Ron Paul on TSA abuses

This violation of our bodies by the Federal Government, is supposedly a necessity brought
about by the underwear bomber. As was pointed out by a caller to Mark Steyn today, that
middle Eastern terrorist was ratted out by his father to the US Embassy. That middle eastern
terrorists name was on the "no-fly list". As the caller pointed out, if a middle eastern terrorist
STILL gets on a plane after that, innocent Americans being violated by agents of the Federal
Government is not going to catch jack.
Another caller pointed out, that our security looks for objects, Israeli security looks for
terrorists. We won’t catch terrorists, because we aren’t looking for them. We look for killer
ink cartridges, tennis shoes, and exploding underwear. If it wasn’t so sad, it would be funny.
Ann Coulter pointed out today, for the hundreth time, a terrorist will likely be a muslim male
between the ages of 18 – 48 who behaves a certain way. Look for them.
Beau Flecks

Not a terrorist.
Not a terrorist.
Not a terrorist.
Our government will grab your genitals in the name of security, but they
won’t secure the damn border. Terrorists come in through there too.

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2 Responses to Ron Paul on TSA abuses

  1. Iowa says:

    "We can\’t constantly explain to our voters thattaxpayers have to be on the hook for certain risks,rather than those who make a lot of money taking those risks."– Angela Merkel(1954- ) German Chancellor, first female Chancellor of Germany

  2. Iowa says:

    As someone else pointed out, why is our government so obsessed with security at airport? Withsticking their hand up people\’s underwear? They don\’t give a damn about a wide open southern border. Why ain\’t that "security" important?

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