Follow the money…

The “Are you serious?” started pretty early this morning. It began with O’Bama saying the economy was improving. That’s interesting. Treasury Bonds are about to be rated junk bonds, the dollar is facing inevitable devaluation, the bottom falls out of SSA within 6 years,about the time the national debt hits 20 trillion, and he says the economy is improving?

Then the top of the hour news, in a serious tone, says that “Goldman Sachs executives are undergoing intense scrutiny on Capitol Hill”. Then they play a clip of McCain and Levin. Are they kidding? It is the same ol, same ol. Republican/Democrat, names change but the game stays the same. The bankers get away with murder, and we pay for it, and Congress takes the payoff. From crisis to crisis, what has changed? They’re always shutting the barn door after the horses are out.

Money is always made during a financial crisis. Ask Joe Kennedy.

Beau Flecks

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