Who they kidding? It will be 95 – 5

I wish one of these times, when the Republicans were busy huffing and
puffing, that they would actually blow someone’s house down.
But instead, all but about 5 of them will vote to confirm Sotomayor, the
judge who supports killing the unborn.
That intellectual fraud on WHO, Deace, wanted Palin to resign when she
had to appoint 1 of the 2 judges given her by Alaskan law, because they
were both pro-abortion. Now Grassley and other Republicans will
purposely vote to confirm another in a long line of abortionist judges.
And nary a peep will be heard from Deace about them resigning. How
many times in 30 years has Grassley helped seat an abortion judge?
Senator Lindsey Graham said unless Sotomayor had a total "meltdown",
she would sail through. Duh. We know the only side that gets grilled.
The msm maintains this fraud that she is getting grilled. They reported
that Senators were asking her about how she judges. Good grief, the
record is there, LOOK at how she judges!
Beau Flecks

About Iowa Life

Experiencing life in Iowa.
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