Police as Occupying Force

Larry Pratt (GOA) on his radio show Saturday at 12 noon
(KFFF Boone, 99.3 FM & 1260 AM when the transmitters working)
had one of his scarier guests on.
Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in America
                                          by Radley Balko
The gist of it being, the incredible danger, and loss of liberty, when
police cease being Citizens On Patrol (COP), a part of a community,
and instead become a militarized unit who views the community as
the enemy.
He had many examples of very minor drug busts, and situations where,
in a very Randy Weaver like way, the stakes were upped by undercover
police, so that a small stakes situation, was turned into a "major
gambling ring", that "required" the intervention of a deadly S.W.A.T. unit.
A women being shot dead in her bed for no discernable reason. Citizens
with concealed carry permits being viewed as "armed and dangerous".
In Iowa, we had last year a man shot dead by the sheriffs office outside the county
building, his crime? He was spray painting his own truck. Upset with the "law",
in derision he had painted "Police Academy" (on his own truck), his statement towards
police incompetance and self importance. The Barney Fife sheriff deputy proved
the accuracy of his statement, and shot him dead.
Also in Iowa, a man was shot dead by a State Trooper. Crime? Going for his cell-phone.
It had been my belief that the police deserved honor/credit, for dealing
with volatile and deadly situations, when risk was extended.
Nowadays, the Standard Operating Procedure seems to have eliminated risk,
and it has turned into a shoot first scenario where safety of the officer is
paramount, the citizen be damned.
Much like at Columbine, when the heavily armed and armoured Police
held a garden party on the school lawn for an hour and a half while school kids were
The armed officer assigned to the school, who cut and ran when
the shooting started.
I see no honor for the modern Police Force.
Honor is for heroes who act heroically.
Jim R.

About Iowa Life

Experiencing life in Iowa.
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