Touched by an Angel

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Reruns of Touched  by an Angel were on the Hallmark channel recently. It reminded me of Hollywood’s ‘Jesus’ problem.   
It had been in the back of my mind while watching Touched by an Angel, and it was really stark during a Christmas episode. They went through the entire episode with out saying “Jesus”. I’m not sure how you do that. A Christmas episode without Christ?
As far as I can tell, in 9 years, they never did.
During episodes where a character said a prayer, they did the same as on The Walton’s, they would end it with “amen”. Only on Little House on the Prairie would I hear them sometimes say, “in Jesus’ name, amen.”
Which brings up an interesting question, does it serve a purpose to have a show (like virtually all Hollywood shows) talk about God without  mentioning Christ? I suppose it would, but then, as you can’t even come to God without Christ, does it?
Jim Roach

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1 Response to Touched by an Angel

  1. Tim Shey says:

    Years ago I watched Touched by an Angel at least a few times—mostly because my landlords loved watching it. To me it was a worldly, Hollywood take on the Gospel. Or maybe I should say, Hollowwood.

    The world hates Jesus Christ. The world loved Touched by an Angel.

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