‘The Genesis Code’ afraid of Jesus?

The movie ‘The Genesis Code’ premiered in Iowa
January 26, in Johnston at the Carmike. I made the trip
from Ames to meet Sharron Angle of Nevada, and to
support the Iowa Christian Alliance, one of the sponsors
of the showing.
I had no idea what the film was, I had vaguely assumed it
was a documentary like the priceless ‘Unlocking the
Mysteries of Life’, or, ‘The Privileged Planet’. Instead,
it was a drama about a college student’s efforts to ensure
protection for his mother’s end of life care.
As it was billed as a Christian movie, I then thought the
non-believer student, would be led to the Lord Jesus to
show him the way in his struggle to deal with the pain of
his dying mother.
Instead, it was a very cowardly “Christian” movie that was
afraid to say Jesus.
Hollywood has long had a problem with Jesus. The TV show
Touched By An Angel managed not to say Jesus for 9 years.
It became especially ludicrous during the Christmas episodes
when the tousle-haired angel Roma Downey wouldn’t say Jesus.
The Waltons had a speech impediment also, their dinner
prayers would not end with, “… in Jesus’ name, Amen.”
Which is odd, as I am not familiar with any other Christian
on the planet who will not invoke the name of Jesus in
their prayers, as without Him, we are unacceptable to God.
To Michael Landon’s great credit, they could say Jesus on
Little House sometimes.
It is almost like the powers that be in Hollywood will spare
no expense for an Old Testament epic like The Ten
Commandments, but they seem repulsed by Jesus.
Matthew 10:32 says, “Everyone who acknowledges me
publicly here on earth, I will also acknowledge before
my Father in heaven.”
The Genesis Code failed on two fronts. The first is when
they tried to reconcile the Genesis account with evolutionary
theory. The other was their reticence towards Jesus. As Jesus
was the one who spoke the world into existence, without Him,
there would be no “Genesis”.
Jim Roach

About Iowa Life

Experiencing life in Iowa.
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5 Responses to ‘The Genesis Code’ afraid of Jesus?

  1. Thank God for Google and Bible Gateway on the scripture reference.

  2. Genesis Code Fan says:

    I can’t help but notice that you don’t mention Jesus anywhere in your “About” statement. I can only conclude that you are a “cowardly Christian” who is afraid to acknowledge Jesus.

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  4. whiteylawful says:

    I seen a preview and realised it is postmodern rediculousness.

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