Socialism’s terrible? So why was the American taxpayer forced to subsidize it for 70 years?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Conservative media has been ALL in a conniption over declared democratic socialist Cortez, who dumped the Democrat’s establishment pick Joe Crowley in a New York House primary. Asking around I find the norms aren’t really aware of her or the ensuing crisis conservatives are having. A lot of people haven’t figured out this is another rejection of the establishment, left or right. Just like Trump in 2016, and Obama in 2008. People are sick of the status quo.

One of the tact’s conservatives take when warning of the dangers of democratic socialism, is to bring up Venezuela, North Korea and Cuba. Bastions of communism. Never do they bring up the democratic socialist meccas of western Europe. Where citizens receive free healthcare, university, 4-6 weeks paid vacation, generous unemployment, and other freebies of their socialist utopias.

How does Europe afford this? We in America can only afford welfare and subsidies for corporations. They afford it by not having to have militaries. Oh sure, they have a few token units to dress up and play for NATO exercises, but they don’t have any real militaries. America does. A country simply can’t afford both a military and socialism.

We’ve been supporting those freeloaders for 70 years. Since the end of WWII. That right there is another example, why did we have to come over there and settle their hash? Just like in WWI? Because they’re pussies. That’s why. Throw in lazy and you have a continent who couldn’t take care of itself if its life depended on it, which it has several times.

I’d felt this irritation building towards all the conservatives in the media, and it crystalized when listening to Laura Ingraham’s sub, Raymond Arroyo. He was going on and on about how stupid and destructive socialism is! Fine. So why did our government force us to subsidize it for 70 years? Europe’s experiment would not have been possible without the American taxpayer, who didn’t receive the freebies, we just paid for them. Europe was able to live in it’s bubble because of the forced generosity of the American taxpayer. I fail to see the logic.

I don’t know about anyone else, but that makes me mad.

Jim Roach






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President Donald John Trump is trying to get a supreme court nominee through the United States Senate. Reportedly it is under Republican control. Hardly. It is filled with traitors to their party (and to the country) really. People (if you can call them that) like Susan Collins, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Bob Corker, Lisa Murkowski, Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse, Rand Paul and many other Republican Senators too numerous to mention.

In the Twitter universe, Republicans love to rail about Democrats like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. Why? They are doing what Democrats do! What’s the shock? Where’s the Surprise? They are doing what Democrats have done for a hundred years:

1.) Kill babies.
2.) Raise taxes.
3.) Legislate every aspect of your life.

At least they’re honest! They said they were going to do it and they did it. How do you fault that? They’re supposed to be the enemy, they are the enemy, they wear the uniform of the enemy. What I despise, to my dying breath, are traitors. Those devious, lying, duplicitous, cowardly, disgusting, vile RINO’s we call “Republicans”! My God they make me puke. And even more then them? Its the idiots that vote them in. Decade, after decade, after decade…

Jim Roach


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Media bias in spades

A couple of months ago the bias of the mainstream media became so blatant I actually wrote one of them to let them know people aren’t that stupid. They are. It was when Mr. Trump began to move on the trade front. Like evidently half the country realized last election, we don’t have fair trade. Mr. Trump is going to try and get us to that point and we believe him.

What we do have is a $850 billion dollar trade deficit because of the tariffs countries like Brazil, India and China have on our goods. Not to mention the lesser yet still exorbitant tariffs the EU and Japan have. It became cheaper to move the plants overseas and ship the goods in rather than try to be an exporter when the global deck was stacked against you. You see, when trade comes with all those tariffs, it ain’t free.

One  of the biggest idiots locally is the newsreader on KASI 1430 Trent Rice. His spots are full of disparaging adjectives against Trump, but shy on facts. The letter below I sent to the Salem Radio Network pretty much covers him also. The powers that be were content as long as the economic rape of America was going on, it was only when Trump threatened to stop it that they got upset.

To the Salem Radio Network:

“I’ve been meaning to write you. About April 4 on your noon news break I heard you say, “The market dipped today amid fears that the era of unfettered free trade was over.” Do you morons really believe that we have been existing in an era of free trade? Are you really so stupid that you don’t know the trade barriers and tariffs that countries like China and India have erected to keep out our goods?”

