All they got Left is violence

Good grief! Saturday November 4 and Antifa rioted across America! Its so obvious now that Hillary cheated in the primary that even the mainstream media is having to cover it! What a pathetic end for the Party of JFK. What an inauspicious end to a once proud party. Violence and cheating. No ideas, no leaders under 70. Empty vessels. Like a fish, the rot starts at the head. Look at who their leader is.

Jim Roach

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The Tree and Its Fruit

15 “Beware of false prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep but are really vicious wolves. 16 You can identify them by their fruit, that is, by the way they act. Can you pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17 A good tree produces good fruit, and a bad tree produces bad fruit. 18 A good tree can’t produce bad fruit, and a bad tree can’t produce good fruit. 19 So every tree that does not produce good fruit is chopped down and thrown into the fire. 20 Yes, just as you can identify a tree by its fruit, so you can identify people by their actions.”

[This passage from Matthew 7 is so instructive of a lot of things in life. All you have to do is look at the foundation of something to see if it can stand on its own or to predict if it has a chance for success. Whether it be a government policy, a personal relationship or even a religion. Say for instance you had a religion that was founded by a murderer, a rapist, a liar and a thief. What do you suppose would be the fruits of that religion? Would the region from which it is predominantly from be always in turmoil? Would the adherents of it bring discord and strife wherever they went? 1,400 years is plenty long to judge that tree. – Jim Roach]

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It’s time to try

 It blows me away that after the Las Vegas massacre of over 500 people wounded and 58 dead that there are those who don’t want to try and stop this madness. Curtail is a better word. We’ll never ‘stop’ this insanity, but we should try to slow it. It’s time to try. It also blows me away that immediately the focus is on the gun, when the shooter is the problem. The background checks have the gaping holes.

 It hit me after Columbine that something was amiss in the realm of public safety. That was 18 years ago in April of 1999. The Sandy Hook murders in Newtown, Connecticut put an exclamation point on the situation. How can you watch all these acts of evil and insist on doing the same thing, nothing?

 Mass shooting after mass shooting after mass shooting and say, “No, we don’t need to do anything differently.” That’s insane! Why would you keep doing the same thing and expect the situation to improve? The 2 major weaknesses in background checks are on mental health and substance abuse.  

For some absurd reason the form you fill out relies on the self reporting of the individual! Let’s see, the drunk is going to admit he has a problem with alcohol?? The insane person is going to admit he’s insane?? Maybe not…

Nitwits like those on Twitter believe nothing should change. They act like any change is permanent and for all time. They have this incredible “can’t do” attitude. This won’t work, that won’t work, bullshit! I noticed the day after this carnage that no one at work talked about it or even mentioned it! Have we become that numb to all this?

A 10 question mental health test seems easy enough to institute. A couple of hundred versions randomly sequenced and constantly changing would seem to foot the bill. The tougher “test” would be on substance abuse. DUI’s need to start to count against the gun applicant. Along with domestic abuse calls. Drunk and disorderly citations. But beyond that it becomes tough to identify en masse the obvious lush like Stephen Paddock. But it is time to try.

Jim Roach


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The criminal nature of the State

“The State’s criminality is nothing new and nothing to be wondered at. It began when the first predatory group of men clustered together and formed the State, and it will continue as long as the State exists in the world, because the State is fundamentally an anti-social institution, fundamentally criminal. The idea that the State originated to serve any kind of social purpose is completely unhistorical. It originated in conquest and confiscation — that is to say, in crime. It originated for the purpose of maintaining the division of society into an owning-and-exploiting class and a propertyless dependent class — that is, for a criminal purpose. No State known to history originated in any other manner, or for any other purpose. Like all predatory or parasitic institutions, its first instinct is that of self-preservation. All its enterprises are directed first towards preserving its own life, and, second, towards increasing its own power and enlarging the scope of its own activity. For the sake of this it will, and regularly does, commit any crime which circumstances make expedient.”

— Albert Jay Nock
Source: The Criminality of the State, America Mercury Magazine 1939

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“Big Government is the Best Government!”

As Congress gets ready to pass another insurance bill, Graham-Cassidy, its important to examine the foundation of that bill to see its potential for success. Our government often operates in a historical void. Reinventing the wheel at every turn. Acting like there is no historical record to indicate what economic policies work and which ones don’t. I am appalled that any thinking individual would even consider that this bill could work.

