Canadian Frustrated With Lack of NAU Coverage


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Canadian Frustrated With Lack of NAU Coverage

By Mary Benoit
Created 2007-01-26 15:39


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Catherine Whelan Costen, President of the Canadian Action Party, reacts to a Vancouver Sun article that treated the threats of a North American Union as a conspiracy theory.

Follow this link to the source article: "PR for NAU? [5]"


Vive le Canada [6], whose stated mission is to "involve Canadians in grassroots efforts to protect and improve Canadian sovereignties and democracy, especially using existing and emerging communications tools," has published many articles about the North American Union and how it would threaten Canadian sovereignty. In a recent post, Canadian Action Party [7] president, Catherine Whelan Costen, responded to an article published in the Vancouver Sun that described the NAU as a conspiracy theory [8].

Costen wrote:

Canadians have sacrificed too many lives fighting for freedom from oppression and dictators to be told that our sovereignty is being traded away by the business elite and that it’s no big deal! NAFTA gave power to the corporations to freely move between our countries. Since your paper has so delightfully played this up as a theory, it would be considered fair coverage to reveal some facts for your readers.

It seems that Canadians are sharing the same frustration that we face here in America. The mainstream media refuses to pick up on the NAU story (with the exception of CNN’s Lou Dobbs [9]), thereby leaving Americas "in the dark" on the plans to merge the United States, Canada, and Mexico into one EU-like nation.

Kudos to Vive le Canada and others who, like the John Birch Society [9], are working to inform others about the NAU and how it would impact national security and sovereignty.

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