How can you tell when government is out of control?

1. When the Federal government tells you what size of toilet tank
    you will have.
2. When the Federal government takes working class peoples
    money to bail out billionaires.
3. When one of the few responsibilities of the Federal Government
    is to secure the borders, and we have 30 million illegals in the country.
4. When the Federal government tells you what type of light bulb you
    can have.
5. When the Federal government has plans to tax cows farting.
6. When the Federal government will go to war with a country, without
    declaring it.
7. When forest fire fighters will burn to death, because no one will
    make the call to take water from a "protected" river.
8. When the Federal government tells you when you can retire.
9. When the Federal government will tell you whether or not you
    can keep your health insurance.
10. When the Federal government through the C.I.A. on a drug ops,
     instead, shoots down a missionary in Peru, and nothing happens.
11. When Federal agents can put a bullet through a womans head in
      Idaho, when she is holding nothing more then a baby.
12. When Federal agents in Texas can burn alive approximately 80
      children and nothing happens.
13. When county agents in Texas can taser a 73 year old woman, and
      nothing happens.
14. When the Federal government can demand you have a passport
      to enter your own country, and yet not insist upon seeing the
      birth certificate of the "President" of the United States.  
15. When the Federal government can spend billions on an underground
      facility for itself in time of disaster, and the populace be damned.
16. When the Federal government determines who survives as a business,
      be it farmers, car companies, banks, investment firms, tobacco growers…
17. When the Des Moines city council will determine whether or not you
      may cut down a tree on your own property.
      Beau Flecks

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1 Response to How can you tell when government is out of control?

  1. Iowa says:

    "Mr. Madison has introduced his long expected amendments… The rights of conscience, of bearing arms, of changing the government, are declared to be inherent in the people."– Fisher Ames(1758-1808), American statesman, orator and political writer"Against nature and within nature there is no freedom."– Ludwig Von Mises(1881-1973) Economist and social philosopher"Liberty consists in the ability to choose."– Simone Weil(1909-1943)Source: The Need for Roots

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