Courts Gone Berserk


Court: No Experimental Drugs for the Terminally Ill

By Ann Shibler

Published: 2007-08-09 16:19

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In an 8-2 ruling, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia decided that terminally ill patients do not have a constitutional right to be treated with experimental drugs.

Follow this link to the original source: "Court Rules Out Terminally Ill for Tests"


In overturning a decision by a smaller panel (2-1 ruling) last year which held that terminally ill patients may not be denied access to experimental, and potentially lifesaving drugs, this year’s court believes that there is no constitutional right for patients to assume "any level of risk." Citing a concern for the safety of terminally ill patients, Judge Thomas B. Griffith wrote "their deaths can certainly be hastened by the use of a potentially toxic drug with no proven therapeutic benefit." ….


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