What a farce

2 years, $35 million dollars, 18 Trump haters, and Mueller couldn’t pull the damn trigger. Now sit down and shut up. Time to move on. A typical analysis is like the one that came from National Review’s Andrew McCarthy. “While he was cleared on the collusion charge (there is no statute defining “collusion”), the obstruction charge has some serious aspects to it.” My ass. This whole thing’s been a farce. The Deep State from the start hates Trump, fears Trump and would do everything in their power to get rid of Trump. Its no more complicated than that.

Before the election when Hillary thought she was going to win both her and Obama poo pooed the ability of the Russians to rig an election. It was only afterwards it became the excuse de jour. The most telling point was heard this morning. If the Obama administration knew the Russians were lurking behind every bush trying to thwart an election, he had a duty to give the Trump campaign a ‘defensive briefing’. To warn them. He didn’t because he knew the whole thing from the beginning was a farce. They got so wrapped up in all this they’ve started to believe their own lies.

Hillary paid for the damn Steele dossier. That’s what is forgotten in all this. Opposition research paid for the “basis” of all the future warrants used to spy on the oppositions campaign! Good God! They ignore the abuse of power and instead try and get Trump on a process crime of obstruction! What a joke. The Deep State feared Trump from the beginning, they weren’t going to let go of the reigns of power without a fight. Collusion was a hoax, the spying was real. The Deep State hated Trump and was determined to get rid of him. There’s your ‘collusion’. It was an investigation in search of a crime. They ignored the very real spying, and instead spent 2 years chasing the collusion hoax.

Jim Roach

[No doubt all the media that perpetrated this hoax will now apologize to President Trump.]

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Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

The video above about the early 1900’s was very interesting. It was a bad time to be a working man. We didn’t even have the 40 hour workweek yet. Virtually no unions, no rights, the robber barons were making out like…. robber barons. Carnegie and Rockefeller were making billions while their “employees” were in abject poverty. Forget about Workman’s Comp. Forget about going to your Union. Things were pretty rough.

Then they started talking about the racial climate of the day and it hit me! They made sure the pot stayed stirred. A guy is being screwed over 6 ways from Sunday by his employer and the government, and they want to make damn sure you stay mad at the colored man! What? Yeah, misdirection. The colored man wasn’t keeping you down. And it wasn’t whitey keeping the colored man down. They just wanted to keep you distracted with race hatred. To make sure you never focused on who the real villain was.

It was as it has always been throughout history, the 1% keeping the 99% down.

My gawd people let themselves be played for fools. 100 years later and they’re still playing the game. Nowadays the Latino is the infantry being used to divert attention from what is really going on. All the governments of Latin America are still as corrupt and ineffectual as they were 100 years ago. America’s corporations are still making money off of abusing them. But they’re serving their purpose, keeping people from seeing what’s really going on.

Jim Roach

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That’s why nothing gets done, they’re not doing anything!

The 2 biggest boondoggles in the City of Ames government is Parks and Recreation and Ames Schools. As a jogger and biker I like to take advantage of the bike trails around town. Carr Park on the east side has had its bike trails closed the past 2 years. Which is odd as the sum total of the construction is about 50 yards on the north side of the park, and about 100 yards on the southeast side of the park. On a yard per yard basis I don’t think it took us that long to create the Panama Canal.

Shoot, they had to hack through jungle and battle malaria to do that. I figure the city must have hired Manatt’s to do it. They’re the only ones I know that can move at such a glacial pace. In 2010 they did their classic maneuver on the redo of North Dakota Ave between Lincoln Way and Ontario. They dug it up in May, prepped the bed, then did nothing all summer while people had to detour around a torn up road. Then in late August they swoop in and do a rushed, crappy job paving it. Nobody even raised an eyebrow that they didn’t do anything for 3 months.

The city never has had the god given sense to put in time constraints on construction projects. Or more likely they’re being paid off not to. Below are some pictures from Carr Park. A Tuesday morning, perfect weather, and not a damn thing going on with the construction project. There hasn’t been for months. Whoever they hired tore it up in late 2017 then went away. They may return someday, they may not.