“Instead of filling your newscasts with adjectives (“protectionist, isolationist. anti-trade”), you could educate the listeners with the facts. Like the fact Brazil, India and China have the highest tariffs in the world among large countries and the U.S. operates at an incredible disadvantage which has led to an $850,000,000,000 trade shortfall.”

James Roach

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How do you steer without a rudder?

Maybe its just me, but I don’t see how Western Civilization is going to get where it wants to go, it has no steering mechanism. The ship of state is meandering aimlessly across the ocean without a rudder. The reason the United States had kicked the rest of the world’s ass within 150 years of its founding was we knew what we wanted and how to get there. We had a people guided by the Christian God and a document (the Constitution) based on Natural Law that would get us there. We had a rudder.

God’s Law and Natural Law (nature’s law) are of course compatible, God is nature. Secular Humanism, which guides us today, is in constant contradiction with itself. Two of the most obvious areas are those of group rights and the absence of absolute truth. You’ll see the manifestation of the first often in rather humorous news stories of the day. Those times when blacks, Jews, lesbians or whoever are the latest to be offended by something, and who will triumph. The other is the lack of absolute truth in their world. When you can no longer identify right from wrong, evil cannot be held in check. Hell, the secular humanist can’t even say that evil exists, let alone stop it.

Reading one of the countless articles on Twitter the other day about how Europe is collapsing before our eyes is when it hit me. Europe has been overrun with 7th century savages who are decimating a once great continent. These invading barbarians are lazy, shiftless, uneducated ‘people’ incapable of building, only in destroying. They are making hay at the moment, because their society knows what it wants. However insane and maniacal that guiding principle is, they have one. Europe doesn’t.

Europe has become a post-Christian world. Christianity provided a framework of principles to guide these people’s decision making process throughout their life. Without that “rock”, Europe dashes around trying to satisfy the ever shifting demands of various groups lashing out in identity politics. In comes a group of cohesive lunatics who know exactly what they want and who move in a coordinated fashion. A team will always beat a group of individuals. No matter how talented those individuals are by themselves.

Europe is languishing under a “survival of the fittest” scenario at the moment. Marquess of Queensbury rules matter not at the moment. Street fighting is the rule of the day. They have a rape epidemic (no means of self defense). A bizarre outbreak of “acid attacks”. Stabbings are so numerous London recently outpaced NYC in deaths per capita. Europe thought they had eliminated murder when the eliminated firearms. Not to mention female genital mutilation, the erasing of women’s right…

Europe is toast and we are right behind them. When our civilization worked it was based on the concept of individual rights. What we have morphed into is a phenomena of “group rights”. A nation of laws can only provide accurate redress to individuals, not groups. We have given up on our “rudder”, the Constitution. We have moved into the ever shifting paradigm of groupthink.

Jim Roach




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James Forrestal and Joe McCarthy

“In the middle of the 20th century the two most important anti-Communists in the United States government were Secretary of the Navy and later Secretary of Defense, James V. Forrestal, and Wisconsin Senator Joseph R. McCarthy.  But they had a great deal more in common than that.  The following passage is from pages 147-148 of the 1966 book, The Death of James Forrestal, written anonymously by someone using the pen name, Cornell Simpson:*

There were extraordinary parallels in the lives and deaths of McCarthy and Forrestal—two Irish-Catholic Americans who both rose by their bootstraps to high office in Washington, D.C., and who successively spearheaded the fight against the worldwide Communist conspiracy.  Each man was the victim of smear attacks that rose to a pitch of vituperation and vileness previously unmatched in this century.  Each man was pathologically hated by every left-winger and subversive in America.  Each man died at a most “convenient” and strategic time.  And each death beyond doubt altered the course of history.

Appropriately, it was Forrestal who personally alerted freshman Senator McCarthy to the Communist menace and “named names” to him of key persons in our federal government who were consistently shaping our policies and programs to benefit Soviet Russia.  It was Forrestal who thus directly inspired McCarthy’s subsequent exposés of Communist influence and subversion in the federal government….”

