What purpose do Grassley and Harkin serve?

The imminent collapse of the dollar has added special urgency to something
I have realized for some time now. That time is very short.
Charles Grassley and Thomas Harkin were both sent to Washington D.C.
by Iowa voters over 30 years ago. Using the 30 year point as a benchmark,
let’s look back to 1979. The reason why it would be good for the Iowa
voter to look back 30 years, is to look at 2 very simple measuring sticks,
and where they have gone in the past 30 years.  And to understand, that
it is BOTH Harkin and Grassley, BOTH Democrats and Republicans who
are at fault. It is not some nebulous "other" people who are responsible 
for destroying this country, it is Harkin and Grassley. We don’t have
control over all Washington, but we do have control over those two. The
two that Iowa voters have sent back to D.C. for over 30 years.
In 1979, the National Debt was about $900 billion dollars. This year,
2009, the Deficit will be about $1.8 trillion. Can you grasp that Iowa
voter? The Deficit, is now twice what the Debt was! The national debt
today, after 30 years of Harkin and Grassley, is now $12 trillion, on its
way to $20 trillion within 8 years. This is not counting "unfunded debt
obligations" approaching $100 trillion. Do you not understand the implications
of this to your children and grandchildren? What kind of monsters are you
to have been so obtuse and unaware?
Another area to look at, one that exemplifies a very basic principle, the security
of our nation, both economically and physically, is border security. 30 years ago
when Grassley and Harkin were just starting out, there were less then 1 million
illegal aliens in the country. After 30 years of Grassley and Harkin, there are
roughly 30 million illegal aliens in the country. I know those fine folks in our
Government want to say "that there are approximately 12 million
undocumented workers" in my country. That of course is more crap then you
will find at the typical factory hog farm in Iowa. There are approximately
12 million illegal aliens in southern California. There are about 30 million
(to 36) illegal aliens now in my country, after 30 years of Harkin and Grassley.
The reason why this matters, is that illegal aliens, by definition and by
tendency, are lawbreakers. They have a tendency to drive drunk and
uninsured. 13 Americans die every day at the hands of illegal aliens,
from murders, to drunk driving, to drug wars, to accidents. A "Columbine"
happens every day because 30 million people are in this country who
shouldn’t be. Not to mention the devastation by narcotics they bring
with them. And a myriad of other costs through welfare and added
infrastructure costs like schooling. They have a tendency to receive
welfare under their real name, work under a false name, and sell drugs
on the side. The ones who pick lettuce, are migrant workers, they are
not illegal aliens. And now with unemployment at 10 %, I wonder if it
would be easier to find a job if 30 million illegal job seekers were not here?
Can we grasp this Iowa voter? You have returned to Washington D.C.,
for over 30 years, two individuals who ruined this country financially,
and compromised our security. What more could they do? They have
ruined your currency, and put you at physical risk. Why do you
continue to return two total incompetents to Congress? Oh that’s right,
they bring home agricultural subsidies. Welfare for farmers. And they
make sure someone else pays for old peoples retirement and medical
and prescription costs, rather then the retirees paying their own way.
Beau Flecks
[Not the opinion of Iowa JBS.]

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  1. Iowa says:

    "True individualists tend to be quite unobservant;it is the snob, the… sophisticate, the frightened conformist,who keeps a fascinated or worried eye on what is in the wind."– Louis Kronenberger(1904-1980)Source: Company Manners, 1954http://quotes.liberty-tree.ca/quote_blog/Louis.Kronenberger.Quote.A331"I never could believe that Providencehad sent a few men into the world,ready booted and spurred to ride, andmillions ready saddled and bridled to be ridden."– Richard Rumbold(?-1685) British ColonelSource: His final words on the scaffold before he was hanged in 1685. Douglass ADAIR, Rumbold\’s Dying Speech, 1685, and Jefferson\’s Last Words on Democracy, 1826 [Notes and Documents], in: William and Mary Quarterly, 3rd Series, 9, 1952, p. 521http://quotes.liberty-tree.ca/quote_blog/Richard.Rumbold.Quote.3FB2"It is a very great mistake to imagine thatthe object of loyalty is the authorityand interest of one individual man,however dignified by the applause orenriched by the success of popular actions."– Samuel Adams(1722-1803), was known as the "Father of the American Revolution."http://quotes.liberty-tree.ca/quote_blog/Samuel.Adams.Quote.C9B6

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