Conmen and thieves

When I was a raw 18-year-old from Mitchellville, starting out on my own in the big city, I ran into shysters from time to time. At the time you just had a vague, bad feeling about them. In retrospect, you see the con-man always talks fast and has a very confusing and constantly changing story that is hard to follow.

They wish to evoke sympathy while never giving you a chance to focus.

This tactic appears in many other aspects of life. In my mid-thirties I was learning quicker, but still learning. I had picked up a science fiction book by the religion creator and author, L. Ron Hubbard. It was a weighty tome that after I finished it, I said “This is crap!” He could of done it in 200 pages, not 635. Than I saw it was part of a 10 volume series, and realized, authors and publishers are in cahoots! To make money! By selling crap! (Hello ‘Left Behind’ series!)

Back in the day when an old guy, now passed on, Dale Cram and I would hold fort at the Legion every night, he had a constant refrain: “follow the money”. Being a know it all 35-year-old, I felt it was a filler for Dale’s lack of formal education, that “follow the money” was simply a cliché. Au contraire. Look at Washington. The old boy was spot on. In all aspects of life.

Whether it is the impossible to understand web of corporate subsidies, the 20-foot tall tax code, or “trade” deals with other countries that are 5,000 pages long, confusion tells you that you are being lied to and deceived. Truth is simple.

I understand half of us are under age 35, but the majority of the voting public is not. Have we learned nothing? Has wisdom completely escaped us? Politicians are running on the same issues that they were 35 years ago when I started voting, does that not tell you anything? That they are either incapable of enacting the change they advocate, or have no intention to.

Either way, you are being hosed by conmen and thieves, politicians and their corporate masters.

Jim Roach

About Iowa Life

Experiencing life in Iowa.
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