Hallmark Channel creates Christian movies without Christ

It is really a shame what Larry Levinson and the Hallmark Channel have done to Janette Oke’s ‘Love’ series. The latest two installments played this past week, ‘Love Begins’, and ‘Love’s Everlasting Courage’. Wikipedia calls Janette Oke a “committed evangelical Christian”. Her own website is all about Jesus. Yet they have managed to make a complete series of “Christian” movies without Christ.

Only in Hollywood. It was funny in one episode to hear the Clark character refer to God the ‘Father’, Fathers generally have Sons. I notice Hallmark and Levinson have also done that with their Christmas  movies. It takes some doing to have Christmas without Jesus.

Rather than just profit off of Christian themes, and not include Jesus, I wish  they would just quit. They are misleading people. Much like in the first  ‘Left Behind’ movie with Kirk Cameron. No mention of Jesus or the  gospel message.

I wonder how many other people have noticed it? And are sick of  Hollywood’s profiteering? The latest offenses of profiteering, were the  movies, Soul Surfer and the The Genesis Code. Movies that were  promoted and sold to Christians, but didn’t contain Jesus. How much good could have been done by Hollywood, if there had been even just ONE Christian owned studio? And it had spread the Gospel message.

People a lot of times find this post by doing a search for ‘Larry Levinson’ or ‘Hallmark channel movies’. Often times they pose the search as a question: ‘Is Larry Levinson a Christian?’ Or, ‘Is Hallmark channel Christian?’

Those questions always give me a bit of a smile. It displays the naiveté Americans have about Hollywood. There are no Christian studios in Hollywood, and there are no Christian producers. To think that there are, is a bit mindboggling to me. To be Christian involves Jesus. What exactly comes from Hollywood that involves Jesus?

Think about it people. It turns out to be a case of “follow the money”. Hollywood wants to profit off of ‘religion’, they just don’t want to spread Christianity. 30 shekels of silver.

Jim Roach

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[The latest search query (12/27/15) that caused me to smile: “Why the Hallmark channel never mentions the name of Jesus?” (11/24/16 update) They did it again last night in the premiere of their movie ‘Christmas in Homestead’. They took out the line “Christ is born in Bethlehem”, from the song Hark! The Herald Angels Sing. In the ‘Christmas In July’ of 2017 they played the movie, ‘December Wedding’ which took place in a church. In order to obscure the cross which is in every Christian church, they placed garland in front of the cross, picture below. No church would cover up the cross of Christ. Hallmark doesn’t celebrate Christmas, they have a war on it. What they celebrate is a nonspecific winter holiday. (11/2/17 update) A Cookie Cutter Christmas opens with two girls at the school pageant singing Silent Night. They leave out the closing line, the whole point of the song, “Christ the Savior is Born!” At the same time it occurs to me while they’re afraid to say the name of Jesus for fear of offending someone, they are getting ready to run their entire series on witchcraft with Catherine Bell! Jesus offends but witchcraft doesn’t??]

aaa hallmark movie blocking cross .jpg

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20 Responses to Hallmark Channel creates Christian movies without Christ

  1. Charles Everett says:

    Did Author of Left Behind, Tim LeHaye (former BIrcher), allow the gospel message to be left behind in the movie. If not I have never heard about him protesting about this critical omission.
    Hollywood and the prostitute national press, government schools, etc. will never mention that Jesus is Lord and Savior because that would eventually lead to their demise (or conversion).

    Just as disturbing is religious neutralism. We are in this mess today because most Christians have been convinced that politics is dirty. Adding injury to insult many of them do vote but they oppose the abortionists (rightly so) but vote for the warmongering Republicans like Bush I and Bush II. Killing people in other countries that do not agree with “democracy” is ok even when many of our troops are killed and maimed.

    All Rep. Pres Candidates except Ron Paul support an interventionist foreign policy. Isn’t that special, our Christian brothers and sisters supporting killing, as long as it is not in the womb.

  2. On a positive note The Rockets Christmas musical each year on Boardway includes the gospel message (right in the middle of sin city).

  3. Marian says:

    I too realized the Christmas without Christ mentality. One scene in particular: a school play with children dressed as shepherds awaiting the arrival of….Santa!!!!! Really?????

    • Iowa Life says:

      One of the funniest is the warning/disclaimer Sony runs before the opening credits on the DVD of the Christian film ‘Fireproof’. Similar to the disclaimer ABC Family runs before each broadcast of the 700 Club with Pat Robertson. Both contain Jesus.