[This fascinating article was found at a site called (David Martin, 9/28/11). I have published this brief excerpt in the hopes you’ll check out the entire article. I’ve known bits and pieces of this story for 20 years. It came to mind because of recent events involving President Trump and the Deep State’s attempts to take him out. Its not too far of a stretch to say Russian agents over a 40 year period (inside and outside our government), murdered 4 government officials. Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, Senator Joe McCarthy, President Kennedy and Representative Larry McDonald. Each of those 4 knew thoroughly about the conspiracy to derail America. Whether you refer to the forces of evil as Insiders, the Establishment, Communists or the Deep State, to deny their existence would make that person a fool. – Jim Roach]

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Go to hell, go directly to hell. Do not pass go, do not collect $200

The inability of the Libertarian Party to see the ‘big picture’ as regards President Trump is staggering. As has been pointed out by loads of movers and shakers on TV, we are seeing what it looks like if an independent were to be elected. There are 2 parties in Washington (okay there’s only 1 but roll with me on this), and Donald John Trump doesn’t belong to either one. This is what it looks like when a party ‘orphan’ becomes president.

The Libertarian Party is incapable of seeing this. All they can see is that Trump is not the reincarnation of Harry Browne. Trump is one hell of a lot more Constitutionally based than that idiot Gary Johnson they put up. America was on the edge of destruction and would have been pushed over the edge if Hillary had been elected. We have been offered a brief respite from this fate with the election of Trump. Yet everyday personal freedom and a government controlled by the people hangs by a thread. Trump fights everyday against forces that would have crushed a lesser man.

Agents of the Deep State work tirelessly to take Trump out. An outsider has come into their midst and threatens the whole ball game. The military-industrial complex, K Street lobbyists, unaccountable government contractors, corporate media, all these entities with an incestuous relationship with your government and ensuring that nothing ever gets accomplished are trying to overturn the will of the voters. Hell, even that was nip and tuck as 5,000,000 plus illegals voting in New York and California threatened the integrity of the election.

I forgot to even mention the current high profile enemy of Trump, the intelligence community. A year ago Senator Charles ‘Chuckie’ Schumer said, “You don’t want to piss off the intelligence community, they can get you 6 ways from Sunday.” And up steps James Comey to prove it. The guy who ignored mountains of evidence of real crimes that Hillary committed on the basis that he “couldn’t prove she meant to do anything wrong.” At the same time going on TV to speculate about crimes Trump “might” have done despite no evidence.

The Libertarian Party can’t see that Trump is an outsider trying to return control of this out of control government to the people. No he’s not Ron Paul. But he’s as close to a third party candidate getting elected as is going to happen in your lifetime. This is it. This is America’s last shot. That fourth screw was about to be tightened down on the lid of freedom if Hillary had been elected. That would have been it. There would never have been a chance for a Libertarian candidate to ever succeed if she had been elected.

With Trump’s election freedom lives to fight another day. The soil stays fertile a little longer with hopes for people like you. You can’t even see that. You better damn well hope Trump succeeds. Your future rests with his. We are at a fork in the road. The Democrats path, the path of the traditional Republican, has nothing at the end of the road for you.

And what do I get from the Libertarian Party? A deluge of emails in my inbox railing against Trump. This from a party that betrayed everything it stood for when they put up Gary Johnson for president last time. That was bullshit. Harry Browne was a libertarian. Ron Paul was a libertarian. Gary Johnson was a joke. How a liberal Republican who is part of the problem would have been better than Trump is beyond me.

Jim Roach


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The Hoax

Assuming you don’t live in Cuba, you will have dealt with a car that has lost its value and become useless due to rust. Consumer Reports states that a modern car has a life expectancy of 8 years. Various parts under the body also rust out that make a car unusable, let alone the aesthetics of a rusty body. Shock mounts, motor mounts, fuel lines, brake lines, gas tanks. It is all because of the nature of steel. Steel rusts.

For over a hundred years Detroit has relied on this designed obsolescence aspect of their product.  Its all a hoax. The environmental damage is twofold. Replacing a 2,500 pound object every 10 years when it should be lasting at least 30 years is one aspect. The other is the amount of fuel a car uses to move 2,500 pounds down the road when it should only be 1,500 pounds that we are pushing down the road.