All I do know is that the Ames taxpayer pays for it. Over, and over, and over again. Like I say, this wasn’t the weekend. This wasn’t bad weather. This wasn’t January. This wasn’t at night. Hell, that’s why city projects take so long, they don’t do anything! Meanwhile the recreation areas the taxpayer purchased sit idle, because the city didn’t put any time clauses in the contract! Who wouldn’t want a construction contract with the City of Ames, you don’t have to do anything!

Jim Roach

Not a soul in sight. Some “construction” area.

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Living wage


A ‘living wage‘. What does that entail? For me it means a person being able to live on the fruits of their own labor rather than having to receive public assistance. Corporations have gotten away the last 50 years from paying a living wage to only paying the minimum wage. The taxpayer then being forced to subsidize that corporation’s (corporate welfare) payroll outlay. No one of course can survive on minimum wage, we end up subsidizing them through food stamps, housing assistance, SNAP, WIC, Medicaid, you name it. We pay for the cost of business. Corporations should be paying for the cost of their business.

In the beginning, companies paid what we call “dividends” to shareholders. These were in the amounts of 4% to 6% historically, in reward for the use of your money. But then corporations learned to fleece the shareholder with exorbitant executive compensation packages. Not only did they quit paying you dividends for the use of your money, they would pound the company into the ground through mismanagement, then float themselves Golden Parachutes right before bankruptcy. To add insult to injury, even after receiving great windfalls like the Trump tax cuts from 35% to 21%, they still didn’t pay dividends but enriched themselves through “stock buybacks”. They would screw the shareholder coming AND going. Whereas worker pay only went up 8 times the past 60 years, their pay went up 2,000 times.

A typical wage for a blue collar worker in 1955 was $5,000. CEO’s typically made 30 times the worker or $150,000, a princely sum in 1955. Over the ensuing 60 years $20 an hour ($40K a year) is now a good wage. That is an increase of 8 times. An increasingly common compensation package for a CEO is $300,000,000 a year. That happens to be an increase of 2,000 times. As it happens, 2,000 is greater than 8. As a ratio to the line worker, the CEO’s pay went from 30 times the worker, to 7,500 times the worker. (40,000 x 7,500 = 300,000,000.) If the workers wage had increased 2,000 time the same as the CEO his annual salary would be $10,000,000, not $40K.

So when you have grossly increased CEO pay over what you paid him in 1955, of course you have to move your operations overseas in order to take advantage of slave labor. Between the CEO, senior management and the board of directors, a company is now into it for half a billion before they’ve made 1 widget. No kidding they can’t afford to operate in the USA. And to add insult to injury, that company in 1955 paid a 6% dividend to shareholders, companies today of course don’t pay dividends. So, the workers get screwed, the shareholders get screwed, all to benefit about 25 people. Not to mention the nation gets screwed due to the loss of a factory.

The salary of 1 CEO at $300,000,000, translates to a $5 bump for 60,000,000 employees, essentially more than the entire minimum wage work force in America. (From minimum slavery at $7.25 an hour, to a living wage at $12.25 an hour.) 1 CEO versus 60,000,000 people. I question whether 1 man is worth 60 million people. Maybe its just me. But I don’t think 8 men should own half the world’s wealth. I don’t think they would if we had a free market. I think we have a slave market. 

Jim Roach

Richest 1% now own half the world’s wealth 

Just 62 people now own the same wealth as half the world’s population, research finds


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Where’s the money in peace?

The Swiss flag

Yeah I’d say neutrality has worked out pretty well for the Swiss. Strongest economy in the world, least amount of dead people from war, the least amount of enemies made that want to wipe them out. The ability to devote scarce resources to productive things versus enriching the military-industrial complex. Nope, Americans are determined to be an Empire. Dashing here, dashing there, conquering this or that country, paying to rebuild it. And at the end? What have we accomplished? We secured the opium crop in Afghanistan!

