Intelligent life found on ISU campus

Imagine my surprise when I opened up the 3/23/10 issue of the Iowa State Daily and found an Editorial and a Letter to the Editor that both made sense. The letter was by one Jon Shelness. His point was that repeated VEISHEA violence was due to an incompetent administration and an out of control environment as concerns alcohol use. That’s true, stupid and alcohol are a dangerous mix. He also, at approximately age 26, sees clearly on one big point about bureaucracies; solutions are not about solving anything, it’s about the process. His side point, was that land grant universities, have very little interest in under graduate education. Just taxpayer money.

The editorial was also a real eye opener. Gives you a slim glimmer of hope about the next generation. It was entitled, Welcome to the ‘Entitled States of America’. The 20 somethings seem to be wise to the game. They know that 2 huge entitlements have already bankrupted the country, and the recently passed 3rd entitlement, is just going to put the Titanic down quicker. They may not know the specific number like we do, but they know instinctively, that they are staring down the barrel of an 80 % tax rate in the not too distant future. All to support the older generation of morons that destroyed this country for them.

The first great insight was: “By further changing the relationship between citizen and state, and by marching toward a single-payer system, legislators missed the boat. They asked, “Why do we have poverty?” and answered, “Because we haven’t yet provided for everyone.”

The second brilliant insight was: “A more illuminating question, though, is, “Why do we have wealth?” … is a product of the hard work and innovation of millions of individuals within a free-market system. With that knowledge, Congress could have enacted reforms to strengthen the health care markets. That last word is key: “market”. Congress doesn’t seem to get that. A market contains something that will always overwhelm politicians, and lay ruin to their best laid schemes, “market forces”.

Hats off to the Daily, if you just read the faculty pieces, you’d have no hope.

Jim Roach

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2 Responses to Intelligent life found on ISU campus

  1. Iowa says:

    "I have been reading a German book. We must draft a decree at once… Communal physical exercises. … This is very important.The health of the nation depends on it."– The Emperor of AzaniaSource: in Evelyn Waugh, Black Mischief (London: Pinguin, 1932), p. 142."Adolf Hitler\’s life style is simple.He never drinks alcohol and does not smoke."– Heinrich Hoffmann(1885-1957) German photographer, best known for his many published photographs of Adolf HitlerSource: Hitler wie ihn keiner kennt (Berlin: "Zeitgeschichte" Verlag, 1932), quoted at"In relation to the political decontamination of our public life,the government will embark upon a systematic campaignto restore the nation\’s moral and material health.The whole educational system, theater, film,literature, the press and broadcasting –all these will be used as a means to this end."– Adolf Hitler(1889-1945) German Nazi DictatorSource: Volkischer Beobachter, 23 March 1933

  2. Iowa says:

    From watching the news this morning, it seems we can\’t say anything about Stupak. Evidently mean comments about liberals destroys their Karma. When Lefties speak out, its Freedom of Speech. When Conservatives speak out, its a threat. –

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