Iowa bar owners seek injunction on cigarette ban

It was reported today on the radio, that Iowa bar owners were
trying to block the States immediate implementation of the ban
on the smoking of tobacco cigarettes.
One bar owner was quoted as saying her income was off 90 %.
Wrong tactic.
The State responded by saying a University of Iowa report refutes such
anecdotal evidence.
#1, an owner saying revenue is down 90 %, is not anecdotal.
#2, if banning cigarettes is such a good idea, why didn’t the State
ban them at Prairie Meadows????? They wrote in an exemption
for their gambling parlor!
#3, I never saw a report run a business.
But all that is irrelevant. Their suit should not be about their profits.
Liberals despise private enterprise. It should not be about whether
second hand smoke is bad for people or not. It may not be, but you
ain’t gonna win that battle.
The whole single solitary issue in this fight comes down to one idea-
Private Property Exists In This Country, Or It Doesn’t!
They either get rid of the private property stealing phrase,
"public places", or they don’t. It either becomes clear that in a free
market, people either are allowed to make choices about what they engage
in, or they don’t. Business owners are either allowed to run business’s  as
they see fit, or they are not. Consumers are either allowed to choose
what business’s they will support, or they’re not. Either the MARKET
is allowed to decide whether smoking goes on in business’s or not, or their
will be NOTHING that is safe from the dictatorial do-gooder powers
of the State.
Free Enterprise is supposed to be a series of voluntary
transactions. People are supposed to make a choice. The government
DIRECTING commerce, is by definition, not FREE!
It all comes down to that. And since no one on the side of business
understands that, they have lost.
It all comes down to maintaining the existence of private property rights.
Karl Marx knew that quite well.

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