Obamacare is imploding and there are two options: repeal or repair. Congress chose to “repair” with Graham-Cassidy. Do they have the moral or legal authority to be mandating the purchase of insurance and telling insurance companies what they are going to provide? Did our Founding Fathers design a Constitution that told Congress to “Be all you can be!”? To get involved in every aspect of American life? Hell no.

Did our Founding Fathers really believe that “Big Government is the Best Government!” ? Or did they believe that limited government is what they wanted to give us? Were they real skeptical of the abilities of government? If they didn’t believe in limited government, what were the 9th and 10th Amendments for? Why did they list Congress’s enumerated powers if they intended for Congress to be able to do whatever they wanted?

Economist Friedrich Hayek showed repeatedly that any politician who thinks they can outthink the market is either a fool or a liar. Libertarians use the “what if” example of all 10,000 McDonald’s restaurants in the country disappeared and it was up to a government panel to determine where the new restaurants should be placed. Think about that. It would be like the placement of military bases only 10 times worse!

Free market types use this example because they know market forces determine with ruthless efficiency exactly where and how many McDonald’s there should be. There are no government subsidies. No restaurants are placed in an area as a “favor”. They either survive or die on their own. Supply and demand. Profit margins. Gross sales. Economic law determines who thrives and who doesn’t. Not some government panel of do-gooders, placing restaurants on some goofy social justice theorem.

To think Congress is going to divine the insurance market for the entire United States of America is ludicrous.

In case no one noticed, the last two entitlements they got involved in, Social Security and Medicare, are in the process of going belly-up. They are a waste filled boondoggle. Entitlement programs have bankrupted this nation, and now we’re going to add a third? Good luck with that. Congress doesn’t have the legal or moral authority to do what they’re doing. Anyone who thinks government run health insurance could possibly work is either a liar or a moron.

John Stossel on ABC uses the example of directing traffic at a roller rink versus the natural flow of random chaos. Congress is attempting to direct the traffic of a nationwide “roller rink”.

Jim Roach


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When does “enumerated” mean “all”?

“The growth of federal power and programs over this century — involving the regulation of business, the expansion of “civil rights,” the production of environmental goods, and much else — has taken place in large measure through the power of Congress to regulate “commerce among the states.” That power has been read so broadly by the modern Court that Congress today can regulate anything that even “affects” commerce, which in principle is everything. As a result, save for the restraints imposed by the Bill of Rights, the commerce power is now essentially plenary, which is hardly what the Framers intended when they enumerated Congress’s powers. Indeed, if they had meant for Congress to be able to do anything it wanted under the commerce power, the enumeration of Congress’s other powers — to say nothing of the defense of the doctrine of enumerated powers throughout the Federalist Papers — would have been pointless. The purpose of the commerce clause quite simply, was to enable Congress to ensure the free flow of commerce among the states. Under the Articles of Confederation, state legislatures had enacted tariffs and other protectionist measures that impeded interstate commerce. To break the logjam, Congress was empowered to make commerce among the states “regular.” In fact, the need to do so was one of the principal reasons behind the call for a new constitution.”

— Roger Pilon
Vice President for Legal Affairs for the Cato Institute

[The point of the title is that Congress was given enumerated powers, meaning defined and limited. What they and the courts have deigned to give themselves is carte blanche authority over all aspects of American life.]

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“Multiculturalism exists to pretend that inferior cultures aren’t inferior and that superior cultures aren’t superior”

“The reason why multiculturalism exists is to pretend that inferior cultures aren’t inferior and that superior cultures aren’t superior. It’s a way to tell nice lies about rotten cultures and rotten lies about great cultures. And from this, we’ve set ourselves up not only to believe the enemy propaganda that “Islam means peace”, but that we propagate it ourselves, all while blaming ourselves for the enemy’s war on us.”