I have no idea why Americans are so stupid, other than the obvious answer that the government controls education. Oh I know, we’re very good at war, the best I’d say. The 99% more than eager to suit up and go die for the 1%. Jingoism seems to have won the day. Americans are quite convinced there is some manifest destiny that we bankrupt ourselves to go bleed on foreign soil to police the world for some unspecified reason. I saw a glorious depiction of some asinine battle during the 7 Years War on Gab. It is often referred to as the first World War. 5 continents, over a dozen nations.

I read a little to try and determine the reason for this war, I really couldn’t pin it down. Its roughly 260 years since the end of that war. The pain and suffering of the 10s of thousands that died is long gone in the mists of time. Subsequent wars vastly surpassing the effects and destruction of that war. Reading between the lines it looked simply like Britain’s 1% was trying to get an advantage economically over France’s 1%. Throw in Russia/Prussia and a few others, and that’s basically it. Great reason for a war eh? Governments always see green in blood.

Do you suppose they ever made up for the cost of the war from some perceived gain from its outcome? I doubt it. I doubt the dead guys think so either. You have the propaganda machine of the media fully in sync with that of the governments message of war! War! War! People too stupid to realize that the cost of the war machine and the cost of fighting the war, will always outstrip whatever problem they could have just paid to solve. At a great savings. Nope, Americans have a stranglehold on stupid and aren’t about to let go.

Jim Roach

(Just a cursory look at wars involving Switzerland shows the last war death might have been 1847. Slightly further back then ours.)

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“Just wait until after the election!”

[This graphic isn’t an endorsement of “the Resistance”. I’m making the point that Trump’s biggest enemy is inside the Republican Party.]

If politics was talking a good game Republicans would win. Trey Gowdy, Lindsey Graham, John McCain (when he wasn’t dead), they’d get on TV and talk up a storm! Little Marco Rubio would be on fire! Then they’d get back to the House and Senate, hold a hearing, maybe an investigation…. “Hey I got to go campaign! Just wait till after the election!” That’s why MLB decides it on the field and not the locker room. Republicans are the best at locker room talk. (Its just when they get on the field that things fall apart. They don’t want to get their uniform dirty or their hair mussed.)

If you think about it, all the landmark legislation comes from Democrats. Its generally wrongheaded, but by gawd they do something! I’m a Big Picture guy, I tend to think with broad brush strokes. I look at SSA, Medicare, Great Society, the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Obamacare, it was all Democrat. Yes I realize in certain instances and specific times Republicans played a part in it, but they were certainly not the catalyst. “You forgot the 1973 Farm Act!” Yes I did.

You got to admit, Democrats show how its done. They aren’t in power, but they act like they are. Republicans just roll over and show their belly. Why I can’t think of more worthless and weak pitiful useless excuses for men than Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy and the rest of the Republican “leadership”. Hell, they pee sitting down! I don’t know what it is that makes Republicans such cowards, but for some reason the Democrats always seem to have the firebreathers. Look who has the backstabbers and traitors, it is always Republicans. 

Jim Roach



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Moving targets

Anita Bryant

In the book Animal Farm one of the takeaways was Goat’s frustration with trying to keep up with the ever changing decrees of the pigs. First the chant was “4 legs good!” Then the chickens felt left out so it became, “2 legs good, 4 legs better!” Then the pigs wanted to distinguish themselves as being better while being equal, so they started walking on 2 legs… it became impossible to keep up! I really should reread that if I hope to have a chance to keep up with the modern Left! (The chants were all about the manipulative effects of repetition and mind control. The pigs would also use the chants to silence dissent. Much like on college campuses when they want to stop a conservative from speaking.)

Socialism isn’t new, the names and faces change but the tactics stay the same. The goals don’t stay the same, just the methods. Changing demands is part and parcel of communism. Leftists operate from an emotional based worldview that doesn’t have absolute truth. There is no rock. There is no foundation. You can never reach “the end”. Its a continual “struggle”. Always changing, ever evolving. And most importantly, unbeknownst to Republicans, socialism it isn’t defeated with “Democrat light”. A “little” socialism never lasts for long.

