Nora DeBolt print

Found at a flea market in Clear Lake for $1.50. It was then cleaned, mounted, and re-framed at The Walnut Street Gallery in Ankeny. A recent perusal of DeBolt prints on EBay showed them going for between $10 and $59 dollars. DeBolt prints

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45 Responses to Nora DeBolt print

  1. Iowa says:

    It is interesting that in the age of Google, information cannot be found on the artist Nora DeBolt. The only info I have seen is other people asking questions about her &her work. There is an artist Susan Lewis in California, who has studied her work, and even she knows next to nothing about Nora!

  2. Iowa says:

    Nora Debolt\’s work seems to have been picked up by a major print supplier for the chain department stores some 30 – 40 years ago. The print I found, by the framing quality, or lack thereof, screamed K-Mart, Target, or Sears. A staple frame, handpainted, and onlycardboard for backing next to the print! The only actual original painting of hers I have seen online, not a print, went for $3,500. Prints around $140, and that was poorly framed.

    • Joy Champ says:

      Hello my name is Joy. I was reading your comment about Nora DeBolt. I have 4 of all the same prints. If you are instrested I will sell all of them togther for 500 dollars. Thank You Joy. They are in good condition also.

      • alex vargas says:

        i have 1 of the 4 rarest prints of nora debolt, “the patio”. i would be willing to sell it to you for 110.00 $

  3. Vicki Orr says:

    I have this print..looks original//matted with blue strip (same as above painting)..
    do we know what it is worth?

    Thanks, for info..

  4. Question:
    “I have this print..looks original//matted with blue strip (same as above
    painting)… do we know what it is worth?”

    Worth? Being just a fan, I have no idea. I can’t imagine a non-numbered
    lithograph having much inherent worth, when DeBolt doesn’t have the
    popularity of a P. Buckley Moss. I can see where a fan of Nora DeBolt
    would easily pay the amount I have seen them for sale, $140, for a print
    that they don’t have, if it was in good condition. I do find it interesting
    that a seemingly obscure artist from around 1900 has intrigued so many
    modern day fans. I happily paid $90 to have the print above professionally
    cleaned and framed.

    Jim Roach

    • Joy Champ says:

      Hello my name is Joy I read your email about Nora DeBolt. I have four of the same prints in good condition. I would like to sale them all toghther for 500 dollars just email me if you are interested.
      Thank You Joy.

    • alex vargas says:

      i have 1 of the 4 rarest prints of nora debolt, “the patio”. i would be willing to sell it to you for 110.00 $ my email is anyone who would like to makean offer email me. i am willing toworkprices. again i have the patio scene, very rare. 2nd most rare out of 5

  5. Mary says:

    My boyfriend was given 2 original paintings. As noted above, I am having a hard time finding information about the artist. One of the paintings, is in a print. Any suggestions as to where I should look to find a value? Thanks.

    • Hi Mary, I’m assuming you are referring to both of them being by Nora DeBolt? The print, unless it was a very rare one, would simply have fan value. If you indeeed had a DeBolt painting, I would check with Susan Lewis, link below. Jim Roach

      (Her contact button at bottom)

      • Mary says:

        Thank you for your reply. Yes both paintings are by Nora DeBolt. One of the paintings, I believe is the original to the print “Sailing”. The other, I do not know.

        I have checked and posted on Susan Lewis’ page. However, have not received any replies.

        I have some pictures, if you would like for me to send to you. Thanks again, for any information you may have to offer.

      • Mary says:

        Added note:Believe the other painting is “Duck Pond”.

        Thank you for your reply. Yes both paintings are by Nora DeBolt. One of the paintings, I believe is the original to the print “Sailing”. The other, I do not know.

        I have checked and posted on Susan Lewis’ page. However, have not received any replies.

        I have some pictures, if you would like for me to send to you. Thanks again, for any information you may have to offer.

      • Roe Musella says:

        I have been researching on the internet, and I have a Nora Debolt print, 1992, Arthur Kaplan Co. Inc., NYC, VH- 4732 “Floral Garden Path” that I don’t see listed as one of the prints. Would this be a rare one? The signature is on the left in white.

        [From Jim Roach: I believe the print you mention is the fourth one down at this link,

        Bean Kitty Studio says ‘Waiting for my owner’ (the one with the dog lying by a park bench) is the most rare. Though I would say none are very common anymore.]

  6. pam says:

    I have a Nora Debolt that I bought at a yard sale, the lady that sold it said it is an original.It’s nicely matted and framed.It has pink flowers on a white pickit fence,a few small boats and blue skys.

    • The lady who sold it to you shows great imagination, by calling a mass production print, “an original”. We fans of DeBolt, wish more of her work had survived. I only know of five of her work that were made into prints.

