The thing that amazes me…

…. is that with the with the Government Takeover of Healthcare, there may be just
the teensiest, weensiest, more intrusion of the government into our lives and wallets.
With them now "responsible" for our healthcare, every single facet of your life that
could possibly affect your health, will now be determined by them. What you eat,
what you drink, what you smoke, what your recreational habits are, do you shoot,
do you do anything a government agent might be interested in?
And to think Americans started out with the greatest liberties ever experienced by
humans on earth. A country more free then had ever been imagined by man.
A country that men DIED in the process to come here. A country that men died to keep
(and women). A country, who by virtue of that freedom, quickly outpaced EVERY
SINGLE other country in the world, in EVERY area of human endeavor. Countries
that had been around a thousand years, quickly lost out to the free man. A country
who’s wealth, culture, society, industry, and military might, DWARFED all comers. There
was NO contest. This country stood head and shoulders above all others. Proving,
undeniably, that given the ability to reach their full potential, and KEEP the rewards of
success, FREE man, would dominate like an elephant among ants.
And now, in 2009, Americans have come to that point of unimaginable stupidity, that
they will give up that Freedom to the government, in exchange for a false promise of
Beau Flecks
[Personal opinion, not that of Iowa JBS.]
{And one other point, aside from freedom, the other reason for America’s success, was because
of the blessings of God, for having started out as a uniquely Christian nation. Because we
acknowledged the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, He acknowledged us.}
(Okay, the only reason for our success was God.)

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