What’s not to understand about Liberals?

Free Men need to be secure in their Life, their Liberty, and their Property.
In real simple terms, that means they need to be armed, to protect their
life. And the unborn need to be secure that the State will not help kill them.
The Free Man needs the Liberty to do as he wishes, to the extent it doesn’t
infringe on others. And lastly, the Free Man needs to be secure in his Property,
as in land, cash, and household. Life, Liberty, and Property.
The Liberal in contrast, is the antithesis to that. The Liberal advocates Theft,
Tyranny and Murder. The Liberal wishes to take your property, by taxing you
till you die, then taxing the corpse (death tax). The Liberal wishes to Murder the
unborn, and in further insult to Life, let convicted Murders live. And lastly, the
Liberal wishes to direct your Life from cradle to grave. What you eat, drink or smoke.
Where you send offspring to school, when you retire, and what size of toilet you have.
And a million other things. And a population too ignorant to understand that, will
nevertheless experience it. You can be Free Man or Liberal Man, but you can’t be both.
Beau Flecks

About Iowa Life

Experiencing life in Iowa.
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