The other aspect is what it costs the consumer. The frugal consumer should only be having to buy 2 cars in his lifetime, not 7. There’s no need for this except corporate greed and Congressional malfeasance. Of all the goofy things environmental wackos get wound up about (straws in California no less), the environmental cost of the car industry is one they should be screaming mad about, but aren’t.

Being a gunner, I remember back in the 80’s when Glock came out with the first “plastic” gun, the G17 in 1983. Anti-gunners went “hair-on-fire” nuts with warnings of plastic guns flowing past airport security and onto planes. Glock’s proprietary Nylon 6 polymer was indeed an engineering breakthrough, but the pistol still required enough metal that it would never make it through a metal detector unnoticed.

Glock did this for 3 reasons: Cost, corrosion and weight. Nylon 6 polymer is easier to mold, it doesn’t rust and it weighs less then steel. This when combined with other parts being made from aluminum made for a drastically lighter and rust-free weapon. Glock also gave their customers a better product, one whose cost was cheaper and lasted longer. Who doesn’t want that?

The Postal Service did a similar thing in 1988 when they came out with their aluminum body Long Life Vehicle. 30 years later and not an ounce of rust. Its chemically impossible for aluminum to rust. Their newer conventional steel minivans are already rusting! 5 – 10 years old and they are near the end of their lifespan! (I’m sure that had nothing to do with the choice to go back to steel!) The purchasing officer put himself out of a job.

Congress mandates what toilet we use. What lightbulbs we’ll use. The new style of TV’s and many other aspects of the products we buy, all on environmental grounds. None that are a fraction of the impact and cost of the auto and oil industries. There is no reason why Detroit shouldn’t be given incentive to change. Imagine, all we should have to be doing is giving our vehicle a new paint job every 10 years, not replacing it! 

A new era of vehicles made of polymers and aluminum would last virtually forever, use less fuel and greatly reduce environmental destruction.

Jim Roach

DeLorean’s venture into the rust-free realm was with a stainless steel car. Of course it had to be ridiculed and stopped. It could have changed things forever. Congress is worried about the environmental aspects of a lightbulb, but not your car??

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How stupid are people?

Pictured above is the weapon I’d carry if I were the sort to do that, a Ruger Light Compact Revolver (5 rounds). Rubberized grip, concealed hammer, slim profile, lightweight and rounded front sight, All designed for real world carry. It is significantly different then a 30 round AR-15 rifle. 100 yards is just the start of its effective range. With detachable magazines its capacity reaches into hundreds of rounds. The accuracy is phenomenal.

You notice mass murderers don’t usually go for the Ruger. While it is a very deadly weapon, its in a different class than the AR-15. To buy a pistol requires you to be 21. To buy an AR-15 you only have to be 18. That’s nuts. In sixty seconds you could kill 60 people with an AR-15. If they started running, you’d have a hard time killing 5 with the snub-nosed Ruger.

People are idiots. They can’t get past their old paradigms with guns. A gun is not a gun is a gun. There are differences. There are semi-automatic Taurus 9 mm handguns with 20 round magazines. With those you are back to virtually limitless capacity. The potential for mass deaths is much greater with those than a 5 shot revolver.

So the one that can likely kill just 5 people can only be bought at age 21, and the one that can kill dozens can be bought at age 18.

That’s nuts. I’ll try another couple of analogies. You can get a drivers license at 16 in a lot of states. does that allow you to be a cross country Greyhound Bus driver at that age? No! You have to be at least 22. You can get a student pilots license at 16, does that allow you to be a commercial pilot of a Boeing 747? No! Drivers license and pilots license structures use a little common sense. You work towards your goals in each with continued training, classes, age, experience and ratings structures!

A car is a bit different than a semi. A Cessna 2-seater is a bit different that a Boeing 747. How tough is that? We hand out the ability to buy a gun as though a 5 shot Ruger is the same as an AR-15! That’s asinine! Nobody thinks we’re trying to take their Boeing 747 away from them. No one is trying to take their semi away from them. But they are made to jump through different hoops before they are allowed to fly the friendly skies with them. Or go out on the interstate at 75-mph with a 40,000 truck.

Weapons need to be rated at different levels after factoring in killing power. It won’t be perfect, but its better than we have now. Weapons differ in range, the weight of the bullet, the velocity, pellets versus bullet, speed of reload, ability to conceal, ability to assemble. We’re killing people with our mental blocks.

