The Nora DeBolt collection and info

The bottom right print is called, “Picnic at the Beach”, copyright 1992, Arthur A. Kaplan. VH-4713. 

The large print on the left (sorry for the bad photo), is named “Birch Lake”, copyright 1989 by Arthur A. Kaplan. 17″ x 23″. A smaller size of Birch Lake, 12″
x 16″, was purchased at the Goodwill store on S.E. 14th St in Des Moines. It’s Kaplan print # is VH-2628

The top right print has, “View at the Bay” on it from the printer. There is another copy of View at the Bay at an antique shop on Delaware in Des Moines. A 1996
copyright, and the printer, Arthur A. Kaplan Co., Inc., is on the View at the Bay print. VH-3634


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11 Responses to The Nora DeBolt collection and info

  1. The latest Nora DeBolt print, the large one, approximately 16 x 22, was found
    in the basement of the downtown Salvation Army in Des Moines, for $4.99.
    View at the Bay was found in Clear Lake for $1.50. The Day at the Beach was
    found at an antique shop on main street in Clear Lake for $18.00.

    I originally thought her work was 30 – 40 years old, I now see it is only
    15 – 20. I plan to write to the Arthur A. Kaplan, Company, NYC, and see
    if they have any biographical information on Nora DeBolt.

    Beau Flecks

  2. Ana Buechsenschuss says:

    I have two prints, one with two women and a child with a sale boat in the distant and one with a women and a child under a tree with a lake in the background.

  3. patricia sunders says:

    I found a print by Nora Debolt in a thrift store for $5, it has three children with a kite. I love it. Do you have any information about the artis?

    • What little info there is on her, was provided by a lady at ‘Bean Kitty Studio’ in California. Nora worked around 1890 – 1910 in the northeastern United States. She did a series of paintings around the lakes in the area. I have never found any other info on her.

  4. .mike hampton says:

    I have a painting or a print of nora debolt 11 ducks on a pond. Help please. Is it worth anything? Thanks

    • Mark Bohr says:

      I have the same print. If it is the original its worth a lot but the print is not worth the effort

      • Robin Porter says:

        How can you tell if it is an original or a print? I have Picnic at the Beach. It was in a house I bought, so I don’t know anything about it.

  5. Brenda says:

    I have a print that I have had for 20 years. It has the title as Strolling on the back of the frame. It is a print by Nora Debolt. Can anyone tell me if it is worth anything?

  6. Iowa Life says:

    I’m selling my Nora Debolt print “duck pond” on eBay. before that I had it on etsy If anyone is interested they can text me or call me please do not email, at 530.604.1188. Thank you, Trina Simon

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