Taking Away the Matches

   The other day while listening to Jay Sekulow chase brush fires on his ACLJ radio show, a
brilliant idea struck me. Like a lot of "conservative" organizations, the American Center for
Law and Justice, will forever be fighting to win issues, rather then concepts, the battle as
opposed to the war. That’s fine if you want an eternal struggle, but not fine if you actually
want to reach your goal, in this case a properly functioning constitutional republic. Another
day he was complaining about the increase in taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood. Hello
Jay! ANY taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood is unconstitutional! Just like 75 percent of
ALL that Congress funds! The concept isn’t to stop that particular increase, it is to get it
through the heads of the American people that ALL unconstitutional theft must be stopped.
What Jay does is akin to running after a pyromaniac with a bucket of water trying to put out
each fire, instead of just taking away the matches!
   Because unbeknownst to Jay Sekulow and D. James Kennedy and Phyllis Schlafly and a hundred
other well meaning folks, the goal really isn’t to have prayer in government schools, its to have
the government out of the schools. There is no constitutional authority for the government to be
in K-12 education. And conversely, it is not right to confiscate the taxes of your basic atheist
socialist, to pay for a Christianized government school, then it is for God fearing Americans to pay
for this socialist abomination we currently have. In a free country, Christians should be able to
educate their kids at Christian schools, and godless communists should be able to educate their
kids at a private school of their choice, probably modeled after todays public school.  
   The idea is not to "win" so as to impose your will upon the other, but to have the freedom to
patronize those schools as you see fit, so that the surviving schools in a free market will have been
honed to an un-dreamt of talent, efficiency, and accomplishment, leading to the inevitable "new"
renaissance in K-12 education,
and its accompanying windfall to America in general, and families in particular.
   Within a single generation, the traditional Western World View schools, will have so thoroughly
trounced the secular humanist schools in the free market, that it will no longer be necessary to
have ACLJ’s and Phyllis Schlafly’s running around chasing individual brush fires about after school
bible studies or prayer in schools, the academic reality and employment prospects of the Christian
school graduates would make further debate superfluous. The only reason these socialist
abominations still exist, staggering though they are like a whipped boxer, is because they are
still being treated as Legitimate entities by the folks on "our side". Entities that they say just
need "reform".
   K-12 education is just one area where "conservatives" are fighting a losing war, as long as
they try to "reform" something as absurd as government schools.  
   The problem, as we all know, is Liberalism/Socialism/Communism, or Cultural Marxism, or
whatever other tag you wish to put on the system being forced upon us by our rulers. I submit
that conservative organizations like the ACLJ, Eagle Forum, CPAC, NRA, are not only helpless in
the Culture War, but actually are harmful as they imply to the people that they are the place to
invest your time and money. Just as much a false hope to the man desiring freedom, as the
Democratic Party has been a false hope to the black man after 40 years. A straw man.
   Next, using a "scientific" method (of sorts!), once the enemy to free men has been identified,
Liberalism/Socialism/Communism, how does one "destroy" that enemy? What are the Characteristics,
Tendencies, and Weaknesses of the enemy that can be identified and fought "conceptually", as opposed to
piecemeal? What is the mission statement, the strategic plan, the tactical plan?  
Liberalism/Socialism/Communism, every manifestation of the humanist, is built on an unsustainable
precept, never able to stand on its own without the brute force of the State. Actually, it is
unimaginable to me how this Enemy, whose house has been built on sand, is still around, let alone winning.  

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