And speaking of mental, what idiot thinks a criminal background check is going to catch a sociopath? Criminals commit crimes. Psychopaths commit mass murder. We have the tests. We have the psycho analytics. We have the mental health system that can report flagged individuals to NICS. Hell, the recent revelations about Facebook show the ability to know a persons mind. Advertisers have known how people tick for hundreds of years. The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery of tests learned how to distinguish between killers and clerks a long time ago.

Jim Roach



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School shootings in the United States


School shootings have been going on in the United States for 254 years. During that time there has been a complete absence of a tactical response (we’ve done nothing). Maybe its just me, but I think its time we started to try various options and keep on trying them until we get it right.

To my mind there are two areas that need to be addressed: Keeping the bad guy from getting the gun and stopping him when he does get a gun. 

Criminal background checks in theory keep a criminal from getting a gun (criminals being those guilty of burglary, robbery, rape, assault and so on). Sociopaths are the ones who do school shootings. Not criminals. Criminal background checks are incapable of finding psychopaths. Yet somehow we keep expecting them to do just that. Background checks must be twofold.

The second area is the tactical response to a shooter. Crawling under your desk to die is not an option. Flee or fight is the only option (assuming a bulletproof safe room is not available). Teachers can adopt their pacifist bullshit after they’ve protected the children.

10% of the school staff would be likely to have the mental and physical capabilities to be armed with a traditional firearm. The other 90% of staff could be armed with one or more of non-lethal means. Thereby creating an effective and coordinated response of 50+ people. There is strength and courage in numbers. They can be pacifist and die AFTER they’ve protected the children and until such time (if any) the police arrive.

There are a multitude of arguments concerning the dangers of arming teachers. That’s why you don’t do it willy nilly, handing nitwits a .45 immediately after graduating from teachers college. But with training and screening it can be done. There are also a multitude of arguments about having firearms laying about the school on desks and such readily available to inquiring minds.

Below are pictures of just some of the options. Gun vaults that require the correct keypad sequence to be pushed before they open. “Smart guns” that require a matching ring or watch to be worn by the gun owner before the can be fired. Guns that require the fingerprint of the gun owner before it can be fired. There are many ways to keep guns secure. Opponents who advocate doing nothing are full of excuses.

After you’ve armed the 10% with firearms, the other 90% can be given one of the 7 non-lethal tools. Projectile, sonic, optic, electric, gas, smoke or shield. 

The modern school shooting phenomena started January 17, 1989. It is time bureaucrats got off their ass after 29 years and started trying solutions. President Trump seems just the man to get it started.

Jim Roach

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We know how

The school shooting in Parkland, Florida brings up the same pointless debates while kids will continue to be slaughtered. Its been 19 years since Columbine when 12 students were murdered. This time it was 17. Its been 6 years since Newtown when 20 children and 6 adults were murdered. Which brings up some irony in that for years when liberals talked about banning or confiscating guns they focused on the handgun. The nutcases doing the killing knew for accuracy and firepower it was actually the rifle they wanted.

Regardless, in the ensuing 19 years since the most famous school shooting, nothing has been done to stop or minimize the carnage. Nothing. The phrase is ‘Tactical Response’. There’s been none. An amateur like me knows just how much could have been done, imagine what an expert knows? The picture above demonstrates the concept of just one of the experts, Masaad Ayoob. Imagine what all the experts in the country could have done to protect kids if they had been turned loose on the project?

Bureaucrats being what they are, chose instead to do nothing. To let your kids die. Rather then lift a finger to protect children, they chose to use the carnage over the past two decades for political advantage. The people on the frontlines, teachers, are an amazingly idiotic bunch. I have personally talked to some about would they like to be armed, to be given a fighting chance to protect kids. To a woman they said no. Guns are icky and they would much rather have children’s brains blown out against the wall.

I’ve always had difficulty relating to such a mindset.  I still have a functioning survival gene. You have a choice, self-defense or die and they choose death. I will never get that. But I digress. The Red, Yellow, Green symbolism is Ayoob’s invention. His point was that you could be the finest shot and have the finest pistol, but they would mean squat if you weren’t ready for a deadly encounter. That you cannot go from Green (completely relaxed) to fighting for your life (Red) at the drop of a hat. Not in an effective way anyway. You have to be in Yellow first (looking for signs of danger). You have to be ready. You have to be prepared. Both with weapons and tactics.

