Evil or Stupid?

There’s a reason I don’t read the newspapers. I can’t get past the first
few headlines without seeing some really depressing agenda’s by the
In The Tribune here in Ames, the Mid-Iowa section leads off with,
The Story County Tobacco Task Force (!) will meet Thursday from
4:30 to 6:00 p.m. In the article they say the members of the "task
force" are concerned with "public health". Bull. They’re socialists
intent on destroying private property rights.
Reading the Register, really gets ugly. In the Opinion section,
they have their resident "conservative", David Yepsen, roll out
their communist idea of centralizing government, on the idea that
it won’t be immediately suspect like it would if Comrade Basu
brought it forth. Our Founding Fathers knew, that a Free Peoples
wanted to keep government at the lowest level possible. They tend
to be more responsive that way. Who do you get more of a response
from, your U.S. Senator or a city Councilman?
The Metro & Iowa section, comes forth with what they think is
another brilliant idea, developing a database so that the State
can keep track of what medications you are on. Who thinks up
this crap?
I long ago answered my question about Liberals, and the Freedom
stealing crap they come up with, are they stupid? Or evil? It
turns out they are just stupid.
Because except at the really TOP echelons, it is simply clueless
numbskulls, who think they are doing good, and do not possess
the inherent logic, to dispossess themselves, of the irrationality
of their thought process. Their decision making model is dependent
on emotion, not reason.
Beau Flecks

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Experiencing life in Iowa.
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