Thomas Jefferson on the imperial judiciary

“The germ of dissolution of our federal government is in… the federal judiciary; an irresponsible body (for impeachment is scarcely a scare-crow), working like gravity by night and by day, gaining a little today and a little tomorrow, and advancing it’s noiseless step like a thief, over the field of jurisdiction, until all shall be usurped from the States, and the government of all be consolidated into one. …when all government shall be drawn to Washington as the centre of all power, it will render powerless the checks provided of one government on another and will become as venal and oppressive as the government from which we separated.”

– Thomas Jefferson

This quote from Thomas Jefferson was so insightful. It is spot on in identifying the 3rd branch of government that has become more equal than the other 2. The disjointed nature of taking a long passage down to a paragraph makes it rather hard to read, but it applies so well to the goings on of today. Legislatures around the country pass laws to severely restrict abortion, or illegal immigration, or gun rights or whatever, only to have the courts overturn them. Trump tells his Executive Branch to execute the laws this way or that through executive order, only to have the courts put an injunction on him at every turn. Why did we elect those legislatures? Why did we bother to elect a president? The courts today write the laws and run the executive branch. Its an absurd and dangerous situation. And worst of all, I seem to be the only one who sees it. Well, me and Tommy J.

Jim Roach

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The “Deep State” recognized 65 years ago

“Outwardly we have a Constitutional government. We have operating within our government and political system, another body representing another form of government, a bureaucratic elite which believes our Constitution is outmoded.”

— Senator William Jenner
(1908-1985) U.S. Senator (IN-R)

If you have the misfortune to have any dealing with Liberals (or RINOs for that matter), one of the first things that will occur is a poo pooing of President Trump’s claim that there is a “Deep State“. The above quote is from a United States Senator. Below is a quote from President Roosevelt (the one on Rushmore). Other places there are quotes from Representative Larry MacDonald that died at the hands of the Russians. A video of President John F. Kennedy speaking of the shadow government. Harper’s magazine from 1958. Quotes from President Wilson and FDR. Secretary of Defense James Forrestal. Isn’t that odd? People at the very top talked about this hidden foe of liberty, yet it got no press or consideration? Almost like corporate media was in cahoots with it.

All using various terms for a hidden government Trump termed the Deep State. Its easy for the deniers to shout, “Conspiracy theory!” When in reality it is conspiracy fact. As someone once said, “Your ignorance of a situation does not therefore make me a nut.”  Just because you don’t know about it or accept it does not make it wrong. Jenner was marginalized by history as is anyone else who delves into the subject. Wikipedia dismisses Jenner as a McCarthyite and a “conspiracy theorist”. Despite the document release resulting from the fall of the Soviet Union such as the Venona Project that confirmed Russian agents inside our government. There were exactly 2 photos of the man that I could find, neither of which were large enough to use for this post. Its easy enough for controlled media like Wikipedia to dismiss these ‘conspiracy nuts’ one on one, but as a group it becomes more problematic.

Then Trump gets elected and blurts out the truth. The obfuscation machines go into overdrive. There’s nothing other worldly about it, its just a case of (as it always is) ‘follow the money’. Or as Teddy Roosevelt below put it, “An unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics”. That’s all it is, see who profits. As John D. Rockefeller pointed out nearly 150 years ago, for business, “Competition is a sin.” Therefore it pays to own Congress. Having them at your beck and call makes life so much easier.

Pharmaceuticals, the military-industrial complex, oil, banking, Wall Street, all of them and more have found out the road to wealth is paved with the structured advantages that only the power of the State can provide. This legalized prostitution of our government has become legitimate. The transition has become a well recognized revolving door between Congress and K Street. As Teddy pointed out, shutting this door is priority 1 for the statesman. Obviously 100 years later, that never happened.

