The only thing we have to fear …

The only thing we have to fear,
is government.
Another phrase, attributed to Douglas MacArthur
some 50 years ago, was about how
government was always operating in
a "crisis" mode. That all these problems
just appear out of nowhere, shazzam!
When in actuality of course, anyone can see
them on the horizon, and are usually the result
of earlier goverment action, yet this time,
miraculously, this same government, that
caused the problem, is somehow, now
going to fix some "crisis".
The watchdogs of a corrupt government,
the people, have long forgotten, that
the main role of government is to sit down,
shut up, and get out of the way.
Government is not to "create" jobs,
"improve" "the economy", "provide"
healthcare, save foreign nations from
themselves, be in the education business,
the retirement business, or in a thousand
other areas they are not supposed to be in.
Congress was given about 17 items to look
after in Art 1, Sec 8 of the Constitution. That’s
all. They are not authorized to do anything else.
Its like Hayek said in The Road to Serfdom,
any politician who thinks that their tinkering can
improve on free market forces in an economy,
is either a fool or a liar.

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