Freedom suspects #7 & #8- Ben and Josiah

Ben 14, and Josiah 13, were the last 2 people I interviewed at the Des Moines Tea Party
Wednesday. Ben is from St. Mary’s, Josiah is from Runnels. They were handing out
Alex Jones DVD’s, and could converse intelligently with adults, and I didn’t guess:
Home Schoolers.
They said they have helped out with many political campaigns. They were with Ron
Paul in the last election.
Josiah said one indication of government being off track, was the judicial branch
making law. I asked him how he knew this, as this was totally contrary to what is
being taught in public schools. He credited this to his parents and his home school
I mentioned to them that they would have a bit of a rough row to hoe as they were
swimming against the societal tide. Ben goes, "you don’t have to remind me".
They mentioned it was a rude awakening to see the deductions come out of
their first paychecks.
If "conservative" groups had a clue, which I doubt, a 13 and 14 year old like these
2, would have their college taken care of, so as to further the development of 2
very rare shining stars.
Beau Flecks

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