Jim Roach

“Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day.”
— Theodore Roosevelt

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Companion animal cruelty bill HF737 blocked by Senate President Charles Schneider







Puppy killer Senate President Charles Schneider, District 22

Address: 7887 Cody Dr. West Des Moines, IA 50266

Phone: (515) 657-7375


This clown is the one that wouldn’t bring the Companion Animal Cruelty bill HF737 to the floor of the Senate where it had overwhelming support. If you watch this clip, he’s on towards the end, he gives this lame excuse about, “Well some of our rural Senators were concerned about the effects on livestock.” Bullshit. Farm Bureau told you to kill it and you did. Its just appalling to me that Iowa which is ranked 49th in puppy mills, wouldn’t get off the stick to protect companion animals. Just appalling. I need to find out who Schneider’s opponent will be and lend them all the support possible. If you won’t protect puppies, who will you protect? Animal rights activists need to target this individual for defeat.

Jim Roach

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What an absurd situation

I catch a little bit of FOX & Friends most mornings, to see what’s going on in the world. I haven’t watched local news or a network version of Good Morning America! in 30 or 40 years. Lately every morning they cover the crisis at the border (Cue the Democrats: “There’s no crisis!”). They show film (sometimes infrared) of various groups coming through the desert or wading across the Rio Grande. For some reason the normal flood of illegals has turned into a tsunami. Angola, Somalia, Kenya, Latin America, for some reason everyone in the world has decided to flood the country now that the :build the wall” guy is in office.

Sarah ‘The Magnificent’ (Palin) opined 10 years ago that a country without a border is no country at all. Logical. If you can’t point to a defined geographic area on a map that belongs to one people, in what way would you say they had a country? In a futile attempt to point this out to Iowa’s 2 Senators I have spent some time recently on their Facebook pages. Grassley & Ernst (sounds like a law firm) have been celebrating something else, the burning of food in gasoline tanks. We subsidize our madness: King Corn. Rather than make ethanol from sileage or switchgrass, we make our ethanol from a premium food source, corn!

Recent rule changes now allow the selling of E-15 year around. That and the continued subsidies for commodities  means they have brought home the bacon 1 more time! For Iowa’s welfare farmers. Iowa’s 2 Senators have another blind spot when it comes to trade deals. Corn, soybeans and hogs are the only thing on their radar. American manufacturing (what there is of it) and the American worker can go to hell as far as they are concerned. Subsidized agricultural products are all that matter to them.

Just 1 aspect of illegal immigration (that 5 years ago cost the taxpayer a minimum of $134 billion a year) has ballooned the cost of illegals even more. Border Patrol no longer sends illegals back. American law has introduced this absurd Get Into America Free situation as long as you bring a child. Any child. It doesn’t have to be yours. We now bus or fly illegals to the city of their choice. Kind of an American Tours travel agency for illegals. We have turned this $25 billion dollars a year “law enforcement” agency into tour guides for beaners (and Africans).

Call me crazy, but turning America from a 1 million a year of new illegals into a 2 million a year of new illegals (on top of our 1.5 million ‘legal’ immigrants) strikes me as going from absurd to ridiculous supreme! All the while the American taxpayer is paying for this largesse on top of the normal welfare, to now paying to bus or fly the illegal to hither and yon, plus! The loss of jobs, safety and cultural cohesion.

So this is how I found myself screaming into the phone at 5:30 in the morning yesterday. Grassley and Ernst are too dumb and bought off to ever change their ways, so why I was bothering to scream into their answering machines I don’t know. Grassley has this schtick down, wear plaid, talk folksy and get reelected every year since 1959. See I think that’s absurd. Joni ‘bread bag’ Ernst has developed her own routine to ensure government employment for life. All the while not giving a damn about America.

All the while the watchdogs of American conservatism (talk radio) give a wave and wipe a tear as the good ship America goes over the falls. WHO’s Simon Conway and Jeff Angelo are a waste of 50,000 watts. I thought the retired Jan Mickelson was bad. Ha! WHO being a farm station creates a deadly incestuous relationship between politician and host. Forget print media, if the Des Moines Register is like all the other liberal outlets, all they’re concerned about is impeaching a president that was just cleared after a 2 year $35 million dollar investigation by an army of Trump haters! 

And THAT my friend is why I think this is a surreal situation. Made even more surreal by this, is the fact I’m the only one in Iowa that seems to see it.

Jim Roach


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“The need is urgent!”

