Chief Judy Bradshaw would seem to be the problem

After reading the Friday 8/27 Register article, ‘D.M. police explain origin of
State Fair fight report’, it appears the Des Moines Police Department is unclear
on its mission.
No one should be asking them to come to a conclusion about the motivation
behind the savage attacks that took place at the State fair, that’s not their job.
But we do expect them to come clean about all they do know.
What all this hullabaloo does show, is the absurdity of having the police determine
what a “hate crime” is. Their plate is quite full without adding mind reading to it.
Under the leadership of Chief Judy Bradshaw, it would seem the police withheld
facts for fear of appearing to point fingers, and in the process jeopardized public
City administrators were in such a rush to appoint a woman Police Chief, they
did not make being fit for command a precondition.
Jim Roach
[Nor has anyone made the connection to very similar violence that took place
in Burlington, Iowa in the weeks prior. Or how often this violence is being covered
up in Iowa and around the midwest. We have found out we can’t count on the
newspapers to report it.]

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1 Response to Chief Judy Bradshaw would seem to be the problem

  1. Iowa says:

    As is typical, the police couldn\’t bust or infiltrate a gang for nothing. Now if it was a "militia", it would be infiltrated every which way from Sunday…

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