You go girl

Three days ago on Jan Mickelson’s radio show on WHO, he had a guest on to fret about and denigrate Sarah Palin. Mickelson has always had a problem with Palin, as she is not perfect, and every other Republican is, evidently.  For some reason, she has been singled out for special  criticism.
The same has been going on in the national media since the start of Palin’s bus tour. “We don’t know if she’s running!”, “We don’t know what her itinerary is!”,  “We don’t know our buttocks from a hole in the
To Mickelson, the national media, and everyone else who has their knickers in a bunch because they feel Palin “owes” them or the Republican party something, and your head is threatening to explode because you don’t know what Sarah is going to do, good.
James Roach
KMA Land

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One Response to You go girl

  1. Palin currently has 3.8 times more guts and brains than the Republican Party and the media could muster together.

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