So goes the plea from the radio preacher. Why is it radio preachers beg for money? Why don’t they sell commercials like everybody else? Because they’re protecting their tax exempt status! The 1954 Johnson Amendment shut churches up. Tax free is a nice exchange for keeping your mouth shut politically. Preachers in essence have said since then (in a pious tone), “We’re concerned about the affairs of God, not the affairs of men.” You might have a little more concern if you had to pay taxes like the rest of us.

This comes to mind as our country gets closer and closer to sliding into bankruptcy. Churches, hospitals, charities, foundations are all tax exempt. And as we import more and more terrorists the situation becomes absurd, Mosques are tax exempt too! Its ridiculous. I had a guy arguing with me on Facebook the other day that hospitals were charities. Hardly. They might be classified as nonprofits for tax purposes, but they are hardly charities. Every hospital is so flush with cash they each have had non-stop building projects for 50 years.

They can only hold so much cash, so after they’ve paid out the exorbitant salaries (financed by sending people into bankruptcy), they have to divest of the cash! The construction never stops. God forbid they just lowered prices. People are so stupid though they don’t get this. Foundations are another scam. They dress up like some sort of well-heeled philanthropists when in fact they are a tax dodge. Foundations were setup for the sole purpose of living tax free in the present, and passing that wealth on to their future generations tax free. Foundations were created following the personal income tax. Government sold it to us under the pretense that only the rich would be soaked. Hardly. It was the superrich that were exempted!

Its so dang funny, people don’t begin to understand the history of the tax code. The power to tax is power indeed. That’s why Congress wants a complicated tax code. There’s money in them there mountains of tax code! You’re going to have lobbyists coming with the checkbook out. The last category is the wide diversion of “charities” that are tax exempt. Who’s to say which are legit or not? And it doesn’t matter anyway, if you are in this country you need to pay the same as everybody else. Especially on a sinking ship. The number of charities with administrative costs over 5% is astronomical.

But the point is in just a handful of years the exploding national debt will force Congress to do something. So in the dead of night on a voice vote, they’ll pass “entitlement reform”. The middle and lower class are going to take it in the shorts on something they’ve paid their whole life into, just so churches, hospitals, charities and foundations can continue to be tax free. And 100 years after passage of the income tax, the superrich will still have their tax dodge.

Jim Roach



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“Man with a knife!”

The call goes out over the police radio, “Man with a knife!” The adrenaline starts pumping. An officer races to the scene (not waiting for backup), pulls up in close proximity (putting himself in danger), leaps from the car (his point of safety), and shoots the mentally ill person 6 times in the chest with a .40 caliber handgun dead. “I had to!

Really? If a bear or cougar had wandered into town, they would have got the local Game Warden (without all the drama and shouting, “Get on the ground! On the ground now! Get on the ground!”), he would have calmly walked up about 30 yards away, put the rifle to his shoulder and shot the bear or cougar with a tranquilizer dart, and its Miller time. Nobody’s dead. Not a lot of shouting. And the bear or cougar lives to see another day.

This very ‘man with a knife’ scenario, which is repeated countless times over the years, just appeared yesterday in the Washington Times  . And of course it ended up with the mentally ill man dead. I argued on the Facebook page that there were non-lethal means to incapacitate a man with a knife, but of course no one wants to hear it. They just gear up the excuse machine as to why a country that can put a man on the moon can’t stop a man with a knife without killing him.

If that same cop had driven up to a bear or cougar and started blasting away he’d be in trouble. An animal like that is a protected species. But an unemployed mentally ill person (often black, often inner-city), its open season! Fire at will! The cops race to the scene and call ‘dibs’ because they know they’re going to get to kill someone. Police protocol doesn’t stand up under scrutiny. A bear or cougar is much faster than a man, much stronger than a man and their hides are tougher. All their excuses as to why a tranquilizer dart wouldn’t work on a man fall apart. Shouldn’t a man be as much an endangered species as a bear?

I went to Wikipedia to look for the range of a tranquilizer rifle. They wouldn’t tell me that. But they would tell me all the reasons you couldn’t do it. They were an excuse machine too as to why they can’t be used on humans. Its ridiculous. “Humans weigh different amounts, tranquilizers affect humans differently, it could take 2 to 3 seconds for the drug to take effect, you could give too much drug, you could give too little drug…” All a bunch of bullshit. Watch the videos on YouTube. A 2 count and the animal is down. They are shot at 30 to 40 yards, more than enough of a safety cushion.

