Super Highway- Farmers say Bye Bye

"SuperSlab" Paves the Way (Excerpt)
by Kelly Taylor
October 2, 2006
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The NAFTA Super Highway, nicknamed "SuperSlab" by some, is a planned system of roads, rail lines, and more that will speed up the unification of North America.

Kelly Taylor is an Austin-based writer and filmmaker, and the producer of a politically based TV talk show.

In 2004, Austin residents heard rumblings of plans for converting local roads, enjoyed by drivers for years as free ones, to toll roads.

Soon we learned that plans for new toll road construction, conversion of existing roads to toll roads, property confiscation for land acquisition, awarding of building contracts to a foreign consortium, shady campaign contributions, and passage of the largest spending bill in Texas history had slipped past Texas voters unnoticed. Local polls later revealed over 90 percent of residents oppose the policy, yet officials proceeded with construction despite overwhelming opposition. An investigation into local toll issues led to the discovery that tolls will be the funding mechanism for the larger Trans Texas Corridor (TTC), a segment of the massive NAFTA Super Highway. The Super Highway is important in developing the North American Union….


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