      • Kathleen O'Neal says:

        Could u send me copies of those 5? I have a Nora DeBolt: don’t know if it’s a print, original or what, but it is signed &was reframed during my mother-in-laws lifetime—she died over 15 yrs ago and this painting was in her home long before that. I also have a painting that looks very much like her work that was framed later but the name of the artist was covered. I do not want to undo the framing unless I have reason to believe that they might really be worth something. The 1st I mentioned is of a male/female lying in flowers with lots of flora around and water in the background. The larger one that I’m not sure is hers is the same type of painting(flora etc.) both have that undefined look of everything…..nothing is in exact, defined —- gosh this is so hard to describe as I am not an artist myself: I do have a love of art but have never studied. Also, could u tell me where Nora DeBolt was from? My mother-in-law grew up in South Dakota, but was in the service during WWII. Any info u can give me will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

        Jim says:
        Hi Kathleen,

        The link I have included is/was for a woman named Susan Lewis
        who is the expert on Nora DeBolt. On that page, at the top,
        you can read the brief bio on Nora. Below that is all the
        known prints from roughly 20 years ago.

        Yours seems to predate that and have an interesting history. It
        would be fascinating if they were the real deal. People don’t
        usually reframe just a print.

        Please let me know what you find out.

        Jim Roach
        Ames, Iowa

  7. pam says:

    How can you tell if you have an original Nora Debolt painting? and how much can you get for a Nora Debolt original?

  8. While Nora has quite an internet following, I don’t know of any surviving paintings. Just prints.

  9. Roe Musella says:

    Hi Jim,
    Thanks for the reply, I looked on bean kitty prior to posting. The print I have has no wrought iron gate, but has the ceramic pottery with the garden and view of the water and sail boats.

    • Very interesting! That lady at Bean Kitty knows more than anyone about Nora, but maybe your print is new to her. It is also curious that with all the interest in Nora, some enterprising printer doesn’t do a re-issue of her work. There seems to be a lot of interest.

      Is it in good condition and where did you find it? I’ve found mine in Salvation Army’s and Goodwills and 2 at thrift shops in Clear Lake, Iowa.


      • Roe Musella says:

        It seems to be in its original matting White with inner dark blue trim mat, then framed in a simple wooden frame w/glass, cardboard backing 16 x 20, looks like in pretty good condition. I found it this morning throwing out my garbage in the building where I live Hoboken, N.J. Imagine that….

  10. I have a Nora DeBolt print called Sailing. I have had it for 20 years. It is a beautiful print. I love it as we live where we can see Sail Boat Cove on Smithville, Mo. Lake.

  11. Mara Stevens says:

    Hi there just bought a Nora DeBolt print or painting at a thrift store in canada for 20.00 dollars not sure if it is the real thing or not but I cannot find it anywhere, there is one similar on miss kitty but the lady on the web is wearing a hat mine she is not how do i find out more, thanks Mara

    • Since it sounds like you have been to Bean Kitty, you now know as much as anyone. Susan Lewis at that site has posted about all that seems to be known of Nora in her lead paragraph. Her work from around 1900 was made into prints in the early to mid-1990’s by the Arthur A. Kaplan Co., then of NYC. Despite Nora’s current popularity, there does not seem to be a printer interested in reviving Nora’s work in a new run of prints. Arthur A. Kaplan Co. has been contacted and does not seem interested in sharing information about her.

      Jim Roach

  12. Justin says:

    I have a 100 year old Nora Debolt signed in pencil cardboard backing in a woodframe of some swans on a lake

  13. Gary says:

    I have Nora DeBolt Print. I would like to sell. It has two people sitting looking out at sail boats. Whoever is interested can email me and I will take a photo of it and send it to them.

  14. Janis Wood says:

    I found a Nora DeBolt print today framed behind another picture. It is titled ” Birch Path” and has a path running between flowers with Birch trees on both sides. It does not have a lake like most I see posted. I don’t see it in any examples on the net. Is it an uncommon print? I would like to know its value. The signature is in black, and on the bottom right. It was printed by the Arthur A. Kaplan co. If anyone knows anything about this particular print, please let me know.

  15. Steven says:

    I am in Maine..and have just acquired a Nora Debolt painting..I don’t know if its a print or not. It is signed by her and is one half of the “at the beach” paintings. Its the half where a young girl is dressed in pink, standing in the water with a couple other kids, not the half with the umbrella.How do I find out if its worth anything and if its a print or an original?

    • I remember having the same questions with my first print. I quickly realized, as you no doubt have, that what you have is a mass produced print. Assuming it has glass over it, I believe an oil has to breathe. That and an actual painting would have cost you likely thousands of dollars, if any exist at all for sale.

      Whereas a P. Buckley Moss numbered print might fetch a couple of hundred dollars, these prints only have value to Nora’s fans. As an example, I have the other of this set, and would pay $35 for one in good condition.