In the picture below the perpetrator is bare chested with his hands at his sides. Hardly a charging beast with his knife hand raised! You know those black bumper racks on the front of cop cars? I’ve seen those purposely used to clip a fleeing suspect. Why not a man with a knife? Why do cops always act like it has to be one officer standing in the open with no cover 15 feet from the suspect? That’s asinine! They always come up with these wild scenarios about why this won’t work, or that won’t work, well then work in a pair so you have a backup! If one of the non-lethal means fail you always have someone standing by with a firearm.

Pretend for a moment that a human is worth as much as a bear or cougar. So what if you might overdose with a tranquilizer (what’s so tough about setting up dosage for 180 pound?), it gives the suspect a chance to live. What the sam hell do they think 3 – .40 S&W rounds to the chest are going to do? When cops come up with all these excuses why they have to kill (once again ignoring all the times Game Wardens do it), you start to wonder, do they realize they signed up to be cops? Not librarians? There might be some danger.

The video link I provided above shows a Game Warden, with his protective vest on, shooting a very solid rifle, not some ‘blow gun’, dispatching a bear, from a very safe distance, all without being a drama queen cop. Just like happens all around the country hundreds of times a year. When I was looking at all the school shootings and what teachers could be doing, it always came down to teachers would rather let kids die than shoot a killer dead.

I said okay… what are the non-lethal means of bringing a shooter down? It came down to 7 categories of non-lethal weapons: Sonic, optic, electric, projectile, shield, net gun and gas. There are several variations within each category. Many ways a  passivist group of teachers could still protect children. Specifically stun grenades, flashbangs, smoke, laser, taser, rubber bullets, beanbag rounds, steel ball gun, shields, mace, pepper spray, tear gas, body armor and a net launch gun. You could have so many things exploding, hitting and blinding a shooter he wouldn’t know what the hell was going on!

One of the most ridiculous and pathetic excuses of the cops is they have to blast away with a handgun. That’s one of the most ineffective ways to shoot a man. In each police vehicle is a shotgun and a rifle. These are much better weapons and they give you a non-lethal alternative. A shotgun with buckshot makes it child’s play to take a suspect off his feet. A rifle makes it simple to shoot a man in the leg or knee. And from a greater distance. There’s nothing that says you have to drive up within 15 feet of a suspect and jump out of the car.

A rifle or shotgun allows you to stand off 35 yards, easy. A man can’t close that distance quickly. Its just insane the scenarios these excuse makers come up with. They cannot see beyond their self-imposed paradigm. They ignore that police in the UK had to develop these techniques as most cops there still do not carry firearms. And they ignore what Game Wardens do this all the time with a much more dangerous animal than a human. And I have to reiterate, a sane man does not advance on a cop holding a knife. A mentally ill person does.

Jim Roach

[I clean forgot to mention the other point. Our soldiers overseas have quite restrictive rules of engagement as to how they must proceed before firing their weapons at a foreign national. It used to be they had to be receiving fire before they could shoot back. That was changed when it was noted a lot of times it was just yahoos shooting their guns in the air. It then became they had to be receiving “credible” fire. Our cops, like in Toledo just drove up and blasted away at a 12 year old holding a toy gun. They weren’t receiving fire. They weren’t receiving credible fire. They just drove up and murdered a 12 year old holding a toy gun. And got away with it.]








Funny, a tranquilizer worked just fine for this 600 pound polar bear. Quick too. And he’s one hell of a lot stronger, faster and has a tougher hide than a man.

Funny, a tranquilizer worked just fine for this 4,000 pound elephant. Quick too. And he’s one hell of a lot stronger, faster and has a tougher hide than a man. Its just ridiculous. Every day around the globe a cougar, a bear, a polar bear, a lion, a tiger or an elephant wanders in somewhere he isn’t supposed to, and some man with a rifle tranquilizes him safely and the animal is transported to a safe place. Why can’t we do that with a human? Instead cops act like its an ‘either or’, when in reality there’s no reason it can’t be a ‘both’.


