Who owns Clear Channel?

Of course you can find out who owns Clear Channel radio interests (it is listed in “comments”), but what I am getting at, is what is their goal? As they are the biggest player in talk radio, I use them to represent an ineffectual industry.

“Conservative talk radio” is heralded as having a great impact on American politics, but does it? What can be pointed to that talk radio has improved? It has made Rush Limbaugh and others incredibly rich, but what else?

The Republican Party is pointed to as the standard bearer of limited government and low taxes, but in reality, in their over 100 years existence, that has never been the case. Fact does not intersect with the propaganda.

The Republican Party has failed in every aspect protecting the rights of life, liberty, and property. Look at abortion, taxes, gun laws, and the size of government and government intrusion into the lives of citizens. The Republicans cannot point to one measuring stick where they have halted the slide into global socialism. They have run on the same agenda for over a hundred years, zero results. They never once delivered on the promise.

Much like “conservative talk radio”. It is now 22 years since talk radio was unleashed from the “fairness doctrine”, and the effect has been what exactly?

Taxes have gone nothing but up. The right to keep and bear arms hinges on 5-4 decisions. Abortions are are over a million a year and funded by taxpayers. The only job growth in America is government jobs. Over 20 million illegal aliens are in a country that is supposedly having a “war on terrorism”. National debt will soon collapse the monetary system.

Talk Radio has done what exactly? The owners of Clear Channel might as well be the DNC. Talk Radio causes a lot of good people to waste their time, and miss the real solution.

Jim Roach

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2 Responses to Who owns Clear Channel?

  1. Iowa says:

    Top executivesLowry Mayscompany founder, chairman;Mark Maysson of Lowry Mays, chief executive officer, president and chief operating officer;Randall Maysson of Lowry Mays, executive vice president and chief financial officer;John Hoganchief executive officer of Clear Channel radio

  2. Iowa says:

    Current members of the board of directors of Clear Channel Communications are: Alan Feld, Perry Lewis, Lowry Mays, B.J.(Red) McCombs, Phyllis Riggins, Theodore Strauss, J.C. Watts, and John H. Williams.

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