Do we really want to be in bed with these two?

I feel a tad bit of common sense is missing from
what should be the NAU debate. Half the debate
is already lost when the bad side says "free trade".
The public has been conditioned to accept
those very words as desirable, and to never
subject them to scrutiny, which would
immediately show that "free trade" is nothing of
the sort, and that fair trade should be the goal.
Nonetheless, James Madison had a good point
about plans. He said you don’t have to follow
an idea or proposed institution all the way to
its conclusion in order to judge its merits. Just
look at its foundational principles. Are they solid?
The North American Union would see our merger
with an eternally corrupt narco-state, Mexico,
and a model socialist welfare state, Canada.
Hmm, lets see, does that sound like a good idea?
Not just a partnership, but a merger with a government
that is corrupt through and through and top to bottom.
A Mexico that will always be a cesspool do to the designs
of its 24 ruling families. Hmm.
And how about our neighbor to the north?
A government that believes competition in its
health care is a bad thing. That free markets are
a failure. That restricting gun rights to nothing is a
good thing. A government that is proud to be a
socialist democracy. Hmm.
We do not have to stagger blindly ahead with the
North American Union to see that its foundation is
fatally flawed.  

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