Off the Reservation!

I noticed the last two days at The Des Moines Clown School (WHO radio),
the afternoon guy, Steve Deace, feels the world as we know it is coming to
an end. Homosexuals being allowed to marry, causes him great consternation.
Speaking solely as an individual, I wonder what part of the definition of
"liberty", doesn’t he understand?
Liberty means the freedom to do as you wish, until that encroaches on your
neighbor. Or you try to bill your neighbor for your own folly. How does
two homosexuals getting married infringe on him?
The purpose of our government is to secure for the citizenry, their ability
to pursue, as they see fit, Life, Liberty and Property. Amongst his ramblings,
I heard Deace use the term that describes those three things, Natural Law, but
he doesn’t evidently understand the meaning of it. Natural Law is the system
that allows the atheist to coexist with the Christian. It is the limited government
we started out with. It is not theocracy by Deace. Nor is it the ACLU’s brand
of socialism. It is maximum freedom for all.
Anita Bryant bravely fought this battle about the time Deace was born. But she
was wrong.
She was braver than any of these clowns on the radio could ever think of being. But
she was wrong. No she wasn’t wrong about what the bible says about homosexuality.
Nor is she wrong about the impossibility of homosexuals having a Christian wedding.
But the government is not the bible. The government can’t sanction a Christian wedding
anyway. But it can sanction a civil wedding. And that is all it is being asked to sanction.
I’m not saying that there aren’t "Christian" denominations that will pretend they are
performing homosexual marriages, but that is all it is, pretend. But that’s fine! How does
that hurt emperor Deace? Anita was wrong, because she wanted to use the force
of government, to make people hold Christian values.
The morning clown at WHO radio, says homosexuals only want marriage for the monetary
benefits, like Social Security. Hello! SSA is legitimate if only heterosexuals get it??
Balderdash! SSA is an illegal abomination! Whether homosexuals get it is hardly
A very well meaning Tamara Scott, Truth For Our Times, KPSZ 940, is equally
clueless. Her vision of theocracy is not in the offing! We are not qualified! Only
God can have a theocracy! Our government is to secure the benefits of Life, Liberty
and Property, nothing else, we couldn’t do that right! We screwed that up!
Now we’re going to determine who can and can’t get married?? If it does not infringe
on you, it is not your concern! Get over it.
Another "argument" by conservatives, is that this value is passed
on as legitimate to our children in the schools. Quite so, it is, the liberals
have won control of government schools, they do own them. But guess what??
Your problem should be with the GOVERNMENT being in the schools! THAT
is the fundamental problem! Schools should be private, genius! The government
has no Constitutional authority to be in the school business! Liberals
should be able to send their kids to whatever B.S. school they want, just
as you should be able to send your kids to the school of your choice! The purpose
of schools is not to cram your values down someone elses throat.
Another argument is if churches don’t perform these marriages, their
tax exempt status will be revoked. Hooray! It should be revoked.
It is a crutch the worthless clergy uses as a reason to "not get involved".
They just shrug their shoulders, and say, "render unto Caesar,  that which is
Caesar’s". Oh??? Well then why doesn’t the church???? Perhaps they would
be more concerned with the affairs of man, if they paid the same taxes!
I’d be a lot more celestial if I didn’t pay taxes either! They are disobeying
the command of Christ! They are not rendering unto Caesar!
So!  Since homosexuals getting married, does not harm you, you need to
get over the idea of telling others how to live! Those other areas, you
need to see, that it is the GOVERNMENTS involvement that is the issue,
not homosexuals.
Beau Flecks
[To repeat, this is the opinion of the author, penname, Beau Flecks. It is not the opinion
of Iowa JBS. This country is out of whack, because the Left won, and is imposing its
values on conservatives. It would be just as out of whack, should conservatives
have "won", and would be imposing on liberals. To become convinced, that there
are only two choices, this left/right dialectic, is to ensure tyranny. There is a third way,
its called freedom.]

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