ISU Political Science Prof insults Tea Party members

In the Wednesday March 31, Iowa State Daily, Iowa State University Professor Steffen Schmidt uses a derogatory term for people in the Tea Party movement, that I won’t repeat here, as it refers to from what I understand is a homosexual sex act. You hear the term used often from snide little Democrats.
I fail to understand sometimes what we pay our state taxes for. State University employees on the Left, have forever insulted normal Iowans, now it is happening from the “Center”.
As when it comes from the Left, Schmidt, who runs, does everything but what he is paid to do. I for one am sick and tired of paying the wages of these state employees, only to have them do everything but what they are supposed to be doing, and insulting Iowans along the way. I think the taxpayers of Iowa should insist on not getting insulted by their employees.
I really don’t see why we pay him to further his personal ventures. When you look at what Political Science professors are paid to do in general, train the people who will be running our government, political scientists, it is obvious they have failed in every aspect of their job.
There is not a single aspect of our government that is better then it was 50 years ago.  Political science professors have absolutely no knowledge of our Constitution, or even our form of government. And these derelicts are training the next generation?
Beau Flecks
[The good news is, The Nutty Professor looks of the age that he should be retiring anytime now. The bad news is, the ones behind him are just as bad.]

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