Masaad’s point was that its okay to be in Green when you are at home among family and friends for example, but when you are in public you need to be aware. More so in New York City than Ames say, but a sense of awareness nonetheless. Knowing when to go into Yellow could save your life. Talking to women you will find they are naturally better at this then men. They have to be more aware of potential assault.

Our military has a hundred years of experience of turning civilians into fighters. They had to take millions of ordinary Joe’s during WWII and turn them into killers. Its not natural to be able to kill without hesitation or remorse. There’s a particular mindset that needs to be nurtured and they know how to do it. The mindset for Military Police, a different one for infantry, Special Forces, Green Berets, Rangers, Marines, you name it they know how to do it. We have the best military in the world.

From building up the physical skillset to the mental preparation, we know how to do it. We could have made our schools very secure and the children very safe over the past 20 years, but we chose not to. 297 people were killed in school shootings from 1980 – 2012. 141 were killed between Columbine in 1998 – 2016. Because of the overlap its hard to say what the total number has been.

If you were one of the dead people, you probably would have appreciated your government taking an interest in stopping the killing. The local CBS affiliate KCCI ran around a couple of days ago doing one of their post shooting “Should teachers be armed?” interviews. To them arming teachers means a .45 caliber handgun on every hip whether or not the person is capable or qualified. Then the resulting suppositions about kids getting hit by accident or crossfire.

The pussification of the media really puts a damper on the quality of the discussion. There are at least 6 non-lethal means of dealing with a shooter that when used in combo give an organized group of amateurs a fighting chance against a shooter and most importantly stopping him from killing kids. The media is so ignorant of the manly arts these topics never get discussed.

These non-lethal means fall into the categories (with some crossover) of projectile, sonic, optic, electric, gas and smoke.  Under projectile you have rubber bullets and bean-bag rounds. Which when shot from a rifle (the bullet) or a shotgun (the bean-bag) will put a man on his ass immediately. Under sonic you have flash-bang and stun grenades. Not to mention the military has actual sonic guns. Under optical you have laser pointers and the flash part of the flash-bangs offering varying degrees of temporary and permanent blindness. Also under optical you have smoke bombs of various colors that obscure a room or hallway making it impossible for a shooter to see his target.

Under gas weapons you have tear gas and pepper sprays and a multitude of other gases I don’t begin to know about. I do know there are simple ‘mace’ type pepper sprays that even in the civilian varieties shoot 15-20 feet and the military and police versions that shoot even further! I know there are various strengths of tear gas whose canisters when shot from a tear gas gun will also double as a projectile device. Not to mention the tear gas will make it absolutely impossible for a shooter to see anything.

Then you have your ‘electric’ weapons, stun guns, Tasers and God knows what else. From weapons where you have to touch the assailant to ones that reach 20 feet.

Just a can of pepper spray or just a laser pointer would have limited, though some effectiveness. But 5 or 6 teachers/custodians/staff using all the weapons at their disposal in tandem would have a great chance for success of bringing down a killer. With drills and training from professionals their chances jump ten fold from my simplistic suggestions. In conjunction with a better use of perimeter cameras and training to be in Yellow (heightened awareness) and not in Green (completely relaxed) like they have been the past 20 years, their chances skyrocket immensely.

But most likely we will continue to do nothing and keep burying children. We know how to keep kids safe, we just won’t do it. We save guards for banks, Congressional offices and sports stadiums. Not for our kids. Not once did I mention arming teachers with rifles, shotguns or handguns. Though that would really help. I forgot to even mention robots and robotic dogs that would go after a shooter fearlessly and relentlessly.

Okay, so that’s 7. Seven non-lethal responses to a shooter. 

Jim Roach

Bullet proof shields


stun grenade
Stun grenade

Masaad Ayoob. What he teaches is perhaps the most important ‘weapon’ of all, your attitude. Do you have the will to survive? Do you have a fighting spirit? Do you have the desire to keep the kids under your care alive?

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