Constitution Society

It seems appropriate on the eve of Independence Day, to spend a little
time inside this document, that was at one time, relevant to these United
States, what we call the "Constitution".
Little seen in Washington D.C., it does pop up from time to time in fly
over country. Thanks to a wonderful group in the Republic of Texas,
the internet is blessed with this website, .
This site is run by the       Constitution Society
                                       7793 Burnet Road #37
                                       Austin, TX 78757
I’ve always had real fond feelings for Texas, they use to be part of the
United States you know.
The major gripe I have with the writers of the Constitution, is that they
did not make it idiot proof, and when politicians tend to run the government,
that is a dangerous proposition. That is what has gotten this country into
the mess it is in, well, that and an asleep (comatose?) citizenry.
Boiled down, I suppose you could say the Constitution was to bind the
Federal government. To LIMIT the government. The modern Supreme Court
peers intently into the Constitution to see if the People have this or that right.
No no no! The People retain the power. The People LEND the government that
power needed to conduct their business. The modern interpretation is only 
180 degrees out of phase.
Way before the phrase, "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts
absolutely", our founding fathers new that quite well, and wrote a constitution
that denied absolute power to the federal government.
Greed and avarice being what they are, our "bound and restricted" government
soon became 51 %, majority vote, and Katie bar the door! Soon, all kinds
of previously unseen "powers" were found in the halls of Congress. Within a
short period, it was only the odd Ron Paul or so, who would protest and say,
"I am unable to endeavor, to find that section of the Constitution, that allows this
Congress to spend the taxpayers money on this project!"
That’s the beauty of "Democracy", mob rule, and politicians drool at the
prospect of currying favor with the voters by spending someone else’s
money. All of a sudden, the person who cries foul at say, tax cuts, price supports,
and subsidies to our rural welfare queens, it’s the crier who becomes the
"nut, eccentric, kook, and extremist", and is promptly marginalized.
In this, "you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours" world of Washington, the
agricultural Senators, Grassley and Harkin, decide that well, since you voted
for our Farm Bill, they guess they would vote for that Alaskan bridge to
Long ago has the common sense been lost, that said, "You can’t do that!
The Federal government can’t give money to farmers, or any
corporation! And you can’t have taxpayers in Iowa paying for bridges
in Alaska! Its not in the Constitution!"
That’s the beauty of having Government schools, pretty soon, they have
erased the memory of those that might have thought we were a Republic.
Now that most everyone "knows" we are a Democracy, instead of being
laughed off the stage and having tomatoes thrown at them, politicians
who say things like, "we owe it to our seniors", and, "its for the children",
are actually taken seriously.
Article 4, Section 4, The United States shall guarantee to every State
in this Union a Republican Form of Government, …

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