State of Iowa? Or Police State?

  "An angry resident that tried to drive around a security
  checkpoint is stopped by one police officer, right, while another tries to 
  break his window to extract him in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Monday, June 16, 
  Oh? Or was it a citizen being denied his Property without do process?
  Reminiscent of when they took the guns of citizens in New Orleans.
   It also reminds me of when RAGRAI came through Ames, the first
   thing cops do? Close Streets! Lets take a bad traffic situation, and make
   it worse! But its more than that. On the day before the bikers left
   town, the cops came by business’s on South 16th Street, and told them
   they may as well not come in tomorrow as they were closing down the street.
   Hmm. Not allowed to operate your business because of a bike ride???
   Pretty nice when you can just make rules and deny people their
   livelihood and no recourse. Things do run smoother in a Police State.
        Beau Flecks
      ( The above commentary is by the brilliant author, pen name Beau Flecks. It is not the
       collective opinion of any group, certainly not that of Iowa JBS, only that of an individual.
       Beau finds instances of questionable police behavior very disturbing.)

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