WHO radio goes wall to wall with the obvious

WHO radio has an annoying tendency to suddenly develop this
great interest in public safety during national shows in the afternoon,
especially on the weekend. Some clown down there named Gary Barret
just preempted the entire Money Talk broadcast to tell us we
were having a typical Iowa afternoon thunderstorm.
If you ever want to hear Bob Brinker’s Money Talk, you better
hope there ain’t a cloud in the sky, because if there is, you can
believe that clown Gary Berret is going to get his air time.
Guys like him don’t get the mike much, so you can bet he’s
going to turn any rainfall (or snow) into ‘Death Storm ’08!’
The fraudulent part of his M.O., is that he can’t just say the weather
watch area and get off, he takes up 3 hours!
But the MOST amazing thing, is when he does this on the weekends,
the ‘Death Storm ’08!’ coverage that he has to preempt an entire show
for, just happens to always end exactly at 6 PM!!!!!!!!!!
Amazing isn’t it! Just when a local show, ‘Two Idiots Named Jim’ happens
to be coming on, that’s exactly when Gary Barret’s Death Storms just
happen to end! Incredible!
You’d think the death and mayhem of a Death Storm, would have some
jagged edges, maybe extend into another show once in awhile! But noooo!
Not on Gary Barret’s watch! Promptly at 6 PM! Never into the local show,
or commercials, just during the national show.
Same way in the weekday afternoon national show, Rush. That’s the only
time Death Storms threaten public safety then too. Is during the national
show, not before during the local Farm Show, or after Rush with the local
Steve Deace Show, nope, only during Rush does Sue Danielson find Death Storms that threaten Iowans. And then not during commercials.
In the winter its the worst. A snow flake comes down, and Sue Danielson
is running for the microphone!
 Jim Roach
(And judging from Gary Barret’s comment, he certainly fixed my little red wagon.)

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1 Response to WHO radio goes wall to wall with the obvious

  1. Gary says:

    First of all, thank you for being a WHO Radio listener.  None of us who works at WHO takes our listeners concerns lightly.
    I\’m sorry that you feel slighted by the interruption of Bob Brinker\’s \’Moneytalk\’ program Sunday.  However, I believe the people who watched the storms last weekend tear up their large trees and throw them yards away, or saw barns toppled or witnessed semis being blown over would call them "the obvious".   This was an incredible weather event as hurricane-force winds were causing a lot of destruction as the storms moved from the north through central Iowa to the south.  And I\’m hoping that we played a small part in insuring that noone was killed or seriously injured in this weather event.
    The truth is that WHO is licensed by the FCC to serve in the public interest, convenience and necessity.  And part of that service is to ensure that the community is safe.  We all take our responsibility to keep the public informed in times of severe weather, and Iowans expect that we will be there to give them the weather information they need to ensure their safety.  They grab their portable radios or flip the car radio onto 1040 and want us to give them the weather information!
    That said, neither I nor anyone else at WHO is trigger-happy to interrupt programming for weather.  The weather dictates what we do, as does the National Weather Service in its issuance of severe weather warnings.  On Sunday, for example, the simple reason that we ended our wall-to-wall coverage at 6pm was because the tornado warnings for central Iowa and the severe thunderstorm warnings all expired at that time and there wasn\’t any indication that such a mass-issuance of warnings was going to take place. 
    After that, had you listened to "Two Guys Named Jim" and the "Brian Gongol Show" you would have heard that Brian Gongol interrupted much of both of our local programs to deal with the severe weather warnings that were issued for southeast Iowa during that time period.  Believe me, there\’s no conspiracy here; it\’s just that severe weather most often happens in the afternoon and early evening hours.  We\’ve interrupted Van and Bonnie and Jan Mickelson in the past for severe weather coverage.
    Most of the syndicated shows you speak of also provide podcasts of their past programs so you can hear anything you might have missed…Brinker has his own website at http://www.bobbrinker.com that may serve your needs should you want to catch anything the weather coverage interrupted, as does Rush Limbaugh.  We are sorry that you don\’t enjoy the weather information, but hope that in the event of severe weather moving into your neighborhood, we\’ll be the one to ensure your safety by giving you prompt warning! 
    Again, thanks for being a WHO radio listener! 

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