The anti-Midas touch

On the CBS morning news yesterday they had a story about a commission’s
report to Congress on the looming danger to our country posed by an
insurmountable national debt. The commission was headed by a couple
of frauds named Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles (Simpson acts like he
wasn’t one of the ones there for thirty years that ran up the debt).
One point the commission made,  was that every dime of revenue taken
in, was paid out to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, and every other
expenditure by the government was "paid" for by debt. Borrowing.
This of course is not news to a Bircher. We are well aware that government
has an ‘anti-Midas’ touch.
They are in charge of spending, so of course we have an economy collapsing
from the weight of a $13 trillion plus national debt. Congress people like
Grassley and Harkin have run up that debt for over 30 years in order to
buy votes with various constituencies to curry favor to get reelected.
Government is in charge of overseeing drilling for oil in the Gulf, so of
course, the Gulf has been destroyed by oil.
The Government had a war on poverty, so of course, we have more poor then
ever. No jobs, and a declining standard of living.
A War on Drugs, so of course we have epidemic drug use. And a police force
on steroids that accomplishes nothing. Well that’s not true, they do Taser
drunk 19 year olds and 72 year old grandmas in Texas. Funny, you can’t
Taser a prisoner of war, but you can Taser an American citizen.
The Government is in charge of our borders, so OF COURSE we have over
30 million illegal aliens in the country.
So a government that has a 0 % success rate, on anything it isn’t specifically
called upon to do, you are going to turn healthcare over to?
Beau Flecks

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