Take gaiety. Back in the late 60s homosexual rights became quite the thing. “We don’t want marriage, we just want acceptance!” Then of course they began to demand the very thing they said they weren’t! Along with it came adoption and other things to destroy the family unit. As if 2 people who couldn’t procreate could somehow be called ‘parents’. Then they got everything they wanted, and it wasn’t enough! Anita Bryant saw all this coming and futilely tried to warn America. Which was perfect for the Left, their system absolutely requires there be a villain to point to, someone to hate.

Today the villain is Trump. They always have to have a villain.  

Nope, that begat “transgenderism”. Society was then tasked (told) that they would have to pretend girls were boys and vice versa. In a delicious bit of irony female high school athletes began getting their clocks cleaned by young men masquerading as girls! Testosterone being what it is, the men won! Already you can see pedophiles making inroads to the mainstream, and bestiality and God knows what else not far behind!

This isn’t to single out LGBT/NESTLES particularly, they just happen to be high profile and provide some easy examples. Immigration is another good example. In 1965 Ted Kennedy did a lot to single handedly destroy America with his immigration act that became law. Up until them immigration policy benefited America. We even had “pause and effect” at times if it became overwhelming. Since 1965 its become completely absurd. Orwellian you might say.

Generosity was no longer enough, the Left began to demand we have no borders at all! Not only that, but whereas a hundred years ago the émigré who didn’t succeed was forced to return to his home country as  there was no welfare state to support him. Now, we are forced to support these ingrate emigres at every turn! Healthcare, Social Security, food, housing, ESL schools and on and on! Of course they want to come here! They don’t have to work!

Christianity of course became an enemy of the state, it has absolute truths. That brought it into direct conflict with humanism. So the purge of society of self governing people continued. As was noted at our founding, our government was wholly inadequate for a people without self control. So as a society falls further and further into chaos, the Left’s answer was more and more government. The anthesis of our system of Limited Government. The Left’s demands never stop, the Right’s never change.

Of course we needed this leviathan of State to run society, we’d destroyed the self governing mechanism of the family unit.Which has been the goal of socialism from the beginning, to replace the family with the State. People like Anita Bryant saw all this coming 40 years ago, she just couldn’t articulate it in a convincing way. Neither can I.

Jim Roach

[Oh, and the good and faithful (dumb as a rock) horse named Boxer? His retirement didn’t work out so well in the worker’s paradise. He got sent to the glue factory.]

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The first Brexit

The Revolutionary War

Its been pointed out to me that with the American Revolution the “establishment” lost,  and has been working ever since to recoup that  loss. And they’ve pretty much done that. Anyone wanting to know more about these forces only have to do a search on Masons, Knights Templar, Rothchild, Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt, Bilderberg Group, Skull & Bones, Bohemian Grove etc. There are very few times in history the “random occurrences” don’t go as planned. About the only 3 times in the past 250 years the Insiders were surprised were the American Revolution, Brexit and Trump’s election.

The understanding of history is no more difficult then keeping this maxim front and center: Follow the Money. In order to get that money, there is an intergenerational group of people that learned long ago, control the government, control the people. People are the means of production. Someone else’s labor is the path to wealth. Determining who gets taxed. Slavery, serfs, ‘brown people’, conquered nations. Power is the tool, the game, wealth is the goal. That begets the need to secure it after the acquisition, and the passing of it to the next generation. Its not the money in and of itself, but what it allows and provides.

The concept of freedom is foreign to these people. Using the most recent presidential election as an example, its not about healthcare or education. Its not about any of the things they use to get the masses worked up about. The way the election was supposed to work was Hillary beating Jeb Bush, who would lose gracefully. In a worst case scenario Jeb would win, which would be okay as in the end he was indistinguishable from Hillary. The establishment most certainly had a conniption when Trump one. He was not one of the club! After 2 years it seems the bureaucracy and the ‘government machine’ beat Trump, so that nothing of import will actually occur.

That probably saved his life. JFK was enacting real change, that’s why he had to die. (Withdrawal from Vietnam, silver standard, shrinking the CIA.) They won’t have to take that step against Trump, his real change is never going to happen. The wall, fair trade deals, withdrawal of American military from around the world, that ain’t going to happen. A completely ineffectual administration saved his life, the downside is America died. Usually the ‘great battle’ between the Democrats and Republicans is just window dressing. Just like the purported reason for the ‘secret societies’ mentioned at the start of this post.

