Witting or unwitting fool for the Left?

Why I buy the DM Register sometimes is beyond me, call it my Sunday
masochism. On page 3OP is a clown by the name of Ronald N. Langston
whose article is entitled, ‘Take back GOP from radical right’.
Several points Ron old buddy. You ever notice how Liberal papers fling
the doors wide for RINO’s like you? Do you know you are being used?
Whatever furthers your agenda, eh Ron? The country be damned.
Because as long as you attack Republicans, they’ll print you, that’s for sure.
Point 2 dear Ron, the "radical right", isn’t IN the GOP. The GOP is
Point 3, as your thinking bares no resemblance to Constitutional thought,
YOU get out of the Republican Party. You, and Jim Leach, and Arlen Specter,
and Colin Powell, how impossibly dense are you, that it takes you 40 years
to figure out you’re Democrats?
Gimme 5 Ron, give me those 5 core issues that make you a "Republican".
Pro-Life? Pro-gun? Secure borders? Army tough, and not strewn around the
world? Reducing government by 75 %? Abolition of government schools?
Free market principles applied to medical costs? Abolition of corporate
income tax?
Go away clown. My dog Trampus is more conservative than you are.
Beau Flecks

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Experiencing life in Iowa.
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