalina Camia totally glossed over and made excuses for Hillary and her lying about the State Department emails.

One of the most blatant idiocies out of these two was that Hillary had to do this or she would have had to carry “two” devices. That is such bullshit. Even the Register has dug out that the government Blackberry’s used then could easily handle more than one email! How in the Sam hell is she getting away with this lie? Two devices? My God, how stupid do they think we are?

Number 2, the December release of half the emails was in PAPER ???? What??? You can’t search paper. There is one copy of paper. Are you kidding me? Paper release?

You delete the other half of the emails? (31,3830) YOU make that decision? YOU make that decision? Why have a judge and jury? Hillary can do it all. There is an investigation going on, and SHE decides what are personal? And gets away with it? And Democrats are dumb enough to put her up for President?

But the mindboggling part of all this is that she will get away with it. Aw shucks simpleton Hillary from the backwoods didn’t know her Blackberry could handle 2 email accounts? Are you kidding me? The press will let her slide. That’s why we are toast. The media is in bed with the Democrats. The media are worthless.

Funny thing is, they can do it when they want to. Take the search through Sarah Palin’s emails during her time as governor, that was just a couple of years ago. The media had hundreds if not thousands of journalists combing through her emails for months. Palin had released hers in electronic form of course, searchable. Hillary’s release of half? Paper. I saw on Sarah’s Facebook post the other night that she is not real confident that Hillary will receive the same treatment she did.

But as I pointed out earlier, because she got away with the crap she did in the nineties as assistant President, she felt free to flaunt her disrespect for the law and the American people again. She should have been dealt with then. When she was small. Now she has grown to an unstoppable monster. Kind of like Godzilla.

Jim Roach

Worldly Beau! (2) edit

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Surprised are we, Des Moines Register?

Regarding Clinton emails will cost her credibility, what did you think you were getting with Hillary Rodham Clinton? All you have to say to a conservative is: cattle futures, Billy Dale, 900 FBI files and Rose Law firm billing records, and we are immediately reminded of Hillary’s deceptions from 20 years ago.

I realize liberals never paid attention to her deceptions the first time around, that’s why you are dealing with them again. But then, I guess it depends on what the definition of the word ‘email’ is.

How on earth could you be surprised by anything Hillary does? She is a Clinton. That means she is a liar, a cheat and a fraud who thinks it is her God given right to have dominion over the lives of others. How dare you question her!

Jim Roach

[Just saw a really good point from Sarah Palin on Facebook: Gov. Palin: I faced tough questions over email, so should Hillary Clinton.” That is such a good point. The mainstream liberal media put hundreds of reporters to go through her emails a couple of years ago. They spent weeks on it. No doubt they will do the same to liberal Hillary Clinton. Nobody died on Palin’s watch. Hillary lied and people died.]

Caricature P1140631 (2) crop 

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Libertarian Party State Convention

Unite with fellow Libertarians at the State Convention.

9 am – 2 pm, Saturday, March 28, 2015

Fairfield Inn & Suites

8661 Plum Dr, Urbandale (I-35/80 exit 129)

Jan Mickelson, WHO 1040 AM radio talk show host, will be our guest speaker and Dr. Lee Hieb will talk about her new book Surviving the Medical Meltdown. State party officers will be elected and volunteers are needed for upcoming campaigns.

Register and pay (lunch included) online at or mail $25 to PO Box 480, Des Moines, IA 50302.  Price increases to $35 after March 20th.

To receive future LPIA notices by e-mail, please send an e-mail to Like us on FB at LPIOWA.

You now can easily register from our website. Sorry for any difficulties you may have experienced trying to register online. We recently resolved the issue.

Keith Laube, State Chair

aa d d libertarian-chicken



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“Netanyahu speech a ‘spectacle’, Loebsack says”


Yeah? I think you’re a jackass Loebsack. That was one of the greatest speeches I’ve ever heard. The other thing it pointed out so obviously was the caliber of leadership missing at the helm of America’s ship of state.

My God, it was so obvious what America has been lacking. Clear, honest, logical thinking, unafraid to speak the truth. Not apologizing to the Arab world for wanting to live.