All that is just claptrap, nobody at the top believes that crap. Its just fodder to fool the masses from the real goal. Raw, naked merciless power for the acquisition of wealth. Its not complicated. Truth is invariably straightforward. Deception is the Spirograph of lies. You have to keep people confused for the con to succeed. Its like the picture used for this post. What it depicts is regular Joe’s on both sides dying for what they believe,  which has nothing to do with the truth. Those poor saps dying on the battlefield were being used. The American Revolution had nothing to do with religious freedom, self determination or taxation without representation.

It had to do with which ones at the top were going to get the gold. Which ones were going to bring the slaves over to sell. Which ones were going to ripoff the trappers when they sold their beaver pelts. Which ones were going to get the tobacco monopoly. Which ones of the elites were going to get the monopoly on the spice trade and selling it to the masses. Who would get control of the prime real-estate. The railroads, the canal tolls. It had nothing to do with Baptists not being able to practice their faith without being persecuted by the Church of England.

That right there is a joke. It had nothing to do with some deep theological divide, it had everything to do with making sure the Sunday offerings went in the right coffers! Goodnight people! How stupid are we? The founding of America had everything to do with the rape of a new continent, and nothing to do with creating a Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. All that was poppycock to convince young men to go die on a battlefield. They were pawns. We are pawns. The majority throughout history has never been anything else but pawns!

My God. 4,000 years of recorded human history and nothing changes. We never learn. The blood sacrifice of young men (and sometimes women) continues. Over, and over and over… the more things change, the more things stay the same. If history was ever going to take a different course, it had to happen with Trump. It didn’t. So the great con continues. The 99% being manipulated by the 1%. Religion! Healthcare! Diversity! Inclusion! World Peace! That’s the last thing that’s ever going to happen. Unless you consider it ‘peace’ when everyone is enslaved. Yeah, then there will be peace.

World’s 85 richest people own half the world’s wealth.

Jim Roach

[The poor fools in the picture, one side thought they were dying for the Crown! To make those damn colonists be loyal to the King! Which on its face right there is pretty stupid. The other side thought they were dying because of a tea tax, or so Ma could be a Lutheran, or for some other bullshit reason. As the years go by the uniforms change, the stated reasons change, but nothing ever changes. In one century its gold, then its oil, then its diamonds, then its cotton or spices or God knows what. The masses stay stupid and the Elites make money off that stupidity. Its really not about whether a Bush or a Clinton in the White House, but whether or not the Elites own both horses in the race. Historically freedom is the aberration, not the norm. Their biggest regret is that the 2nd Amendment got in there somehow. That slowed them down drastically. But they’ll get that figured out. (I just realized that would be the only way the Elites allow a Civil War – to take the guns.) I mean just look at it! Europe is going through a period of peace and prosperity, not having their continent torn apart by war, and what do their leaders do? They bring in an enemy! They bring in Muslims to rape, kill, pillage and cause cultural disintegration. There’s just no other way to explain this cultural suicide. The only way this makes sense is if you consider the enviro-wacko’s population theory that the goal should be less than a billion people on the planet. You go spreading Muslims into Europe and America, and you’ll reach that goal.]

Its not complicated, they just make it appear so.

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“O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming”

[Ramparts wasn’t a liberal magazine, it was a ‘radical’ magazine. Radicals despised liberals, all talk no action. It was radicals that were behind the bombings, the shootings. Radicals today are Antifa, BLM, etc. Yesterday they were Black Panthers, SDS, Weather Underground.]

Doing some research on Ramparts magazine and watching some videos on YouTube concerning the coming civil war in America, made me realize America has been under attack for years. “Ramparts” as the name implies suggested a war footing for the street action that took place from the Left in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Many bombings and riots took place then. Rarely (if ever) has meaningful change taken place in a society when violence hasn’t proceeded it.

