Another Waco?

—– Original Message —–
From: Edward l. Brown
Sent: Saturday, January 13, 2007 10:28 AM
Subject: Fire fight

Hi Michael,

Looks like they will not deal with us and that they will come in with
guns blazing this weekend to drag the Browns into court by Tuesday

They might cut the phone line at any time so we would lose the phone
and the internet and most of our communication.

Please send out copies of our proposal to all news groups or activists
that you know of — as we feel that our best defense now is publicity
and letting the world know that this is not a fair trial.

I have attached a local newspaper report for you to read — send it out also.

Hope to see you again — but this looks like it "might" turn into
another Waco and we may be burned out or killed.

At least I will get warm ……………..



I spoke with Ed Brown at length last night in an attempt to try to
connect him with some individuals who could offer some suggestions
that could help him and his wife in this matter. I was in conference
with one of Ed’s close friends from Wisconsin who is also a friend of

Over the past day two individuals called me from New Hampshire who
were witnesses at the trial of Ed and his wife this past week and they
both confirmed it was a total railroad job.  Ed and his wife were
defending themselves and the judge would not allow them to enter any
exhibits or evidence of any kind into the record.

Ed’s feeling last night was that they were going to try to come into
their home by force over this weekend.

One lady by the name or "Rosie" called me this morning to tell me that
she talk to one of the Brown’s friends who reported that gunfire was
heard in the vicinity of the Brown’s house – located near Concord NH.
 This individual said that the Brown’s fire alarm went off and was

I urged these two individuals to do whatever they could to get a video
record of whatever is happening at or near the Brown’s house.  Even a
witness record or digital pictures would greatly help.

This message is a call for help.  Feel free to call me toll free at
888-606-9379 if you would like to be put in touch with some of the
people who I know who are close to the Browns or who live near them.

Please pray for a peaceful outcome of this situation.

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart

PS.  Please read the email below and read and share the attached files
with others who could help out.

Dear Folks:

We The People are trying to get the word out about the plight of Ed
and Elaine Brown who live outside of Concord, NH.  This email is to
PLIGHT OF EDWARD AND ELAINE BROWN" who live near Concord New

In support of this we’ve established this morning an open conference
call line 702-851-4044 – press 2 followed by 1626 # – as a way of
getting the word out about what we can all do to help activate public
opinion and publicize this situation nationwide and worldwide among
freedom and liberty-minded folks everywhere.

Please do whatever you can to think creatively about ways we can
"Activate The Court of Public Opinion" using emails, blogs, video,
audio, digital pictures, eyewitnesses en mass in reference to this
matter so that We The People can manifest a positive outcome to this

Ed and Elaine Brown’s plight in this sham-trial prove that all We The
People have left is the "The Court of Public Opinion."  Please pray.
Please call.  Please do whatever you/we can to make sure Ed and Elaine
Brown are not railroaded without We The People taking an active role
in documenting this situation for the world to see.

We need volunteers to physically gather at Ed and Elaine’s home –
picket, camp out, pass out AFTF DVDs, call the media, send out emails,
blog and repeat over and over and over and over and over again.
Please go to this link to Michael Yannone’s website to learn more
about this story:

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart
312-602-2568 w
847-878-8090 c

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