Gary Dolphin’s voice on WHO heralds the start of… commercial season!

 I think I made it to the first touchdown yesterday during the Hawk game. Being a
working man, my only opportunity to catch Hawkeye games the last 30 years, has
been on WHO radio.
Back in the mid ’80’s when I was stationed in northern Michigan, I was even able
to pick up the game on the late night broadcast by holding the radio on top the
refrigerator. Oscoda, MI is a ways away.
But I digress. That was the hay day of radio football broadcasts. 3 originating stations.
Ron Gonder, Bob Brooks & Jim Zabel. Hayden Fry was coach, great one liners, “High
porch picnic”. Chuck Long as QB.
During the down parts of the game, Zabel and Podolak would talk about Hawkeye
history, great players and great games of the past. A real treat.
Now, every single break in the action, and often intruding into the play, is a non-stop,
incessant barrage of commercial reading from Dolphin. From the pre-game to the post-
game and everything in between, “Sponsored by! Brought to you by! This corporation kickoff! This companies sideline report!” Good grief.
It happened about the time they fired the 3 legends of broadcasting in the late nineties.
They could squeeze just a little more money for the broadcast rights, if there was
just one station. Screw competition and screw the listener, U of I could get one more buck! Isn’t student athletics pure?
Forget hearing Podolak talk anymore, any break in the action is a steady staccato of Dolphin selling everything from soybeans to insurance and everything in between.
And the University, and the coaches are making millions off of “student athletes”. I wonder if a star athlete is ever pressured to take the field when an injury would indicate he shouldn’t? Nah…. just because millions of dollars are on the line?
Beau Flecks

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