Congratulations to Iowa News Talk KFFF Boone!

[This post needs an update. “The Oldest Christian Radio Station west of the Mississippi” was managed so poorly, it is now Mexican radio. Good grief.]
Jamie Johnson at the Boone Iowa radio station of KFFF 1260 AM and sister
station 99.3 FM, announced today that it would now be Freedom 1260,
and Faith 99.3. The AM station would be talk radio, and the FM would be a
24 hour Christian station.
That makes me feel a lot better. At one point they had turned “the oldest
Christian station west of the Mississippi” into nothing but Republican talk
radio. This way, at least the FM side will redeem itself. Back to its roots.
For pete’s sake, a few years ago on Saturday mornings, you could catch
‘Ranger Doug: Warrior of the Woodland’ radio serial. He would
solve kid level mysteries every Saturday morning with a Christian theme.
Then in the afternoon they would have a show from Pacific Garden Missions
in Chicago. They won’t have that anymore probably, but at least the FM side
won’t be Bill Bennett, Laura Ingraham, Dennis Prager, and Mike Gallagher.
I mean neo-con talk radio lost its charm some 10 years ago, about the time
I became a Bircher. I mean at some point you have to grow up. Its like anyone
over 20 who still buys that crap Rush is peddling.
Like Republicans could change a light bulb, let alone our out of control gov’t.

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