Freedom suspects #4 #5 & #6- Katie, Kristin and Rick

Katie, Kristin and Rick, some of the organizers of today’s Tea Party. Rick is also part
of the 9 12 Project . That group was behind last Saturday’s Tea Party. Kristin in the
middle is who I interviewed. She is in her early thirties (I had guessed mid-twenties).
Kristin was not shy about what she sees wrong with today’s America. She put the
‘S’ word right on it; moving towards socialism. She was upset with bailouts and the
mortgage debacle. She was upset with Obama firing the CEO of GM. She doesn’t like
out of control government spending, closing Gitmo, open borders, friendship with
dictators, and Obama’s naïveté. 
In the last election she liked Fred Thompson because he didn’t sound like all of his
answers were scripted. Settled for McCain.
She listens to Rush, Hannity and Glenn Beck. She feels that FOX news is more
balanced then MSNBC.
Kristin said there were 70 Tea Parties held in Iowa today. She said people are
just "fed up", and are converging on this Tea Party movement. People of all
[Hope I spelled your name right, I kept wanting to spell it Kristen. And watch that
DVD I gave you!]
Beau Flecks

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