Virtual Strip-Search


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Virtual Strip-Searching Coming to an Airport Near You

By Gary Benoit
Created 2006-12-01 20:07


Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix will begin testing a new X-ray screening process amounting to a virtual strip-search by Christmas.

Follow this link to the source article: "Phoenix airport to test X-ray screening [1]"


Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix will start "testing" a backscatter X-ray machine by Christmas. But passengers possessing a modicum of modesty should say "bah humbug" to this technology, which produces high-resolution, detailed images of the full-length human body…

But let’s not overlook that fact the TSA assures us that the backscatter machine will be configured so that your virtual birthday suit image will be deleted as soon as you step away from the device. Somehow the assurance that the government in its benevolence would destroy the evidence that you were observed in your virtual nakedness does not allay the concern.


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