Justin Bieber thanks Jesus at MTV video awards

Last night at the MTV Music Video Awards, when Justin Bieber was up at the podium accepting an award, he really surprised me. He said, “I not only want to thank God, but Jesus Christ also…”

That struck me as a very brave act. The same people who control Hollywood, also appear to control the music industry, and they don’t seem to mind you thanking “God”, but they do tend to be very much averse to Jesus Christ.

If you have never noticed, there is only one show in the history of television that mentioned Jesus, that was Little House on the Prairie (And that was just once in awhile. During the episode Mary got married the Pastor was “Father, Son and Holy Ghost” all over the place, it was nice to see. Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman also said the name Jesus a handful of times. The Waltons, which gets all kinds of credit for being a Christian show, was in actuality, anything but. The Waltons TV series said the name of Jesus exactly one time. Season 4 episode 3, The Fighter, with guest star Cleavon Little as a preacher. It was in the waning moments of the episode with Cleavon giving a sermon.).

Go Justin! You’re a brave man. Stand up for Jesus.

Jim Roach

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1 Response to Justin Bieber thanks Jesus at MTV video awards

  1. miguel says:

    it looks so cute

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