Google admits bias

Page 6A of the 2/26 Register has a disturbing article
where Google admits they filter sites from your search,
and decide for you what you will see – or not see.
This site has had ample evidence of Google’s bias. At the
end of the 3rd year, we were just rolling over 100,000  
hits. All of a sudden, hits from Google searches just died.
On December 26, 2010, when the switch was made from
MSN Spaces to WordPress, the first day was our busiest.
Then Google’s censors got busy. Think about it, a site
doesn’t get less busy as time goes on, it grows. But not
with Google. Once they figured out what our new URL
was, phfft.
You can check what I’m saying yourself. A recent popular
post on this site was about Michael Landon. Using Bing
or Yahoo search engines, Iowa JBS comes up on page 1
with a search for ‘Michael Landon’. With Google, we don’t
show up at all. Anywhere. [The time parameter has now made
this test invalid. 3/5]
That’s crap. I urge all conservatives and Libertarians
to use Bing, Yahoo, or another search engine.
Jim Roach

About Iowa Life

Experiencing life in Iowa.
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One Response to Google admits bias

  1. You can also compare search engines by typing in, “Iowa John B_”,
    Yahoo and Bing then fill in for you, “irch Society”. Google plays dumb
    and makes you type in the entire, “Iowa John Birch Society”.

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