America: From Freedom to Fascism

AFTF Volunteer Update: August 24, 2006

Dear AFTF Volunteers:

Late this afternoon I spoke to Aaron about the important announcement – see below – and found myself scrambling to get a message to some of our AFTF <> volunteer email accounts around the country so everyone of our volunteers could get a chance to hear Aaron on our daily AFTF volunteer conference all. In my haste I typed in the WRONG area code for the conference all – the correct area code was/is 702…NOT 720! Sorry.

We had one over our very best conference calls. Aaron sounded very good. He’s encouraged by what is happening around the country with his movie. We are going to all be working together to get AFTF into 13-15 cities in the next 4-6 weeks. We need your continued support. The word of mouth support is important and keeps building with each passing day thanks to everyone’s efforts.

This evening we were joined in our call by David Slesinger, the founder of <>. For the past 30 + years David has been one of the premier experts on the subject of non-violent civil disobedience. Here’s a list of David’s "Accepted Guidelines for Participants in NonViolent Civil Disobedient Actions."

(modified from the Nevada Desert Experience’s Hiroshima/Nagasaki Interfaith Peace Witness
Nonviolent Direct Action Strategy Workshop, August 1987.)…

While on the call Aaron stressed that the time for civil disobedience is still off in the future. More and more and more people in our country need to see and understand the truth of what’s really happening behind the scenes in our country and the world. And for this educational process of understanding to begin to spread, people need to be awakened by the truth – ie. they need to see Aaron’s movie.

Before closing I would like to leave you with a song – along with the lyrics – offered up freely for our individual/collective use by one of our California coordinators, GARy KOnigsberg (Garko), who, too, is a an activist who is a big fan and expert in the inherent power, spirituality and energy behind positive actions which are non-violent:

Gary’s theme song is "Powerful Voices In The Land" which you can link/click here to listen to right now:



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