Garden party not always best option

Buried on page 7 of the Sunday Ames Tribune, is an AP article out
of Golden, Co. entitled, ‘Columbine Changed Police Tactics’. Well.
That only took 10 years. Who says the wheels of government
grind slowly?
At the time of Columbine, some thought it odd that the cops,
heavily armored and helmeted, long gun, side arm, sat outside
the high school while two evil bastards killed 13 people.
I have seen some police publications where they are all dressed
up in their ABS plastic, preparing to take on the enemy (that’s you),
with a wide array of weapons and tactics.
For many years it had gotten to the point where protecting  the cop
was everything. When it had occurred to me, they still want the
hero worship, without the risk.
In the old days, you were brought up to respect the cop, as they
were said to take risks to protect the citizenry. It finally got
to the level of Columbine, where they literally sat outside, paralyzed
by fear and indecision while innocents died. The cops were
still insisting on this "respect", while forgetting that it was because
of sacrifice and risk.
You tend to get the attitude I have, after reading too many stories
here in Iowa, of mental patients, painting their own pickup, being 
shot dead by police. Or a man in a traffic stop shot dead by police
because he had a cell phone.
Their new training is called "active shooter". Where they are trained to
"step over dead bodies and shoot it out with the gunman if necessary".
I’m not making this up.
If you want a risk free job, become a librarian.
Beau Flecks

About Iowa Life

Experiencing life in Iowa.
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