Invasion of the body snatchers

The State of Colorado is planning to steal your organs when
you die now, if that states Liberal lawmakers have their way.
One of the reasons they use to justify the profit doctors and
hospitals will receive from your forced “donations” is, “Europe
does it”. Well, if Europe jumped off a cliff, or had armies so
inept they couldn’t defend themselves, would we do that too?
The only way to meet the demand for organs, is to increase the
supply. That means, YOU should get paid for your organs, IF you
wished to sell them. The doctors don’t do transplants for free.
The hospitals don’t do transplants for free. Who but tyrants
would expect you to give your organs for free?
Jim Roach
(the news article was in the Des Moines Register 1/20/11, page 12A)

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1 Response to Invasion of the body snatchers

  1. The State stealing your organs is a property right issue. The concept of ‘Property” has 3 parts. Your body, your land, your money. If the State usurps control of your #1 property, your body, we are toast. But then, they already have. They already decide what you can and cannot ingest through drug, alcohol, and tobacco laws.

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