  4. Rick Smith says:

    Jesus is taboo in Hollywood.
    Anyone who fills their mind with their produce should realize that.
    Anyone who fills Hollywood’s pockets with money should realize that.

  5. Dale Marcum says:

    You are being a bit harsh with this disclosure of Mr Levinson and Hallmark Network. Thank You!

    • Rick Smith says:

      Why? It is true. As a matter of fact unless the words “Jesus Christ” are used as curse words, you will RARELY hear them spoken in the movies OR TV. In a supposedly Christian nation do you not find that a little bit curious? Hollywood is RUN by atheists and perverts. They despise Christianity.
      They despise Jesus Christ. They have Christmas without Jesus Christ! What does THAT tell you? I haven’t been harsh at all.

      If I said who and what is REALLY going on in Hollywood the reply would never be posted.

      • Susie Quill says:

        The United States is not and has never been a Christian nation. The Founding Fstgers were Deists and planned a government separate from religion thanks to the stifling theocracy if Madsachusetts Bay colony. Yes, it completely stinks that Jesus Christ is only used as a cuss-word, but the rabid evangelicals are almost as intolerant as those Puritans. BTW I am a Christian.

  6. Uncle Bernie says:

    Larry Levinson is a running joke in our house. You can always tell this idiot’s productions by the ENDLESS background music WHICH NEVER STOPS. if I ever get to meet him, I would like to smash him in the face with a 2×4.

  7. Uncle Bernie says:

    I forgot to mention the 2×4 would be studded with nails.

  8. Sil says:

    We are so sick of Larry Levinson and his cheaply made movies. Read up on all the complaints about him not paying the crew, etc. I always check out any Hallmark Movie to see if it’s one of his and refuse to watch if it is. I also agree about the terrible music, we think they play the same score in every one. Years ago he might have actually made a decent movie, no more. He cranks them out one after the other. Forget the religious aspect on TV anymore. What happened to all the wonderful Christmas specials that used to be on? We used to love looking forward to Andy Williams, etc. Not allowed anymore.

  9. Russ Allen says:

    Larry Levinson’s movies are escapist entertainment; not much more. They are not to be intellectually revered or degraded. They just are fantasies of wholesome enjoyment. Accept them as they: delightful but ‘delimited’!

  10. Deborah Williamson says:

    This article about the Levinson/Hallmark productions was great! Recently I watched a Christmas movie from the 70s called The House Without a Christmas Tree, starring Jason Robards. When the school children recited the Pledge of Allegiance, they omitted the phrase “under God.” When they sang “Hark, the Herald Angels Sing,” they kept repeating the same lines over and over again rather than singing all the verses; I’m sure they left out any mention of Jesus. Thank you, Jim Roach, for eloquently shining the light on this and keeping the blog updated.

    • Iowa Life says:

      Thank you so much Deborah! 10 + years with this blog & compliments are quite rare. As you no doubt have noticed, Christians talking to each other can’t go 1 minute without mentioning Jesus. I probably said Jesus 10 times in my article. Yet Hollywood goes entire series without ever mentioning the namesake (Christ) in their “Christian” shows like Highway to Heaven and Touched by an Angel. (Once in the entire run of The Waltons)

      Every so often on one of the Christian channels I’ll see and enjoy a very low-budget but authentic Christian show. American Christians don’t reward those efforts. A DVD series I’m familiar with is “7th Street Theater”. Very low-budget but very refreshing show. Most certainly Christian. About every church has a library, this series (for one) should be in it.

  11. Jessica says:

    It’s a very sad thing that I he name “Jesus Christ” is often used as a curse word. And that the Christian movie is directed byones non believers. I’ve seen a number of movies directed by Christians and very blessed w/ them. If you haven’t caught on yet, I’m a strong Christian & I love movies. I want to be able to find Christian based movies. I hate the word religion b/c it should be having a relationship with the Lord. There are millions of us Christians on this planet not wanting to see violence, sex, stealing, robbing, etc to teach our next generation. Come on y’all get w/ the program!

  12. Marcia says:

    Yes, after you watch a number of the Hallmark Christmas movies, you begin to realize that they are worshipping Christmas instead of Christ.

  13. Valerie says:

    I am grateful for him at least his movies are wholesome and they do have a message of hope and love they’re are not a lot of family movies made now so do love hallmark movies

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