Bosch Fawstin

[Humanists often like to pretend that historical evidence doesn’t exist, that its all theoretical supposition for whatever the latest BS they’re proposing. In this case, Islam, we have 1,400 years of recorded history. The latest batch of BS out of Islam is identical to the first. Murder, mayhem, piracy, enslavement, theft, all manner of sexual perversions and more. I don’t know who “Bosch Fawstin” is or if he really is the one who wrote this paragraph, but its a dandy. What’s also interesting is how stark the title of this post seems when you first read it. We have been so inundated with liberal claptrap that to challenge it seems harsh.  – Jim Roach]

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“The way to have good and safe government …”

“The way to have good and safe government is not to trust it all to
one, but to divide it among the many, distributing to everyone exactly
the functions in which he is competent …
– To let the National Government be entrusted with the defense of the
nation, and its foreign and federal relations …
– The State Governments with the Civil Rights, Laws, Police and
administration of what concerns the State generally.
– The Counties with the local concerns, and each ward direct the interests
within itself.
It is by dividing and subdividing these Republics from the great
national one down through all its subordinations until it ends in the
administration of everyman’s farm by himself, by placing under everyone
what his own eye may superintend, that all will be done for the best.”

— Thomas Jefferson

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Then don’t build there!

Damn! What is with the world we live in? People build on the Atlantic or Gulf Coast then seem surprised when their home gets destroyed by a hurricane! “Why don’t you have insurance?” “Oh we do.” “Then why doesn’t it pay for anything??” And if it does, why do you need Federal bailouts? Taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay every time you make poor choices.

You build on a fault line and don’t have earthquake insurance? You build in tornado alley and don’t have tornado insurance? You build in a flood plain and don’t have flood insurance?

After everyone of these disasters ad nauseam the American taxpayer has to pay. Plus! You have all these dramatic charity appeals! Anywhere in the world a disaster happens, the American taxpayer pays. Anyplace in the world becomes unlivable, America has to take the refugees. AND, give them welfare! Doesn’t anyone in the world have any phucking brains? Or take care of themselves?!

Then the few people who can or do buy flood insurance, the insurance company invariably doesn’t pay because they classify the water damage as “storm surge” and not flooding. Funny damn thing, our system is setup so the banks and insurance companies never have TO pay, they just GET paid.

I’m tired of this sh*t. If you can’t buy the insurance you need for where you live, maybe you shouldn’t live there. How tough is that? Then there is the media building this thing up like you might as well put a bullet in your head because everyone is surely going to die!

Then there’s the media whipping everyone into a frenzy for ratings. Gas prices go up, water prices go up, you can’t buy a sheet of plywood to save your life (so to speak). TV stations make out, stores make out, insurance companies make out because they don’t have to pay for anything.

And what the sam hell is with FEMA? Every hurricane we have to reinvent the disaster wheel like this is our first time! Damn we’ve done this before. They talk about these FEMA camps, why don’t they have about 6 FEMA warehouses placed along the coast with the necessary supplies? Charitable donations could stock them. I know Red Cross only wants cash they can misspend. I want to buy hard goods that they can’t misspend. You know what’s going to be needed, this isn’t hard to figure out.

We’ve been rebuilding after hurricanes for over a hundred years now, why do we always act like this is something new? Have the supplies and emergency vehicles warehoused in a safe but nearby location, ready to go. What the hell do we pay FEMA for when they are never ready for anything?

Jim Roach

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300,000,000 people

Congress chasing it’s tail

Bing says the United States of America (the use of the word ‘united’ here is in kind of a loose sense) has 324 million people. Contrary to liberal belief our Constitution gives the 535 members of Congress the authority to right Law for the governance of those 324 million people. Not 9 Black Robes. 535 people. 435 Representatives (not “Congressmen”) and 100 Senators.

Those 535 people (or cretins if you prefer) are a small percentage of 324 million people. 0.000165123457% to be exact. That’s small. When that small of a percentage rules over so many people, they better be big people. We can’t afford to have, small, petty, bickering nitwits in Congress. We can’t afford to have selfish bastards only interested in advancing their own agenda.

But we do. Whether its John McCain and Chuckie Schumer in the Senate, or Maxine Waters and Paul Ryan in the House, America is left with roughly 500 bastards incapable of putting America first. Grow up. Its not about you. Its about 324,000,000 people. Try to picture that mass of people? Its a huge responsibility. And with Congress’s favorability ratings somewhere between ISIS and sharks, its clear they aren’t getting the job done.

The words necessary to capture the importance of this completely elude me. But the need for this cooperation is so great that the idea that an entire institution could be so obtuse staggers the imagination. Get moving. Neither side is going to get all they want, but we can get some.

Jim Roach

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