America: From Freedom to Fascism


Aaron Russo’s

"America: Freedom To Fascism" is not your typical movie . . . It is not designed to entertain, nor provide an escape from reality; it is designed to inform. The information contained in this DVD is priceless. If one were to purchase all of the materials required to create a capsulized version of this information, it would be cost prohibitive and time consuming. AFTF provides the viewer with the best tool and teaching aid ever devised both to warn and enlighten the American public regarding the current disassembly of our Nation. Saving the Nation is worth at least $19.95 plus shipping and handling to prevent America from becoming a police state or resorting to a "bloody revolution."

The price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance. The price of Eternal Vigilance is less than $25.00. Buy it. Share it with others!

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