The same way termites destroy a house, slowly and unnoticeably at first, the invasion from Latin America is doing the same. Mexicans are the infantry in the war on America. The war analogies started to flow after that. If they are the infantry, who are the generals? The ones who determine strategy and tactics? CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, NYT, WAPO. As Rush has come to realize, the msm doesn’t support the Left, they are the Left. Politicians are the officer corp. Where does the officer corps come from? Like the service academies? The universities of course. They turn out the next generation of cadets for the Left.

Well if you have the infantry, the officers and the generals, what are their weapons? The ordinance they fire? What bombs do they drop? The ICBMs launched? The things that destroy America? Drugs, alcohol, sexual immorality, sexual deviancy, pornography, atheism, humanism, gambling, anything that harms the family. The family being the lynchpin of a culture, hence the Culture War. People have a natural tendency to avoid war, how do you get them whipped up into a frenzy?

You need a Ministry of Propaganda for that: Hollywood. The news media. Pop music. The internet. What else does an army need? Logistics, military intelligence, Special Forces, snipers, etc. (Political Correctness being the Gestapo of cultural Marxism.) You also need an enemy. Someone to point to as “the problem”. The one keeping you down, or to explain why you don’t succeed. The one to explain why you aren’t happy! The scapegoat. And since what they are trying to bring down is Western Civilization, they chose as the enemy the straight, white, male. Preferably Christian.

They disregard that it is only the areas that he developed that are worthwhile. Europe, Australia, North America. If these other cultures are so great, why do they always seek refuge in ours? If Islam is so great, why do they always seek asylum in Christian countries? As David Horowitz discovered when he looked back at his Rampart days, they funded it by looting capitalist fortunes. They would use Hollywood celebrities to wine & dine the young heirs and heiresses out of the very capitalist fortunes they despised! They eventually ran out of people to bilk and their magazine folded.

That’s what’s happening now with the invasion of America and Europe by the global locusts. Eventually they’ll consume all the stores of wealth. Eventually they’ll realize there can’t be eternal consumption without production. The other cultures don’t produce or create, they consume. These other cultures are work averse. They don’t have the “protestant work ethic”. The Democrats on their socialist tangent, and Republicans on their “Democrat light” response, will eventually learn this. But not until much pain has been experienced.

Jim Roach

[“Republicans” (the Christian, white, male) for example doesn’t take to the streets to bring down the established order. That’s just silly. They’re the ones who made order out of chaos. Perhaps the only time they initiated violence was the American Revolution. Also the only time something good came out of violence. Don’t confuse that with WW II, “We had to stop Hitler!” But that wasn’t initiated by the WASP. Only finished by him. History is littered with the corpse of the WASP having to settle other peoples hash. He doesn’t initiate the violence though. Yeah its pretty interesting when you think about it. You knew back then when a riot took place or a bomb went off, it was the Left. Automatically. No question. You knew that the person with no morals and no conscience was a Democrat. The idea that it would be a suit and tie Republican was absurd. Just like today. The filth on the street is always going to be a Democrat. Republicans have jobs to protect. Retirement plans, families to think of. Plus, Republicans often times go to church. They don’t tend to be godless heathens like Democrats.]

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It boggles the mind

“Boggle (one’s)/the mind To thoroughly overwhelm, confuse, or surprise one. Bewilder or astonish with complexity, novelty, or the like, as in The very magnitude of the Milky Way boggles the mind.”

I really don’t understand our “leaders”. From Congress to the President, from radio talk show hosts to television commentators, do they not understand what is going on at our southern border? A nonstop invasion of foreign nationals is an act of war. What the sam hell do they think an invasion is? Good God. Drug smugglers, human traffickers, rapists, murderers, terrorists, thieves, welfare cheats, disease and unvaccinated people. What good is going to come out of that?

Article IV Section 4 of the Constitution tasks Congress with protecting “the States from foreign invasion”. How tough is that? You can’t have a country without a border. You can’t have a country with an unchecked inflow of people. Why have they allowed this to go on for 50 years? Why has the goddamn American citizen kept sending these idiots back to Washington decade after decade? How can you keep doing the same thing election after election and expect things to change?

The situation is nuts and I refuse to accept it.

Jim Roach

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