Tasered Granny- welcome to the Police State

It is "Deputy" Chris Bieze, tasering 73 year old Kathryn Winkfein.
The appalling review, is done by "Sgt. Major" Gary Griffin.
Their address and phone number are below. This appears to be
some sort of private agency. If we had tasered a Muslim POW,
it would be called torture. But a 73 year old American woman
is fair game.
Constable Precinct 3
8656 B West Highway 71, Suite E
Austin, TX 78735
Criminal Division: Phone: (512) 854-2100 (daytime hours)

Travis County


The constables serve as a law enforcement agency for Travis County, with county-wide jurisdiction in civil and criminal matters. They process and execute civil process from various courts, including forcible entry and detainers, writs of possession, citations, and executions issued from the justice of the peace courts. (http://www.co.travis.tx.us/justices_of_peace/default.asp")

The constables also process and execute misdemeanor traffic and hot check warrants of arrest for Travis County justice of the peace courts as well as other municipalities and counties. They have a truancy program which contacts parents and initiates filings on juveniles who are absent from school.

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