      Jim Roach

  16. Very interesting, especially the comments. LOL

  17. The whole thing is rather bizarre. An obscure impressionist from around 1900 gets picked up by a NY printer starting in 1989. He sells these prints to department stores for 6 years. This artist then develops a small cult following 20 years after they were out of print. Surprisingly, no one steps up to sell more to meet the demand. I’ve been trying to figure out if there are similar dead artists experiencing a resurgence.

    • trinasimon says:

      Mine is dated 1988 from the Kaplan company and your note says he didn’t start till 1989 so I guess it started in 1988 or even before that :does anyone know for sure?
      I’d like to know the value of mine before I put it on eBay it’s called “duck pond”.
      Thank you

      • Trina Simon says:

        Just wanted to mention my print is for sale on eBay now, it is called “duck pond”. I don’t know anything about how to judge art prints such as the condition of mine. I am taking best offer because I will have to move again. I love ducks and I love this print but I just can’t afford to keep it space wise, and would prefer to share it with someone who can appreciate it. My eBay store is called Trina 1111 or you can text or call me at 530-604-1188. Please no emails! I have 25,000 back up and they will just get lost. Happy spring, happy duck pond! Does anyone know Nora’s birthdate? I had an offer on it but at the time I thought it was too
        Low; it’s pretty expensive to ship things these days

  18. Elaine Clark says:

    I bought a print of one of Nora DeBolt’s paintings. I bought it at a yard sale. I really liked the picture because it has soft colors. The main focus in the picture are the beautiful birch trees on the left side, a small lake in the middle with a couple of birch on the right. In the background there is what appears to be small cottages, then many soft colored trees in the background. The main colors are orange, peach, turquoise, and creams. Oh yes, withbig billows clouds overhead. The color of the edging is a pale peach with a white border line, with a darker brownish peach color in the middle of this. I don’t know the name of this picture, but I would love to find out. I really like the picture. Would appreciate any help you could give to me regarding this print. I see no you said, there is a cardboard back and it is stapled onto a plain wooden frame. Thank you!

    Elaine Clark

  19. Elaine Clark says:

    Thank you for your reply. In Iowa, do they have these pretty birch trees? I love them, but they won’t grow here as it is too hot. I have a river birch in my front yard with the same charasterics as the white one. Sorry to veer off of the subject of the pictures by Nora Debolt. I can see why she was awed by this scene in the picture ‘Birch Lake’. Thanks again for your reply, I will treasure my picture.

  20. I bought a couple prints at a thrift store in Amarillo Texas earlier today. They pleased me and were reasonably priced. Only after getting them home did I take note of the above average double matting, the well worked though inexpensive frames, the lot numbers from (apparently) an auction at an Alabama gallery. Honestly the signatures made me suspect a clumsy attempt at forgery, offered perhaps by some novice criminal. I’m grateful to “Iowa Life” and “beankittystudio” for making the information regarding my purchase available. For me the mystery is solved and I can simply enjoy the art!

  21. chris brown says:

    I have acquired a print of the birch lake print . I am trying to find out information n value of it if any .a friend has had it a trunk for the past 25 years

  22. Clancy Collins says:

    I have a 1988, Arthur A. Kaplan Co. Inc., N.Y.C. VH 4940. “RESTING” BY DEBOLT

  23. Mary Jansson says:

    Hello there, I purchased a home a little over a year ago. On the wall in kitchen area is hanging a Nora Debolt painting. Just today I looked up her paintings and found that she was a 19th century artist. The painting is signed on lower left corner. The picture is Beautiful, consisting of a large tree on left, a road leading to some homes, a dock with sail boats. Lots of flowers on both sides of the road. Small mountain range surrounding the area. The little toothed hooks on back of frame have ” Crystal Art Gallery” stamped on them. Painting is 17 by 22 1/2 inches.
    Frame is 25 1/4 by 31 1/4 inches. I have taken a picture of the framed painting, do not know much about her or her work. Any information is appreciated.

    • Iowa Life says:

      Hi Mary, she is an enigma to me. It looks like you found what little info there is from the artist at Bean Kitty Studios (if I got the name right). Many people have looked for info on Nora for many years. I hope you sent the picture to Bean Kitty, she has what other pictures there are of her work. This blog seems to have great new info. I thought she had lived on the east coast, but according to the link she ended up in California! (Your print sounds like one they have there called, Summer Fields) Keep in mind (as I’m sure you’ve noticed by now), prints of Nora’s work are what predominate. I can’t imagine anyone lucky enough to have an actual oil of hers. No doubt some obscure museum has her work. The prints of her lovely pastels are incredible, I can’t imagine an original. It would be worth the trip to the museum! – Jim

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