Reaching Utopia

So we went to eat at Okoboji Grill last night (seems weird for
2 people to have a bill for $30 at a chain). At one point I heard
the waitress clinking some type of heavy glass in the next booth.
As an old restaurant hand, the immediate thought was stacking ashtrays.
Then I remembered, in our Brave New Iowa, the Iowa Legislature
has removed the burden of decision making from business owners,
and decreed, that private property rights no longer apply, and that
smoking is not allowed. Anywhere. Ain’t utopia great?
But the cigarette issue is somewhat like the price nowadays. My restaurant
memory goes back nearly 40 years. In those days, a basic entree was $5.
Smoking was the rule. A pack of cigarettes was .45 cents. Today a pack
of Marlboro’s costs $5. A typical Perkins type meal, today, $10 (with drink).
That right there is interesting, cigarettes prices have risen tenfold, a meal
little more then double. But I digress.
Today, the advocates of big government, have virtually outlawed cigarettes.
When they are banned at open air highway Rest Areas, it is a strange world.
The advocates of big government feel that is a good thing. They are also set
today, to put a Socialist in the Whitehouse. The advocates of big government
also feel that this, is a good thing.
It just strikes me as a world turned upside down. Their intrusion into the
rights of property, they clap themselves on the back. After today, when
they have put a socialist in the Whitehouse, they will again, clap themselves
on the back.
To me, putting a socialist in the Whitehouse, causes great fear and trepidation.
Never, will I believe, that raising taxes, taking guns, and killing babies, is
a good thing. But, maybe that’s just me.
Beau Flecks
(The Eve of Destruction? 11/04/08)

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