Too many wars, too many men

Saturday, the DM Register had an article about an 80 something
veteran who was disgusted with all the wars and all the Americans
dying to bring "freedom", to people who don’t seem to want it
very bad.
That is pretty much how I have seen it for years. Best example?
Europe. Why can’t they take care of themselves? Because they
haven’t had to.
As the vet said, you take money and politics out of war, and you
won’t have any.
All I do know, is that we’ve had enough dead Americans.


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  1. Iowa says:

    First, on a screen, its almost square, which is nice when your looking at big, rectangular and square lines of gravestones. The top point of the small stone in the foreground, touches the left bottom corner of the main middle stone (leading lines). The stone in the background, lines up in a column with the main stone. The tree branch in foreground provides a diversion. Then you have the squirrel on the left, 2 blue flowers on the right. And a multitude of "auxiliary" stones dotted here and there. It all comes together for "background, composition, and lighting. Main subjects, secondary subjects. Color, texture. Balance" Plus, there is incredible depth of field (sharpness front to back), and white flowers or something right off the squirrels nose. And it is shot on a diagonal to the stones, more interesting then perpendicular. And even though it is color, it is dominated by various shades of gray.

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