And even to the casual judge of man flesh, it is clear that Netanyahu is an honorable man, not the duplicitous jerk Obama and Loebsack are. Plus, it just looked like Netanyahu could kick both their ass, at the same time. Oh that we could swap leaders with Israel. That’s the downside of having a really stupid electorate, we end up with twit’s like Obama and Loebsack.

I swear Obama and Loebsack love ISIS and hate Netanyahu. Which is funny, as Israel is the only slice of sanity in that fruit basket over there.

Jim Roach

IMG_3496 (2)    kdfkfh


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“Some in Iowa view Bush skeptically”

Regarding Some in Iowa GOP view Bush skeptically [Jennifer Jacobs, DM Reg, 3/6], it’s a shame that Americans and Iowans in particular will never get a clue as to how they are being played.

The establishment, of which the media is a big part, will always make sure they own both horses in a race. The pony they are pushing on the Republican side this time is Jeb Bush.

Which is why Jacobs is doing this long expansive puff piece on Bush today, and Obradovich was whining about how horrible it was that dear Jeb got booed at CPAC the other day. When else do you see liberals defending Republicans? Attacking them, trying to rip them to shreds, but not defending them.

The issue for the establishment, in this era, is that nothing interferes with the juggernaut of the insurance/medical complex and that Obamacare continues. Obamacare isn’t good for an individual’s healthcare or wallet, but it is good for the insurance companies, that is why it will continue.

That is why either pro-business Bush or pro-business Hillary will be our next President. In times past in America the fix was in for railroads, oil companies, carmakers, agribusiness or anyone else who purchased government.

That is why neither pro-labor liberal Bernie Sanders or a pro-labor conservative like Pat Buchanan would ever get elected in America. That’s not what business pays their propaganda wing, the media, to ensure happens.

It all clicks into place and becomes rather obvious when you grasp that business has always had to have a low wage class. They feel it is society’s job to subsidize their labor costs. First it was slaves, then Chinese, next Irish, then Italians, and today Mexicans. Follow the money. Business always gets elected president, not labor.

Jim Roach

aaa b Just vote! (2)

[Which is really a shame because in a “democracy”, labor has the votes, they got the numbers, they are just too clueless to exert their power, and labors leaders have been compromised. Take Dahl’s grocery stores as an example. The line employees who worked for years funding very needed 401K’s with store stock, get left holding the bag when Dahl’s goes belly up. The new owners, Price Choppers doesn’t have to honor the paying of the retirees. The government doesn’t bail out the retirees. The retirees are screwed. Which is completely disgusting, because just a few years ago, taxpayers bailed out billionaire bankers on Wall Street, once again.]

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She’s the best the Democrat’s have?

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Hmm…. so okay, most of the 16 Republicans more or less running for President are a bunch of establishment lackeys, but at least there is competition. A race. Democrats only got the shrew. A shrieking shrew that reminds men across America of their ex-wife? That’s going to get elected? I don’t see it.

The liberal media is trying to paint the picture of the Republicans being a bunch of dysfunctional nitwits, true, but at least they got something. The Democrats can’t beat something with nothing. What’s Hillary got going for her?

Money from Saudi Arabia and UAE going into the Clinton Foundation coffers? Is that going to endear her to voters? Maybe it’s the stupidity or deviousness of not using the official State Department email? Maybe it was the deadly disaster Benghazi was? She’s got more baggage than her eyes.

That’s not even bringing up the crap she pulled during her husband’s administration. Being in charge of the guy who had 900 FBI files on Republicans. Being behind the firing of Billy Dale than sic’ing the IRS on him to dig up justification. The fraudulent cattle futures trading. The miraculous appearance of the Rose Law firm billing records.

You take all that and combine it with the personality of a porcupine, and you’re going to tell me the Republicans got an uphill battle? Don’t think so. It’s theirs to lose. If they screw this one up they are more dysfunctional than I thought. That and the organic shift in the electorate to a socialist friendly tide of new voters. Still, America is going to elect a 70-year-old warhorse to be the first woman President? Don’t think so.

Jim Roach

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