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Can it be done?

Michigan Representative Justin Amash, in a self-defeating style typical of Republicans, called for President Trump’s impeachment on Monday. Within hours, Michigan State Representative Jim Lower announced he would challenge Amash in the primary for the House seat. The big question is, are Republican voters in Michigan’s 3rd District smart enough to throw the bum out?

We are talking about a party that put up John McCain and Mitt Romney for president. Amash needs to be got rid of, he can be rid of, but will the voters get rid of him? They keep Susan Collins around for decades…. so who knows. And House races aren’t sexy. But they are the most vital. Good luck James!

Yeah the modern conservative thinks activism is pissing and moaning on social media. Au contraire. In order to actually make activism work, you have to make the phone call, mail the postcard and send the check. Justin Amash isn’t going to defeat himself, he’s going to have to be thrown out on his ass. Skidding across the parking lot.

Jim Roach

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They broke their oath

After every election Senator Grassley, Senator Ernst and Representative King put their hand on a bible and swear an oath to the Constitution. And the very next day they break that oath. Article 4 Section IV of that Constitution requires them to protect the States from foreign invasions. All they care about is keeping the border open for Big Ag. As long as they bring home the welfare for Iowa’s farmers, they’ll get reelected. Is that sick or what? The cost of illegal immigration to the states is astronomical. The last number I saw floated for the nation is $134 billion dollars a year. Every year. Just $20 billion would build a wall to shut that down. – Jim Roach

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Dive! Dive! Dive!

Ann Coulter

Scary, that’s what the hell she is. I saw a picture of the Central American Mexicans flooding into our country and it reminded me of a quote of hers: “Our new country is going to be great!” She has been known to employ 5 megaton sarcasm from time to time, so I wouldn’t take that sentiment at face value. But perhaps what is most disturbing, is who she is now dating . So much for being the world’s most attractive woman. – Jim Roach

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Campus full of cowards

Nick Fuentes

I happened to catch a bizarre little show on KASI 1430 this morning called ‘Iowa State Update‘. The host and an Iowa State Daily reporter (spelling) Devon Leese had their knickers in a bunch about a recent speaker at the ISU campus named Nick Fuentes. Trying to find out who Nick Fuentes was, all I was able to find after a search online were characterizations of his speech, not his speech. That’s the trouble with liberals, they’re all about shutting people up. And not telling you what he said, but telling you what they think he said. Men going to college nowadays have to check their balls at the gate.

I saw a picture in the Daily of these protestors doing all they could to prevent the thoughts of this 21 year old kid from being expressed. Think about that.  They are like self-appointed thought police. This 21 year old kid’s thoughts are so dangerous their entire world view collapses if this kid is allowed to speak. My God what a pathetic generation. Back in my day if someone was full of crap you ignored them. Today the intrusion of an impure thought upon our college student sends him or her into an apoplectic rage! (So much for live and let live.)

They were so afraid of his words! The whole gist of the interview  was trying to find out who had the audacity to bring him to ISU?? Failing to mention that ISU’s resident leftist mob got Milo cancelled 3 years ago. Leftists are afraid of words! I heard Fuentes called white nationalist, white supremist, alt-right, far right, on and on and on. This current crop of cream puffs are the biggest bunch of pussies I’ve ever seen! Just the hat Fuentes is wearing in the picture above is enough to send these commie libs into spasms of SJW rage!

(Think about that, the words ‘Make America Great Again’ send them into paroxysms of violence. People are accosted in the classroom, the bus, the Post Office, the street, a bar, anyplace you can imagine for wearing this red hat with white letters.  Once again, they will tell you what the hat says in their minds, not what it actually says. Words, thoughts, hats, its nuts.)

With the censorship being practiced on social media by Facebook and Twitter, topped off with college campuses having to have designated “free speech” zones, it does not look good for the First Amendment in America.

The Iowa State Daily, like all newspapers*, is just an extension of the Democrat Party. 

Jim Roach

*Forgive me I can think of only 2 papers that aren’t ‘balls-to-the-walls’ Leftists. The Washington Times and The Wall Street Journal. The WSJ is just a Republican establishment rag. Don’t ever confuse Republican with conservative.

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